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Back to Navy

You guys, how long do you think a headcold-sore throat sickness is supposed to last? Like, what’s your reasonable estimate? A week? They get worse before they get better, right?

Cause I have a mean combo of the two that’s got it in for me….seriously! It was bad, then started getting a little better, and now it’s worse. I’m TWELVE DAYS IN now, and I still feel like I’m swallowing glass shards and could possible drown in my own phlegm. I felt so awful last night I finally gave in and cried.

Something about me you should know….I rarely cry. I just don’t. So when I do, my man knows it’s serious bidness. I was exhausted, deflated, so done…. I just felt leveled.

That’s when MacGyver swung into action and got me some antibiotics. (Something else you should know about me…. I really dislike taking antibiotics. I avoid it like THE PLAGUE. Yes, I’m extremely grateful for modern medicine. I feel so fortunate to live in a time when antibiotics exist and I know they literally save lives. It’s just that those life-saving antibiotics do a SERIOUS NUMBER on my gut. When I say ‘serious number’ I mean that it’ll take a good solid month for my gut to get back to normal. And that’s IF I load up on probiotics).

2 days from now I should know if there’s an end to the phlegm and glass shards. If not, I may take matters into my own hands and cut my tonsils out on my own! Cross your fingers for me.

Anyway, this outfit photo below was taken right at the beginning of the Plague, when I was just starting to look a little pale. I wanted to take the Pearled Posy Cardigan on a maiden voyage, and as I reached for a few options in my closet, I was drawn to the caramel colored pants, but needed a color to bring it all together. Surprise, surprise, I reached for navy.

It always comes back to navy, doesn’t it? (Read my about my fondness for navy here.)

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie Patch Pocket Trousers, Tank-BR, Cardi-Anthropologie Pearled Posy Cardigan , Shoes-Chie Mihara Oshare, Bag-Anthropologie Saddlebag

Navy is just the perfect neutral. Not too harsh, not too weak.

Chie Mihara Oshare, via Pedshoes

This pair of Chies is from Pedshoes, one of the US shoe boutiques who carries a wide selection of Chies, often in exclusive color combinations. Peper and Parlor carries this exact same shoe in their own colorway. So gorgeous! I have had the pleasure of purchasing from both stores and the customer service from each of these boutiques was outstanding. For a full list of US boutiques and international sellers who carry Chie Mihara shoes, see my post here.)

Phlegm and glass shards couldn’t keep me from noticing the sizeable Anthro fresh cuts yesterday. Dang, did they unload, or what?! Most of my wishlist sat comfortably on their high-throned price points, but I did finally phone in to place an order for this and these.

So thanks for listening to my whine-fest. Feel free to vent about your own phlegm, glass shards, or just what you hauled away from the sale yesterday?!

xoxo Molly


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Considered Vintage

I’ve had a depressing epiphany as of late, ladies.

I’m vintage, like as in old.

Take this Etsy listing as a sort of Exhibit ‘A’ if you will:

Is it bad that I want to know how old the seller of this dress is? Cause I’m pretty sure she was born in the 90’s, and thinks if you were born before her, you’re vintage.

Since when is the decade of my youth considered vintage?  She’s technically wrong, you know.  Because I have it on good authority that clothing is only technically considered “vintage” if it hails from 1920 to 1960.

Some people think that since we’re past the year 2010, 80’s clothing can now be considered vintage.  Hmm….I’m not convinced. What do y’all think?

Vintage or not, I got my faux 80’s on the other day…

Wearing: Top-J.Crew Tippi in Heart Print Crepe, Pants-Anthropologie Patch Pocket Trousers, Necklace-Anthropologie Colorblocked Strands Necklace, Shoes- J.Crew Factory CeCe Studded Suede Ballet Flats

…with a recently acquired uniformed heart print nonetheless.  Paired with a modern, slim, cuffed pant, statement necklace, and textured ballet flats…it felt fresh. And fun.

And bottom line here…FASHION SHOULD BE FUN. Right?

If any of you are as depressed as I am by this 80’s epiphany, I suggest drowning your sadness in creamy bliss….Blue Bell’s Key Lime Pie.

Insider’s Tip: Buy stock in this flavor ASAP, cause the amount I buy alone in 3 months will make you rich. Very rich.

It’s seriously off the chain. Can I say that, I mean, being vintage and all?

Well, I’m going to.  It’s insane how good it is.  There are PIE CRUST CHUNKS IN IT.  Pie. Crust. Chunks. In it.

For the love!

Not to depress you yet again, but ….. Blue Bell only sells this flavor during the summer months. Then they yank it off the shelves. That’s it. Done. Gone. Bye bye.

So Cruel.

I’m left shaking and jumpy like a tweaker in drug rehab.

If you’re lucky to live in one of the 20 states where Blue Bell is sold, I suggest you run….nay, sprint, to your nearest store.

But if you cross a short-haired red head dressed in Anthro on the way to the freezer section, and you have the last 1/2 gallon in hand, it might get ugly.

Just sayin’. :)

xoxo Molly


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‘Twas the Night Before Anthropologie’s Tag Sale…..

when all through the house, a creature was stirring, checking out a wishlisted blouse!


Girlfriends, are you ready?

Ready to descend upon your local Anthro one hour before opening, ready to pounce?  I was told by an angel SA that there are around 900 units of accessories being marked down for the sale. I’ve two things I’m super-duper hoping hit sale so I can get a price adjustment. Aside from that, I’m just interested to see what gets cut! And I’m especially hoping for a $9.95 section!!

We went to go check out a local Food Truck park this past weekend.

Two words:  Going. Back.  I ate this cupcake from the Society Bakery truck that was for reals…smack yo’ mama good. Salted caramel filled yellow cupcake with sea salt chocolate frosting.  I died for a sec, went to heaven, and came back.

Yum.  Plus they had this awesome older-than-me bus just hangin’ out in the parking lot.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Bianka Blouse, Pants-Anthropologie Patch Pocket Trousers, Shoes-BC Footwear, Necklace-Anthropologie Verveine Necklace

Hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful, ladies.  Mine was so fabulous, aside from this monster sinus infection I’ve got loitering in my head.  Ugh.  Breakfast in bed, some homemade lovies from the kids, this butter dish from my GF Mare (you rock!), and this aromatic elixir from MacGyver…(the man SERIOUSLY knows how to pick perfume. Dead sexy).  I was loved. Very loved. And I couldn’t be more grateful.  I’ll show you what I wore for Mother’s Day in the next post. Involves a special something I picked up in Seattle….

‘Til then, may visions of Anthro racks dance in your heads.

xoxo Molly

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out my Shop Anthromollogies page….I’ve added a ton of new goodies, and they’re still comin’!


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