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LAST CALL: Anthrofied DIY $25 Giftcard, an Anthromollogies version Coffee Filter Lantern DIY, and musings on the sale.

Ladies, how ya doin’? Phew! What a sale this morning, eh? With this extra 25% off of sale business, so far I’ve picked up this:

Lemon Liftoff Blouse


Thistledown Robe

and a mystery macrame style open vest that I cannot find online.  It’s by Future Paradise, and was originally $68.  I bought it for $26.  AHH…..Yeah.  (commence my ahh…..yeah dance!)

This month is going to be interesting for my budget since it’s birthday month for me, and I’ve already received my 15% off birthday discount from Anthro…..what to use it on?  My wishlist is sitting pretty with lots of new members. I suppose if I were to pull the trigger tonight, my haul would look something like this:

potential birthday haul

give or take a pair of shoes or booties.  Before free shipping ended, I went ahead and took advantage of the outerwear sale with these:

Elva Booties- totally dig the vibe on these.

If they don’t fit or are sub-par, I’ll return them and order some other feetly delights in their place.

Well enough about me….what did you pick up?  Were you impressed or disappointed? Hope you picked up something you’ve patiently waited for.  All three of my purchases were “don’t even think about it unless they’re on sale”-purchases for me, so I’m happy to say I stuck to my guns and waited on them.

In other news…I’ve received some fabulous DIY entries for the $25 giftcard giveaway.  A huge thank you to all who have entered.  You’re all brimming with talent!  But all good things must have an end….Tonight is the final cut-off for entries.  (I was a softy and extended the challenge a few days to allow for entries from a few people who were traveling or just needed a bit more time).  That said, this is THE LAST CALL!  Get them in by tonight midnight, Mountain time, K?   I’m excited to reveal all the great DIY entries this Friday…so keep your eyes peeled for that post.

Report from the Anthromollogies home base is that I’m SO more than ready to give this mini-man I’m toting around an eviction notice!  Some nights he moves so much I actually feel like I’ve ridden the Toni Hawk ride at Six Flags.  Which I have before, ….once,….and it wasn’t pretty.  To say it was “unpleasant” doesn’t even touch it. 15 more days.  I’m hangin’ by a thread, y’all.  Thank goodness there’s things like Anthro and extra 25% off sales to take my mind off the waiting game!

I’m also super happy to have finished my own little Anthrofied DIY this weekend, the coffee filter paper lantern project I’ve seen on Pinterest. MacGyver got all manly, broke out his tools, and jimmy-rigged it up to hang directly over our sink from the existing can light.  I love that man.  My house/decor isn’t modern enough for the very cool, very clean, all-white examples I’ve seen expertly executed on Pinterest. So I decided to tweak it and make it right for our home.  I did both white and brown coffee filters, to warm it up a bit, and place them in a random order.  I love how it turned out looking kinda like a globe.


Coffee Filter Lantern

Verdict: 3 burned fingers, one super fluffy pendant light, and a huge smile on my face every time I do the dishes.

I used a regular Crayola Marker, stuck it in the center of each coffee filter, wrapped the ends up around the sides, put a generous dot of hot glue on the end, and placed each filter closely.  No, I didn’t count how many filters I used.  I didn’t want to get discouraged by how far I had to go by focusing on the numbers.  I worked an hour or two every other night and think I used (roughly) 3 packs of white and 1 1/2 packs of brown filters.  Just turn on your favorite show, plop down, and start gluing….stop when it gets old.  Then pick it up again a night or two later.  It’s worth it in the end, I promise.  Can’t you imagine Anthro doing like an entire window display of these for Christmas….like ginormous snowballs?  How does their visual teams have any fingers left what with all the glue-gun burning they must endure?!  (By the way, those cabinets you see behind my coffee filter planet will be sanded and stained espresso by this weekend.  Yee-ha!  I’m so excited!  Goodbye, blah oak….hello sexy espresso.)

Here’s hoping you’ve had a lovely Tuesday, found your size in the sale snatcha-roo game, and if you’ve still got a DIY to submit, GET IT IN!!

xoxo Molly


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Herkies for Anthro

This weekend I shall head to the Mothership. I heard via the awesome personal shopper Michelle (hey woman!) that some mighty fine Pilcro colored denim has arrived.  I shall scope.  I shan’t try on….dear me, no…..my regular size might get up to my knees, but not past them.  And that’s just too darn depressing for words.  I’ll just pet them for now.  You’ll for sure find me in the back of the store, checking out this loungey number:

Thistledown Robe

Don’t you think this would be an excellent post-pushin’ piece to slip into?  I’ve never owned a silk robe, and I’ll be darned if this isn’t just the perfect excuse to buy one.  I also like this one, but it’s dry clean only, whereas the Thistledown Robe is hand wash approved.  In my closet, ease of fabric care always wins.  I also have to return the Bento Box Top that arrived from a charge send, because…well, I’m not feeling it.  It’s too short to wear right now as I was planning, and later on, after I’ve deflated, I still fear it will be too short for the silhouette I’d like with skinny jeans and boots.  No worries….I’ll just put it towards my Chies fund.  I’m also hoping next week’s markdowns will make me want to do a cheer move, herkie style, by seeing the Calliope and the Million Pleats Midi finally make the cut, so I could use a store credit to help me out there.  (I was actually pretty good at Herkies back in the days of my JV cheerleading career.  The last time I attempted a herkie was on the trampoline with my kiddos and was devastated to learn that my bladder ain’t what it used to be).  Don’t you think it should be the law of the universe or something that the more children you grow and birth from your very own loins, the prettier, perkier, tighter, and nicer you automatically become?  In the United States of Molly, that’s the way it would work. All of my readers have immediate citizenship, by the way.  We’d all be able to perform perfect herkies.  Free soft pretzels are also handed out on every street corner, and Anthropologie stores magically appear right outside your door when you click your heels together 3 times.  The United States of Molly ain’t too shabby, eh?


Wearing: Dress-Banana Republic Maxi, Shoes-Nine West Jaxon, Cardi-ATL, Belt-J.Crew Outlet, Earrings-Banana Republic

I’ve been horrible about taking outfit photos this week.  I indeed HAVE been clothed….it’s just been hectic, and the usual time I take photos, (like when the sun isn’t burning a dang whole in my head) we’ve been at the pool.  I only go outside for bodies of water these days.  Otherwise, you’ll find me worshiping the air conditioner inside.

I have a WHOLE SLOUGH of Anthrofied DIY projects to get going on.  The heat is messing with my motivation.  The belly is too.  I finished one project last weekend that involved some of this with a canvas, hot glue, the sun, and a hairdryer:

Crayons dipped in Walnut Ink

I’ll show you the completed project once it’s hung. It was a project I did for the playroom or possibly the kids’ bathroom.  It’s quirky and fun, Anthro-kids style.  Other projects coming up?

A bunch of these for my kids reading corner:

Awesome Book Mobiles

And a bunch of these, for my daughter’s room.

Yarn ball clusters/mobiles

If I finish these in the coming week, I may want to do some more herkies.  But perhaps I’ll use visualization techniques, imagine the Russian judge giving me a perfect 10 for my herkie, and call it good.

Any of you seen the Lepidoptera Dress in stores yet?  I know it’s out already, cause I’ve seen two reviews online.  I want your impressions.  I’m hoping it’s there in my store when I pop in for a vizzy, but otherwise, those of you, my readers, those without belly hotels going on, who I appreciate and love, please try the dang thing on and tell me how it fits!  I’m sure the sash is removable.  It will be if I get it!  Take some photos and send them my way!  I’d love to see and post pics of you doing what I can’t do for myself right now.

Happy weekend to you all!

xoxo Molly

P.S.  Bumpies-don’t forget to send me your photos.  It’s been kinda quiet.  I’ve had two submission thus far.  C’mon, ladies.  Let your bump so shine….


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