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An afternoon Shoegasm

(composed on Friday, July 8th)

So, today my Anthro catalog finally arrived.   And ladies, I’m in trouble.  Four kinds of trouble.

#1. Glossed Loafer Trouble

Glossed Loafers, in either color really.

#2.  Red Pepper Heels Trouble

Red Pepper Heels

#3.  Towering Tassel Mules Trouble

Towering Tassel Mules

#4.  Fanfare Platforms Trouble

Fanfare Platforms

Thank you for my afternoon shoegasm, Anthro.  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough….then I perused the website tonight and saw these.

Trouble #5

Aldourie Fling Booties (a.k.a cousin to last year's Lass and Laddie Oxfords)

FYI Nerdy-wordies out there…..Aldourie is actually a place.  It’s a small crofting village on the east shore of Loch Ness. Just in case you were wondering.  I always do.  Put a kilt on me and call me Scottish…. these will for sure be making their way into the welcoming arms of my shoe shelves.

And now I shall make a confession.  I kind of already purchased the Fanfare Platforms….  And they arrived today, just after the catalog feast.  They’re GORGE.  I could die happy smelling the essence of their real leatherness for evermore.  They couldn’t fit better. Truth is, the moment they hit the website I lost all accountability and reason.  (See JG’s hilarious flow chart and follow the “I would kill something really cute for it” arrows…..)  I bought them during the sale on Tuesday, where I also picked up these:

Triphasic Earrings (style #21027727)

and this:

Kusari Necklace (style #20557971)

Super happy with all three purchases.  The earrings aren’t too heavy.  They’re long, but light.  And the necklace is a good weight, length, and the details are so very rockin’, aren’t they?

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Lithe, Top-Target, Cardi-Banana Republic Outlet, Belt J.Crew, Necklace-Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes-Anthropologie Precious Metal Wedges, Earrings-Anthropologie

This outfit was brought to you by the teamwork of many different labels.  The Anthro skirt, which I don’t know the name of, was a recent ebay purchase.  It has a super long jersey waistband that can fold down to your liking.  I bought it for a song on ebay, and thank my lucky stars I have it in my maternity wardrobe to play with for the duration of double occupancy.  And postpartum….my leftover muffin top will appreciate the….ahem….forgiveness provided by the jersey waistband.  The cardi was a purchase I made last weekend at the outlets with my sis-in-law when the outlets were having an additional 40% off.  I think I paid $18 for it.  I’ve been looking for a bright cardi like this for what seems like ages. I love the metallic buttons and that the neckline is v’d so to offer some variety in my wardrobe, from the arsenal of J.Crew round-neck Jackies I seem to be acquiring.  Variety is good for the fashion soul.

I’ll be back this weekend with a IRL shot of the Fanfare Platforms for any of you who might be pining for the company of their awesomeness and need a friendly shove over the edge….I’m here for you. :)

xoxo Molly


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