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DIY Anthropologie Visual Display Board and DIY Wood Veneer Anthro Art

A HUGE thank you to all those who piped up with suggestions of things to do and places to go see in Seattle.  Not to mention all the food recommendations!  Holy cow…from the sound of it, gastrointestinally speaking, I’m going to be one satisfied Seattle customer. The hard part now is how to fit it all in!   I promise to report on my travels.  And take pics too.  Lots of pics.  Best news: just discovered my hotel downtown is literally less than two blocks from the Anthropologie. And I didn’t even have a hand in planning that. Thank you, universe.

Thought I’d sneak in an outfit here.  The Tarpan Buttondown has such a fun vibe to it, and being so whimsical, I went for the yin and yang approach….pairing it with sleek cut crop pants, business pumps (albeit really really fun business loafer pumps) and a clean-lined belt.

Wearing: Pants-Gap, Top-Anthropologie Tarpan Buttondown, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss Belt, Shoes- Anthropologie Glossed Loafers, Bag- Anthropologie

Onward and forward with the DIY. So remember how I mentioned that one of my many goals in life is to make my house look and feel like Anthropologie?  Well, what better way to start than having my own Visual Display board?!  Over the years we’ve had this house, I’ve found myself wanting to try my hand at projects I’ve seen displayed in Anthro store windows, but I didn’t want to destroy my walls in the process.  Staple gunning can do a number on sheet rock, you know?

So what to do? I tried to think like Anthro’s visual display geniuses and decided if they could create their own walls and display boards to then build revolving art concepts on top of, why couldn’t I?  If I did that, then I could change out my projects without leaving wall damage behind.  So I first bought plywood and two 2 x 8’s, and had MacGuyver build me out a box frame.  I stained it the darkest Walnut we had in the garage.  (I decided I’ll start with a stain, and eventually paint over it for the background of another project, then perhaps wall paper over that for the next, and so on….eventually I’ll sand it all off and start again).

I remember Anthro doing a window display a few summers back with the woven wood concept.  My jaw dropped. Drool puddled on the floor. It was amazing.  I knew I wanted to create something like it, though I knew it would never be as….impressive.

Anthropologie Summer Window Concept: Woven Wooden Sculpture

Amazing, right?  I mean, the man hours that must have taken….reaffirms my love for Anthro when I see effort like this.

But for a smaller scale, the image below was what I had in mind for my display board.

Anthropologie Window Display Inspiration via Design Sponge

So I took off for Home Depot and bought wood veneer rolls.  All they had were the kind that were heat bonded on the back, 3/4 inch wide.  I decided to try it anyway.

Heat bonded on back. DON'T buy this kind.

It has a rubbery feel to the bottom of it and though it took the paint alright, it didn’t look right.  Plus, after I had measured, cut, taped all the strips, and painted, once dry, the paint stuck to the cardboard box underneath and ran and bled on the wood side.  Swear word!

By the light of the moon and flood light, painting the strips....only to throw them all away. This is the way NOT to do this project.

Then I got smart and went to Woodcraft.  They carry rolls of wood veneer that are paper-backed, like this one:

Paperbacked Wood Veneer Roll from Woodcraft

It’s not cheap stuff.  I think this roll was like $20, so I only bought one and figured I’d make it work.  I have no idea how Anthro acquired that much wood veneer for their windows, unless they promised the wives of Sauers and Company Processed Veneers free Anthro for life.  Not a bad trade…..

I didn’t snap a photo of me painting this one.  So sorry. The roll is 8 ft. long, so I taped to a high shelf in our garage and covered all 8 ft. of it at once with a roller and yellow paint.  Once dry, my man MacGuyver helped me hold it down and measure while I used my rotary cutting tool ( you know, the kind for fabric?) with a cutting mat underneath to cut the 8 ft. roll in half, so we had two sheets that were 4 feet long.  Then, out of those two 4 ft. long pieces, we cut strips that were 1 1/2 inch wide.

At this point, we were ready to attach it to the display board.  We used the air gun to staple it to the wood as that was much faster than any other method.  I just kinda took each strip and made a figure 8 pattern, stapling it in the middle.  I wanted some of the yellow pieces to show, so I folded them the opposite direction.  Here’s how it turned out.


My New Anthro Visual Display Board and "sculpture".

I just wanted it to be kind of organic and flowy. No measuring, no making sure they were all done the same….just eyeballed it and let it happen.

I love how the last piece unravels.  Uniformity makes me really uncomfortable, so this was the perfect punctuation on the end.

Here it is in the room.

I’m really kinda in love with it.  I already have 4 other projects in mind for my Anthro board, but I’ve gotta admit ….it’s gonna be hard to take this one down.  I’ll let her stay as is for a while.

So what do y’all think?  Is a revolving Anthro board in your future?

Now I’m kinda thinking I need to make a chandelier out of wood veneer, maybe something like this:

Hello, Gorgeous.


Totally doable, right? Excuse me while I go buy stock in paper-back wood veneer now……

xoxo Molly



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