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I’m such a Beach.

Wearing: Jeans-Anthropologie Ankle Stevies, Top-Target, Cardi-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthropologie Danver Necklace, Shoes-Dolce Vita

He-he…couldn’t resist the pun.

Thanks to good karma, I purchased these AG jeans 12 days before they hit sale! Or maybe it’s my Anthrosense, kind of like a sixth sense. Hey, it happens when you Anthro (yes, I just turned shopping at Anthro into a verb) as much as I do. I was super glad to snag these and then promptly get a price adjustment!  Kudos to the awesome San Antonio SA  who took the time to call around and locate a pair in my size. It wasn’t easy. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! And, thank you to Roxy who was my trusty source in recalling the name of the above necklace, the link of which has been removed from Anthro’s site. Boo! You are truly an Anthro-Sensei!

Holy cow.  This past week was INSANE.  And I truly mean that.  I won’t saddle y’all with the details, but let me just say I think this week took a good 4 years off my life.  Good thing we’re headed to the BEACH on Tuesday!  I can’t wait to lounge, soak, play, burn, laugh, and repeat.

In preparation for our beachcation, I took stock of my swimming suit situation.  It was grim, ladies.


I never thought I’d use the word ‘hate’ and ‘shopping’ in the same sentence, but I literally despise the entire swimsuit finding process.  I began looking at all my usual haunts. Nada.  I just didn’t feel the love.

I came this close to pulling the trigger on a J.Crew suit that was 70% off, but feared the length would fall short on my almost 5’10” frame.

Anthro had a few contenders, but I wasn’t truly gaga for their current online selection.

What’s a picky swimerista to do but turn to ebay….and hunt for Anthro suits gone by? I did just that and I might have a bruise on my back from all the patting I did when the swimsuits arrived the other day.

I nailed it.

Couldn’t have been done without the awesome reviews written by fellow swimeristas. So I thank you, one and all, those who reviewed my new swim-sistahs.

Surf City Maillot - Took a Medium in this, and I'm normally a size 4 - 6.


Sea Anemone Maillot - Medium as well. The cups are lacking ample occupants, but I wouldn't go down in size because it fits everywhere else perfectly.

look at the back view:

So cute. right? The fit on the legs are awesome.  Devoid of tight elastic that squishes the butt/thighs. Yes!

So I’m all set now!  I have posts scheduled to run while I’m out…Little Man Baby Shower (finally!), Flex Your Styling Muscle Series, and a Colorphile posts to boot.  Hope you are all having a lovely Memorial Weekend, taking a moment to reflect why we get a blessed day off in the first place

xoxo Molly.


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I’m Blue…Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dei…..

Catchy little tune Eiffel 65 came up with, eh?  Even if I’m not a clubber….

I’m feeling the blues lately, ladies.  No, no….not the down-in-the-dumps kind. I’m feelin’ it, so when I’ve reached for something to wear this past week, it’s been….you guessed it, blue!

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Extended Shirt Dress, Necklace-BR Outlet, Shoes-Chie Mihara IONA P302

I can’t remember the name of these pants.  Anyone?  I wanted them bad when I was pregnant, but knew they would make it to sale.  So I waited for second cuts…and brought them home for $19.95.

The paperbag waist and bow tie sash is quite different from any other pair of pants I own.  It’s a good thing to add new kids on the block to your closet every once in a while…you know, to shake things up.  The paperbag waist on these, bow tie sash, and lower rise makes these pants unique to my arsenal in that they require me to think about tucking in, which I do anyway with high-waisted skirts….but pants? Not usually. Especially when wearing slimmer cuts. The pleating on these pants was done quite well, and really, could they have used a better color?

Wearing: Top-Old Navy, Pants-Anthropologie, Necklace-Anthropologie, Shoes-DV by Dolce Vita Archer

Sandals were a happy purchase with my rewards points from Piperlime. I may have purchased two pairs…  Anthropologie in Seattle had these same sandals in the store, but I can’t find them online.  They are the perfect nude shade with chic touches of gold.  I’ve worn them 3 times in the last week…hmm, like much? I ordered a half-size down, just in case you’re interested.

DV by Dolce Vita Archer

This concludes the blue tour for today.

Any color you’re particularly reaching for lately?

xoxo Molly


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