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Regurgitation of a Sort.

****THERE’S MORE NEW LOOT TO BE HAD IN THE ANTHROMOLLOGIES SHOP.  Pop on over and have a looksie!****

I have a dear friend who loves pancakes so so much that it’s actually a little embarrassing to eat in public with her.  Forget the short stack; this lady can put away a large stack without blinking. And makes ‘What About Bob’ noises as she eats them. She unabashedly loves them, and I think it’s freaking great. I feel happy knowing how much joy pancakes bring her. One time, after finishing a particularly excellent pancake meal, stuffed to the gills, she stated: “Oh my gosh, that was sooooo good! I feel so so sick,…but I think if I threw up right now, I’m pretty sure it would taste just as good coming up as it did going down.”

I admittedly do the exact same thing as she,….but with clothes, not pancakes. Let me be more specific though: I regurgitate color combinations, not exact outfits. Like this one from this post:

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 5.42.51 PMHowever, this time around, I subtracted the yellow and added in brown accents instead:

Wearing: Cardigan-Anthropologie Blooming Lattice, Skirt-Anthropologie Waverly A-Line, Top-Madewell, Belt-Anthropologie Split Surface Belt, Tights-J.crew, Shoes-Chie Mihara Nina

Green, pale pink, and orange,….regurgitated.

And you know what, it tasted just as good coming up, friends! ;) I trust you all believe in fashion regurgitation, yes? So good to know I’m in good company.

In other news, our house is listed (can I get a Hallelujah?!?). My house is cleaner and way more anal retentive than it’s ever been. It’s THE WORST!!…..I’ve never needed Anthro therapy more!!!
So let’s therapize, shall we? Looking ahead, you know, past the tribulation (like selling one’s house) is a worthy therapy tactic to me. So here goes.

Items I’m currently stalking are:

Blushed Tweed Moto Jacket. It's so....Badass Grandma, right? Audrey Hepburn and Dog the Bounty Hunter. I'm obsessed.

Blushed Tweed Moto Jacket. It’s so….Audrey Hepburn + Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m obsessed.

And guess what….it’s the EXACT SAME JACKET DESIGN as my biker boyfriend here, which is why I love it so. You tried to be sneaky, Elevenses, but you can’t pull one over on Anthromollogies:

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 6.35.21 PMThe Lily crops in this new Modesto wash are causing me serious fits. Remember how I just can’t get enough of the Lily’s? This gray wash is sure to become a serious staple in my closet, as black crops tend to be a little too dark for summer.

Level 99 Lily Crops in Modesto

Level 99 Lily Crops in Modesto

I’ve died and gone to throw-back heaven with this new Tracy Reese creation.

Aria Circle Skirt

Aria Circle Skirt

But seriously:

Dear Tracy,

why must you require a human kidney as payment for your flouncy numbers?


Your fan (with only a kidney left to spare)


Though Corey Lynn Calter won’t leave me a full kidney lighter with her new flowery addition, the price tag still requires a ‘wait for it’ attitude:

Anana Skirt

The Anana Skirt. LUUUUVING the neon yellow pops in there.

Treat for the feet, anyone? I can’t decide which Wyatt twin I like more:

Wyatt Booties

Wyatt Booties

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 7.02.55 PMNot to leave my friend Accessories out of the loop, the following will be mine eventually.

Sea Glass Necklace

Sea Glass Necklace

Rondure Necklace.

Rondure Necklace. MUCH more impressive and prettier in person. Trust me.

So there it is. I feel mentally lighter already now that that’s off my chest! Thanks, Anthro. Who knew you had a psych degree too?!?

xoxo Molly

P.S. COMING SOON- pics and DIY’s of the AHOY it’s a BOY baby shower I threw for a friend back in January, Anthro’s Breezy tops I can’t stop wearing, awesome San Antonio Visual display inspiration (cause the team here’s THE BOMB-DIGGITY), and so much more.




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Queen of Your Closet Series: 3 BULLS

{PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SHOP ANTHROMOLLOGIES PAGE AS I HAVE BEEN CULLING THE WARDROBE IN PREP FOR OUR MOVE. (IT’S BEEN LIKE MY OWN PRIVATE HELL….you know how much I love to organize….GAAAAAAAAG). You never know…you might find something you love. I’ll be adding more this week too….}

I’m at that point in the process of preparing to list our house for sale where I want to wave the white flag….just give in….swear to live here forever instead, simply because I don’t want to do ALL. THIS. WORK.!!!! Add to that the stress that we have nowhere yet to live in Dallas once we get there….and I could crack at any second. I’m a woman on the edge!!!! Seriously peeps, at this point my new address might be Dumpster #2, Galleria Mall. We could eat Auntie Annie’s Pretzels for breakfast every morning and I could teach my kids everything they need to know by “mall-schooling” them. Forget this home-school business.  Geography? Just let them study a mall directory. Math? Kids, how many Great American cookie samples did we eat today? How many yesterday? If we eat that many everyday for a week……Spelling? Kids….what does that sign say? Yes….That’s an A-N-T-H-R-O…..Health/P.E?…Five laps around the mall guys.  Let’s pick it up!

I got this.

In all seriousness, coming back to my little happy place of putting together an outfit that just makes me freakin SMILE is all I need to get myself back on track.

This outfit was one of those happy places. Found my zen while infusing my Sunday with COLOR. Not any ninny-pants colors, mind you….I’m talkin’ 3 bulls in one arena. BAM!

Wearing: Coat-Anthropologie Eastward Dress Coat, Sweater-J.Crew Charlie, Skirt-J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in wool, Belt-J.Crew Matte Leather Belt in Sea Spray, Tights-Anthropologie, Shoes-J.Crew Factory, Necklace-J.Crew Factory.


How is it so that the 3 bulls worked together? Unity of color on the bottom so as not to interrupt the line from the toe…you know, a la figure skater? Shoes and tights acting as one united front. A pop of tonal green on green to separate one dark bull from another without introducing another color or dark neutral such as brown or black. That would have just totes interrupted the vibe…and then a faint reminder on the neck of what’s going on down south.

3 bulls getting along in perfect, infused harmony.

Oh yeah, and another thing….the seasonal Orange Lip. I’m on the bandwagon big time, with this in my lip arsenal:

NARS Red Square

NARS Red Square

Totally UN-circusy. Totally rad. I’m all starry-eyed and stuff for it.

Anyway, hope you all are well and NOT TRYING TO SELL YOUR HOUSE. Cause it SUX!

xoxo Molly



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3 Degrees of Orange

Who here’s a fan of playing the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? My sister-in-law is liken unto an idiot savant at the game. For reals.  She never misses.

But guess what?

I’m only 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

No lie.

I can’t tell you how, cause then I’d be breaking an anonymity clause from a treatment center I used to work at (and my conscience couldn’t take that), but I swear-on the Anthropologie Bible-that I’m tellin’ the truth.

Speaking of degrees….I realized this past week that I was all about oranges, in 3 varying degrees. Check it out:


Wearing: Skirt- Anthropologie Shifting Buttons, Blouse- Anthropologie Nicoleta, Necklace- J.Crew Monotone Beaded Necklace, Shoes- J.Crew Factory Bow Patent Ballet Flats


Wearing: Top- J.Crew Factory, Shorts- Anthropologie by Sanctuary, Shoes- Dolce Vita, Necklace- Anthropologie


Wearing: Jeans- Anthropologie AG Stevie Pin Dot, Top- Anthropologie, Cardigan – J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle, Necklace – Anthropologie Rotary Dial, Shoes- Sam Edelman

Unfortunately, dressing this way did not get me any closer to Kevin Bacon. Bummer.  Cause that guy can dance.

Anyone else care to claim Kevin Bacon relation?

xoxo Molly

P.S. Have you seen these coral babies? I die. Rachel Zoe style.

Double P.S. Any of you own the Roe Habitat Blouse by Anna Sui? I never tried it on because I was large with honey-baked-ham Mr. Banks at the time, but I love the print. The reviews seem confusing. Any thoughts?


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