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A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Sometimes I like to swathe myself in prints, like head to toe, and even mix ‘em up a bit (without looking like an eccentric lady who feeds pigeons at 5 in the morning and keeps the plastic covers on all her furniture).

Other times, I apply the principle of  “a little goes a long way” by keeping the prints small and tame.

A-little-dab’ll-do-ya sort of attitude, if you will.

Wearing: Pants-Gap, Tank-Targe, Sweater-J.Crew, Socks-J.Crew, Shoes-Chie Mihara Light, Necklace-J.Crew

There is nothing tame about these pants, however. Bright neon melon apologizes to no one. BAM! With neon melon flexing her muscle, I thought it best to keep the prints to a minimum so as to avoid any playground scuffles between the kids that day :). Letting classic prints (like gingham and stripes) peek out here a little and there a little can be just as powerful as swathing yourself in florals.

How ’bout your week, ladies? Hope none of you had any playground scuffles of your own to resolve, and all your closet kids are playing nice! Any one else out there on the patterned socks train with me? I’m kind of obsessed now.

Hope your week is fashionably enlightening!

xoxo Molly

P.S. T-minus 3 days ’til Spring Break. Wish I could say we have big plans, but I’d be lying like a rug. MacGyver’s busy saving lives that week, and well…this mama bird’s not up for a 15-hour road trip alone. Whatcha’ll doin’?



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Queen of Your Closet Series: Speedy Re-mix

It is not often a need in my life to have day to night looks. In fact, like….never. But last Tuesday evening found us unbelievably busy around here, with two school orientations, lessons that went til 6:00 p.m., and a meeting both MacGyver and I had to be at together, looking nice. Oh, we also had to fit in feeding the kids dinner and getting the baby down for the night in between everything else. No problem! ;)

Time was no luxury; I had two minutes flat to get changed for the meeting. So I pulled a speedy re-mixed look.


Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Top-Gap Outlet, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace-Vintage, Shoes-J.Crew Factory

To Night:

Wearing: upper half all the same, Skirt-J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double-serged Wool Tall length, Belt-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthropologie Fine Cut Oxfords

I love how the cut-out pattern in my shoes echo the print of the top. Subconscious at work here, people. I totally didn’t even notice that coincidence until right now. Technically, I could have kept on my flats, but I wanted to wear heels. I like wearing heels. My butt likes it when I wear heels too, because…..truth be told, it looks so much higher and tighter atop a pair of killer heels.

Gravity sucks.

Anywho…I just read on Roxy’s blog that “something big” is coming from Anthropologie this weekend. The anticipation is killing me. Free stuff? $9.95 rack? Secret Savings Card? Cheesecake bites and Italian Sodas while we shop? I kinda hope everything in the store goes for 1/2 off, for like a whole day. Well, okay, if we’re jotting down secret wishes here….how about 75% off? I also want a chair massage while I wait for a dressing room and a pet unicorn to lead around on a leash while I shop too. That’s all.

Who else out there is intrigued? Or have you decided not to hold your breath anymore? Curiosity killed the cat, and could kill me if you don’t speak up.

xoxo Molly


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Queen of Your Closet Series: Cazsh Do’s and Don’ts.

Casual wear. Oi. Triple Oi. Have I seen some seriously sad excuses for casual wear in my day!

I nearly cringe at the mention of “casual wear” for fear that I’ll see gross misinterpretations of the phrase through persons donning any of the following to a “casual” meal out: exercise clothing, lounge wear, pajama pants, oversized t-shirts/sweatshirts with stains or crude sayings, scrubs, etc.

As Stacey London once said: “It’s the pajamafication of America.” And it’s painful to see, really.

Just last weekend when MacGyver and I were grabbing a bite to eat at a Brio, we were seated next to a table of three, 2 women and 1 man. I didn’t notice what the man was wearing because I was so distracted by the women. Both of them were wearing exercise clothing, I mean like full-on Nike running shorts and running shoes, hair was a-la-post workout and no makeup. It was 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.  Brio isn’t a hole in the wall establishment. It isn’t fast food, nor have I ever seen one located next to a Walmart. Or a gym. No excuse, seriously.  Cazsh wear in this sense was completely abused.

Casual, or cazsh shouldn’t mean a lack of style. Shape, pattern/print, color, proportion….these things should all still apply when sporting cazsh pieces. My advice to those who don’t feel like wearing anything but lounge wear is….don’t go out.  Your clothes tell a story, and if you’re wearing lounge wear in public, the story you’re telling is that you don’t feel like being out. So don’t. Stay home, cuddle up on the couch, and lounge.

But, if you feel like being casual….

Wearing: Dress-Fossil Angelica Maxi, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace-Anthropologie La Jolla Dress, Shoes-Seychelles Keep You Guessin’

maxi dresses are such a great way to do cazsh. This flowy yet structured piece called my name from way back in the sale section of the Fossil store in San Francisco.  The print, color, and fit were the true salesmen of this purchase.  Regularly $128, she was on sale for $59.99.  This is an XS, has a lovely elasticized panel in the back, and couldn’t be more comfortable and cazsh.


Wearing: Shorts-Anthropologie, Shoes-Banana Republic (old), Top-BR Outlet, Necklace-Anthropologie Stormy Seas, Cardi-BR Outlet

A polished bermuda is also an excellent way to do cazsh. Add a classic plaid pattern to it and a comfy metallic flat? You’re golden. Literally. ha.

Anyone else care to vent about the abuse of Cazsh Wear out there? Open mike available in the comments…..

Any last minute Frock Stars out there? I’m getting the post ready and could possibly squeeze you in if you forgot the deadline….

xoxo Molly



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