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Pam, You’re Killin’ Me.

Stop it.

Just stop it already.

Pam Hiran, I’m asking you nicely to stop with the rockin’ necklaces you keep pumping out for Anthro, or I might have to start selling plasma this month.

You already easily got me on this one….

Rotary Dial Necklace

Didn’t even put up a fight.  Worn here: (some of you may have seen this shot already, submitted to Roxy’s Reader Outfits a few weeks back).   And of course you saw it on me in Tuesday’s post.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Layered Column, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss, Necklace-Anthropologie Rotary Dial Necklace, Shoes- Chie Mihara IONA

Take a looksie at this one….

Kuychi Necklace

Oh my.  Oh my, my, my….awesome in every way.  I saw one of my favorite SA’s wearing it recently (hi Michelle!) and almost ripped it off of her. I’m obsessed. The bright maramalade color and deep rust mixed with pale blue and ombred pink….seriously, shut the front door.  I’m in.

Then this one came along.

Sparked Amber Bib Necklace

Haven’t seen it in person yet, but I lurve the pairing of it online with the Mariposa Dress.

The intricate beading on this one is just pure art here.

Pressed Leaf Bib Necklace

Seeing her impressive work, and knowing I’ve seen many an Anthro necklace gone-by with a similar design feel, I did a little digging.  Treasures-gone-by were found. Ghosts of Anthro-past….

Like this one:

Waving Pennant Necklace

And this one:

Tayrona Necklace

I’d buy this one in a heartbeat if sold today.

Entwined Necklace

Want. Want. Want. I’ll be hunting Ebay with fiendish desperation for this one.

Natural Wonder Necklace

Lovely. Exotic. Quality.

Midas Sea Necklace

All her necklaces are hand-beaded.

Drips and Droplets Necklace


Learn more about how Pam is empowering women here. She’s so awesome.

Pammy….I want to kiss you. Your necklaces make me all kinds of happy. I come from a long line of Giraffe-necked ancestors, and with short hair, my neck becomes even more important to adorn.  Your necklaces, thankfully, are masterfully adjustable to many different lengths. Thank you!  Thank you for not being long-necked prejudiced.

Any one else feelin’ the love for Pammy?

xoxo Molly




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Queen of Your Closet Series: Whoomp, There It Is! How to hide a Booty, and my Blogiversary winner #1!

Let’s start this off right, y’all.  Let the Blogiversary Bonanza commence!  Thank you so much to everyone who participated and for your lovely feedback. I heard you loud and clear, and I totally appreciate you all.

Will commentor number ……


52….please step forward!!!  That would be…. GeoinCalifornia, or Laura from Anthro Closet Chaos!  Congratulations, Woman!  You’ve just won yourself a Voluminous Scarf! Eyes out for my email, k?

It’s been a while since my last Queen of your Closet series posts, so I figured it was high time, my friends.   I’ve also had a couple requests for tips on Postpartum Dressing.  Don’t click away so fast, all ye who have not born fruits from your loins.  Postpartum dressing isn’t an entirely different planet; those of us who are left with a vacated baby hotel struggle with muffin-topitis, (which, frankly, I do any way in my normal state.  It’s just more….pronounced, after giving birth).  We also suffer from ‘what’s that in my wagon I’m draggin’? You think the stomach’s the only thing that implodes during pregnancy, think again.  Soon as the baby bump is gone, well…sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but baby up and done left some baggage as a parting gift.  The rump, my friends…it hath increased in size and stature. I know there are many ladies out there who haven’t yet born children, or who did years ago, who are in the same boat of wishing their rump was of diminished proportions….heck, there’s an entire industry devoted to the minimizing of said rear-ends.  So like I mentioned before, postpartum dressing isn’t an entirely different planet.

How, then, do we go about minimizing a generous derriere?  How will you, as the Queen of your Closet, command your subjects to compliment you and suit you just so, in order to dupe the general public into believing your butt is the perfect size.  Ladies, I’m here for you.

I’ll go first.  I’ll be your Guinea Pig. (The things I do for you….)

Wearing: Jeans- Anthropologie AG Stevie Straight, Top-Anthropologie Scalloped Button down, Shoes-Chie Mihara IONA LIMA, Scarf- Anthropologie Glasshouse Neck wrap, Earrings-Anthropologie Zaftig Drops.


(sorry for the horrible lighting in this photo.  We barely made it before the sun went down….)

These pants used to fit nice and comfy.  Currently, they’re a bit too Whoomp, There It Is! to wear whatever I want with them up top.  The baggage, you see….Mr. Banks must’ve paid extra for the bags being over the weight requirement.  Ha!  Therefore, to minimize the appearance of my Whoomp, I follow some simple rules.  Basically, I’m exhibiting Rule Numbers 2 – 7 in this outfit.  See chart below….




Just like that.  Know your body, identify your problem areas, command obedience from your wardrobe, and be the freakin’ Queen.  You go, girls.

See you back here tomorrow for some Anthro-Inspired Wedding love, and the Blogiversary Winner #2!

xoxo Molly


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I may have spooned with them….

I’m a shoe kinda girl.  Being a postpartum shoe girl….well, that is a dangerous state, my friends.  All of my fitted waist skirts and narrow cut pants I’m sure feel neglected and gipped, like I’ve left them hanging….literally!  Though my waistline might have a ways to go to normal, my feet have been altogether unaffected during the journey, thank goodness.  So when I realized Chie Mihara (I kinda have a crush on her…) had released new colors in her infamous IONA shoes, I used my super powers of speed and lightning and had them ordered lickety-split.  The IONA LIMA left my mouth hanging open, with a bit of drool escaping as well.  They arrived super fast, surprisingly.  I mean, like 3 days or something like that,…from Spain!  As soon as I had them out of the box, well,…I pretty much couldn’t take my eyes off of ‘em.  I love these shoes so truly, madly, and deeply that I may or may not have spooned with them on that first night.  I’ll never tell.

I have nothing but “paraiso” for the Valparaiso Dress. The Dolman sleeves did me right for my straight figure, and it’s gorgeous hue was the perfect canvas for my IONAS.  Though the product shot of this dress kept the tying business in the front, I opted for criss-crossing them forward then tying in back.

I’m such a rebel.


Wearing: Dress- Anthropologie Valparaiso Dress , Necklace- Anthropologie , Slip-Etsy, Tights-Anthropologie, Shoes-Chie Mihara Iona Lima

Chie Mihara Iona Lima

I thought I’d try and help you all get your week off to a lovely start.  My 7-year-old son had a writing assignment to turn in last week.  I believe the question was:  What would you do if you were the one in charge of making the world a better place? His answer made my heart so happy I felt it might burst.  Enjoy.

Oh....the wisdom of a 7-year-old.

Now, if he were one of the candidates for President?…. He’d sure have my vote. Hope to be back this week with shoes from BHLDN to review, LiaMolly review, littleman baby shower, and as mentioned before….my bloggiversary giveaways!

Hope your week is all sorts of excellent.

xoxo Molly

P.S.  If you have a sec, you could check out my Shop Anthromollogies page…I’ve dropped some prices and added a ton of Lululemon items (my second favorite place to spend money after Anthro….)


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