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A “Vested” Interest

Ahh, the Tiered Stripes Dress. How long did we all wait for it to hit sale?

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Tiered Column Dress, Vest-J.Crew Factory, Necklace-J.Crew Ram Pendant, Belt-J.Crew Factory, Shoes- Anthropologie Point of LIght Oxfords (Chie Mihara Foreso), Earrings- Anthropologie

I believe it was almost a year, no exaggeration whatsoever. Am I right? Would it be fair to say I had a vested interest in this dress? Yes indeed. And it paid off. Purchased on sale with the extra 25% off, this dress was $59. Sha-zam!

I own this same dress in a tank version, the Layered Column Dress, that I’ve worn more times than I can count. I wore it very pregnant, here and here. I’ve worn it many times since but haven’t caught it on camera. The black and goldish tone stripes coupled with the asymmetrical layers on the dress are totally slimaflaging. Camouflaging + Slimming. I totes just made that up. Catchy though, eh?

The red color of this Tiered Stripes Dress isn’t quite as forgiving as the black Layered Column, in my opinion. It’s a bit body-con, like “Bow-chicka-bow-wow”, if ya know what I mean. And welp, to be frank, sometimes….us ladies, well, we belly bloat….like once a monthish, (or in my case, once a week, after an awesome eat-fest of Chick-Fil-A fries with special Chickie-Fil-A sauce…..good gracious, it’s heaven, and totally worth the bloat;).)  Back on track….

Bloating + body-con dress = I can’t wear that right now. Bummer. However….

Bloating + body-con dress + deceiving the eye with a sweater vest and animal printed belt = Yes, Definitely yes.

Plus, I think adding a color and a printed belt to mix with the stripes just made it fun. And I like fun. Fashion should always be fun.

Did any of you take the bait on any of the column dresses? Bloat-hiding tricks you wish to share? C’mon Ladies….we’re in this together. (Cue spitting on palms and shaking hands.)

xoxo Molly


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Pommed, Flowered, and Shifted. Plus some Reviews.

I pulled out a shifty vixen from last year, a dress I only got to wear once before I surpassed it’s maximum capacity requirements while prego with Mr. Banks. I was so happy to fit inside it again. And with a fine new necklace companion to boot.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Pom Flower Shift, Slip-Handmade by Me, Cardi-J.Crew Maya, Belt-Anthropologie Crossroads Belt, Necklace-Anthropologie Sparked Agate Bib Necklace , Shoes-Anthropologie Point of Light Oxfords (by Chie Mihara, but I purchased them from PedShoes)

This past week I think I set an all-time record of trips to Anthro. I’ve been there 4 times, ladies. FOUR.

So I’ve a few reviews for you.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great phone, nor the forethought to bring a camera along. So these are pictureless reviews. Sorry…I know I certainly prefer pictures to words any day, but my jargon alone will have to do.

First….the bad.

Kozo Heels

I was super excited to get these on my feet, and then utterly underwhelmed once I had them on. I just don’t like the way they fit my foot. Lots of gaping around the short lip on the foot bed. Overall, it was just….meh. I won’t even go for these on sale.

Hansa Mary-Janes

Cute, but the straps and tiny buckles were a pain to deal with.  Love the modern yet vintage feel of them, and the color is gorgeous. But these are definitely a pass for me.

This one was super soft and the draping was beautiful.  My main beef with it is that the cap sleeves make me look like a linebacker! I have wide shoulders, and this did nothing to flatter them. All sorts of NO on this one.

I actually laughed out loud at myself in this one. Holy cow, it was a disaster. Looked pregnant (no thank you…I just was…..). The empire seam hit me funky, way too much volume below, and the colors in the dress did me no favors. Di-sas-ter!

In a Day Jumpsuit

Okay, I could seriously cry that this one didn’t work. I am obsessed with the cool vibe of this piece. I was also horrified by the fit.  Camel Toe, party of two, anyone?!?! I would have to buy a size 12 just for the torso length to be right. I tried a size 6 and 8, and the size 8 chest was already way too big on me, yet the confinement in the crotch area was seriously disturbing. I couldn’t even stand up straight, if ya know what I mean. There is NO WAY this model is wearing it as is.  I’m pretty sure they have her in a size 10/12 and clothes-pinned in back from neck to butt. Such a shame…when are designers going to start making jumpsuits wearable for the tall gals?!?

Oh boy…another bad one. The color and embroidery detail on this top are phenomenal.  The fit? I looked like a volcano. REALLY wide on bottom, and narrow on top. Did my chest no favors, and believe me when I tell you I NEED FAVORS UP TOP!  The pleating on the chest hit me all wrong….woo boy! It was total disaster-ville.

Now for the Good:

Chestnut Belt

Quality construction, cool hook in the front, took a size small. Waiting for sale since I need another belt like I need a hole in my head.

Dewy Tonic Tee

I’m showing y’all the back because that was my favorite part! I LOVED this Tee. I almost bought it, except I’m not crazy about either print. I’m crossing my fingers they’ll come out with different prints, or I may cave and buy this blue motif cause I LOVE the back detail. It’s a wear and go piece that’s not your average  Tee. No cardi or underlayer needed.  I tried both the XS and the S, and I’m firmly between the two.  I’d probably buy the small though. Highly recommend this one.

Lavish Landscapes Tank

Really liked this one in both colorways, however I’m not ready to purchase. I took an XS in this, so petite ladies may be frustrated with being sized out. I’m 5’9.5″ and I thought it was on the longish side. Beautiful embroidered details and print.

Ikat Frequencies Shirtdress

I tried both the red motif and the blue motif. I’m not crazy about the other print. I took a small, and though I really liked this piece and the price point is totally reasonable ($98!), I couldn’t pull the trigger just yet. The front on me is hooker-short. So obviously I’d have to add a slip underneath (which wouldn’t look right with the asymmetrical hem on this lovely) or wear it with skinny jeans. I tried it over skinny jeans and I feel the dress is a little too long for tunic length and looked disproportionate, therefore to wear it that way I’d have to get it shortened. Waiting for further consideration.

Mixed Bouquet Blouse

This one is BEAUTIFUL. Tried the 4 and the 6. The 4 is perfect everywhere accept the shoulders….WAY too tight. The 6 fit the shoulders but was HUGE down below. I most likely won’t buy because of the fit issues, but it is truly a beautiful piece. If you don’t have linebacker shoulders with a muscular build, you will call it your friend and skip off together into the sunset.

Finely Feathered Tank

This tank is so quirky-beautiful. I absolutely love the mixing of prints and peplum design. I took a size 6 and it was perfect. I will buy this one on sale for sure. It will make new BFF’s with my pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

La Jolla Necklace

Perfection. Period. I cannot stress how beautiful this piece is IRL. I went in specifically to get this piece when the lovely personal shopper Michelle contacted me with the good news that it had arrived. This piece will sell out. Mark my word. My store had received a full shipment and within 3 days, they were down to only two of them. It’s just one of those pieces you will love forever and always, til death do you part. I know I will. Yes…I took one home.

That’s it for now. Any of you tried on the pieces mentioned above? Any of the same issues?

xoxo Molly






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Ladies- I’ve missed you. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, hasn’t it? Resurfacing after the holidays can be tricky.  I shall attempt a quick tidbit of it, but no promises of coherent sentences.

We’ve had my sister’s family in the house for the last 10 days and it has been filled with laughter, late-nights, touring, and general merry-making.  They left this morning and took my heart with ‘em.  I hate when the ones you love have to go.  My sis and I did manage not one, but two trips to Anthro.  Most of the sale items we spotted at the extra 50% off weren’t have-to-haves, so we left them. Except I found another pair of  Trousered Bermudas in my size to snag for $10. So I can return the ones I bought for $29.97 a few weeks ago.  Schweet. I also bought a few half priced holiday items, like the washi label tape and vintage beads in a darling cork-topped glass bottle.  And leave it to me to buy a full-price necklace with my price adjustment on the Feathered Village Skirt.

Meet Caramelo. Have any of you had the pleasure of meeting her in your stores?  She’s pretty awesome.

Caramelo Necklace

The waitress practically yanked it off my neck at the restaurant the first night I wore it.  I especially love the discoesque ball near the bottom loop.  But the colors?  The colors are what totally kill me.  Brilliant combination.  So I had to play along….

Wearing- Anthropologie Layered Column Dress, Cardigan-J.Crew Cielo Ruffle, Belt-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthropologie Carmelo Neckace, Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthropologie Pointed Lights Oxfords (Chie Mihara Foreso)

I took the burnt orange and shocking pink from the necklace and made them play nice.  These tights are my new obsession.  I want to pair them with everything.  The fact that I grabbed them on sale for $9.99 is just the cherry on top. The J.Crew sale section was nice to me….bought 4 other items with exciting possibilities.  Can’t wait to share them with you.  Also snagged?  A few Lia Molly items I couldn’t resist bought to help them raise money for their own knitting machine in New Orleans. For the record, I blame Roxy :).  Haven’t received the items yet, but I will show you them when they arrive.

I hope you all had a chance to prowl through an Anthro or two or had some serious online luck.  Most of all, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, happiest of holidays, and the merriest of merryfesting.  I certainly scored via my man MacGyver.  He got several lovelies, including these!!!!! Holy Jack Frost!  The Chie Mihara Neritos….they’re so awesome I don’t have words.  A perfect color-punch, THE red heels I’ve been searching for all these years….and seriously comfortable to boot!  I’m pretty sure they’re going to make me a better person in the coming year ;)

Here they are, debuting in my Christmas Sunday outfit. I was performing several musical numbers that day for the Christmas program, so I wanted to festive it up a bit.  And hey, when is it ever more appropriate than Christmas to dress in color-scheme?  Go green and red and shiny or go home, right?

Wearing: Dress- Anthropologie In a Twinkling Dress, Slip-Vintage Hem, Tights-Anthropologie Hue, Belt-J.Crew, Cardigan-J.Crew Jackie, Shoes-Chie Mihara Nerito, Earrings-Anthropologie Zaftig Drops, Cute Baby Banks- Mine.

So tell me….if any of you are back online yet….did you score?  Can’t wait to hear….

I have much to share with you….backlogged outfits….the awesome little man baby shower for my friend Dana,…..the Anthrofied DIY Yarn Ball Clusters for my daughter’s room,….Anthro store displays that will knock your socks off,…..a blogaversary coming in January…..and much more.  And then we must talk about this twirly number:

Bike Lane Dress

and this vibrant shoulder accessory:

Leather Ribbon Satchel - (GORGEOUS in real life. LOVE!).

I’m intrigued. Point: Anthropologie.

xoxo Molly



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