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Freezer Baby

Oi. This week has been RUFF, y’all.

My little Banks dude came down with Croup on Friday night and I spent 6 quality hours in the ER with him on Sunday, followed by 3 days of sleepless, scary, sickness.

I’m done in.

I’ve learned a ton about Croup in the last 5 days though, way more than I’d like to. One of the best things for Croup is to breathe in cold air. Helps to reduce/shrink the swollen airway that’s causing raspiness. But here in Texas, it NEVER gets cold enough….especially in July. So, here in Texas, we stick our babies in the freezer. Dead serious.

ER Doctor: “Stick your baby in the freezer with the door open and let him breathe in that cold air.”

Me: “Excuse Me? Come again?!?!”

It’s weird, I know. But Banks kinda liked it. I absconded the chicken nuggets, peas, and ice cream from my freezer shelves, removed one bracket, and had myself a Freezer Baby!

What are you lookin’ at?

Man, I love that kid.

All the stress of the week was greatly lessened by the acquisition of my favorite top of the year.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Banded Brushstrokes Blouse, Pants-Anthropologie AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevies, Necklace-J.Crew, Shoes- BC Footwear

Thank goodness for Anthro, the final say in feel-good therapy.

Now all I need is some awesome cover-up for those bags under my eyes!

xoxo Molly


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Harnessing Easter

Call me Cavey-McCaverton…..yep, I bought the purple AG’s.  In my defense…..It was sold out in my size online!  My store was sold out.  Nationwide stock in my size was low.  I was lucky to find my size in Austin.  So I caved.  No regrets.

What I would regret?  Not getting my hands on a pair before they sold out.

These pants are the perfect shade of purple.  Not too light, not too dark.  They are the perfect medium shade of purple and work as a great jumping-off point for harnessing Easter this weekend.

Easter dressing can be a turn-off for me.  Many seasonal clothing color options are too pastelled for me.  I don’t do pale-pale colors. No-No-No.  Have you seen my skin?  My neck has to have a punch of color under it or Casper-the-Ghost might talk to me. So for me, these purple AG’s are simply…perfect.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie, Cardi-J.Crew Outlet, Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Shoes-BC Footwear, Earrings: Nordstrom, Bracelet: LOFT

We’re expecting company tonight who’ll be helping us celebrate Easter and generally soaking up every bit of each other’s company for the next week.  My sis-in-law is an Anthrobot too, so I’ve no doubt we’ll be Anthro-ing it up throughout the week as well as posting a Flex Your Style Muscle for Kelly, giving you the full DIY Goodness I sneak-peeked you last week, and much more.

Anyone excited about the Anthro sale offerings this morning?  What did you grab?  I’m popping in to pick up the Otta that I placed on hold this morning for sure.  So glad she finally made it to sale.  I also received my Palma Dress from the charge send I placed last week and I’m still deciding if she’s a keeper or not.  I have to play with her for a bit before I commit.  I really wish Anthropologie would start carrying Chie Mihara’s in size 41, for us true size 10’s out there.  C’mon, Anthro.  Do a girl a solid.  I’d be snapping up the Jujube Heels and the Flyaway T-Straps for sure if you offered my size.  Just sayin’…….

Lovely week wishes to you all.  I’m off to have a date with Mr. Clean….ugh. I hate cleaning.

xoxo Molly




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Dear Austin,

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the amazing trip you offered my sister-in-law and me this past weekend.  It was excellent of you to make such a cool downtown, especially South Congress.  The vibe was almost a little too hip for me, but I hung in there, prego and all.  Thank you for the trailer food.  The Mighty Cone adjusted my taste buds in a diabolical way, such that I now think avocados should only be eaten when batter-dipped and fried.  Thanks for the extra 10 pounds.  And Hey Cupcake, you should just know, is one of the best things to ever happen to my digestive juices.

Wearing: Dress-Banana Republic, Top-Gap, Necklace-Vintage, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Somehow, the next morning, we were hungry again.  Thank goodness we stumbled upon Woodland, where skinny-jean and vintage button-up-clad waiters served me Eggs Benedict so delicious I think a spontaneous party in my mouth may have happened right then and there.  Down the block and around the corner, you gave me Prototype Vintage to peruse and make my first brick and mortar vintage purchase.  $22, well-spent on a vintage a-line skirt.

And we mustn’t forget your gorgeous Anthropologie on 6th and Lamar, where I picked up this little stripey number I’m wearing below. The colors were just too interesting to pass up.  I wore it the next day, always a sure sign the price was right and the love at first sight was true.  (I thought it was worthy of partnering up with one of the handmade skirts my amazing friend Maren and I made.  By the way, I lucked out finding this fabric.  I fell in love with it when I saw Stephanie’s handiwork, and though I didn’t win her giveaway….I felt like I had won a major prize when I stumbled upon the fabric while perusing at JoAnn’s!)


Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Printed Boy Tee, Skirt-Handmade, Necklace-Anthropologie, Shoes-BC Foowear

Thankfully, your downtown Austin had most of the items on my list I was hoping to try on.  The Wavering Grid was cute, but not on this pregnant chick. Also not worth full price in my opinion.  The Quilted Pastiche was just as gorgeous as the first time I tried it on in my local store.  Waiting for a sale on that one, perhaps even a second cut.  Also revisited the Million Pleats and affirmed my love again.  Also waiting for sale on that one.  But I was slightly disappointed your peeps didn’t have the Lemon Liftoff  yet.  Not like I could zip it up right now anyway. But still…..

So, Austin….next time I come visit you, might I make a request?  Please cool off so I can spend more time outside enjoying all your recreational gems.  K?  Oh yeah, and thanks for being so close to San Marcos so I could pick up a few more lovelies at the J.Crew and Banana Republic outlets on the way home.  That rocked.

Take care, ya big weirdo-

xoxo Molly



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