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Hitting The Motherload.

There are shopping trips, and then there are memorable shopping trips.

This past weekend, my friends, I had a fabulously memorable one. It of course included Anthro. But that’s not where I spent the  most money.  More on that later….

Remember my post here where I talked about making purchases now when you love something mucho, even though it may not fit, to wear some day in the future…..when you know it will?  These shorts are proof that I practice what I preach. I bought them once they hit sale way back in the smack dab middle of my pregnancy, (when there wasn’t a prayer I could shimmy them over the hippers), and now?  I couldn’t be happier with them. I seriously dig bermudas.

Wearing: Shorts-Anthropologie, Top-Banana Republic, Necklace-Anthropologie Papaya Pebbles, Shoes-Anthropologie

I have a major crush on this necklace as well.   I did not, however, adore it’s length on me.  I’m what you call a long-necker.  So I took it to a beading store and had an extender put on it for a few bucks.  ‘Tis perfect now. If I pick up this little number when it hits sale (which I shockingly was able to put down and walk away without this past weekend), I will add an extender to it as well.  Highly suggest a little necklace extender for those of you with longer torsos, and especially those of us with long necks.  It opens up the whole-wide world of necklace possibilities for you.

Back to the shopping tales…. I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  I certainly did.  Our company just left today, and oh what a grand time was had.  My sis-in-law and I hit THE MOTHERLOAD while shopping.  Mercy!

J.Crew Outlet damage: 3 pairs of shoes (these, these, and I can’t find the link to the others, but they’re the perfect rusty/brown suede with bronze studs all over the toes.), a pink large gingham shirt I’ve wanted for like ev, a new Jackie in cotton candy pink, and this little sherbetty number below.

Wearing: Cardi-Anthropologie Wisteria Cardigan, Skirt-J.Crew Outlet, Tank-Banana Republic, Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Nine West. Squishy Baby Banks is sporting a Target tie.

I want to buy stock in anything orange and polka-dotted after putting this flowy player in action.  I couldn’t help but grab the squishy Mr. Banks for a photo op since we totally coordinated. He’s cool like that. My shoes, by the way, are grass green-colored slingbacks, so it’s totally fine with me that the grass is obscuring them.

Banana Republic Outlet damage: 2 belts (with awesome animal clasps on them), a geometric patterned top, two short sleeve cardis, and a faux Chanel large link necklace that was $8.  I don’t lie.

Anthro Damage: Doesn’t really qualify as “damage” since I only bought one thing, a surprise sale-room purchase. I purchased it back in December, but thought it was too poofy on me. So I returned it.

Anthropologie Paned and Pocketed A-Line Skirt

Apparently time at the gym and….well…..time in general, have made it look way better on me.  I still have middle-muffinitis to eradicate, but I suspect it will be a beloved neutral pattern in my closet for quite some time.  Thanks, Maeve.  I love me a silk pocketed new closet friend. And at the second cut price of $49.95, ……I can totally justify stopping by the real J.Crew store yesterday and finding a few more treasures yesterday. What?!?!

yep. I innocently called J.Crew to see if they had these minty chinos I’ve been obsessing about. The outfit combos are endless with these babies.

J.Crew Scout Chinos, Mint

They did. Miney-mine-mine. And they also had a Jackie cardi in a DRA color, (looks like a dark raisin to me), a stripe v-neck for $12, and 2 leather belts in a peachy orange and navy. On sale.  yee-ha!

I toldcha, there are shopping trips, and then there are memorable ones.  This entire weekend?  One super happy memorable shop-0-rama. Can’t wait to play with all the spoils. Hope you all took in a few spoils of your own too. Spill it friends.

Tomorrow Flex your Styling Muscle series is coming with Travel Sets for Kelly!

Now I will excuse myself to go stare at my minty scout chinos.

xoxo Molly







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Paint it Plaid, I Say.

First things first….this week’s sale at Anthro.  What did I buy? Only one item.  This flowy green goddess:

Valparaiso Dress

Her flowy sleeves make me simply giddy with satisfaction.  Dolman sleeves are kinda magic for the straight-waisters among us.  They “have the effect of making the shoulders look sloped, therefore minimizing the appearance of the waist.”  Dolman sleeves = good for Molly, especially for my in-between sizes while I morph back to my former self, and will be much appreciated on my normal body shape once I’m there.  I can’t wait to play with her.  What did y’all grab?  (here’s a tidbit….I may write y’all in my blog posts once in a while, but I never say y’all in real life because I’m not a born n’ bred Texan…just an implant.  But I like the idea of contracting “you all” as a principle, since it kinda just rolls off the tongue and is less work overall). Don’t y’all agree?!

I bit the bullet and bought the Painted Plaid Dress when it was full price.  I was GREAT with child at the time, “great” being liken to the size of a barn. But I knew this dress would be a cherished member of my closet arsenal for years to come and that I would end up mentally flogging myself from now and forever if I missed out on it.  So I bought it and stared longingly at it in my closet for a few months, tags attached, not even tried on, and then…..it hit sale.  And to make the deal sweeter, Anthro was offering the additional 50% off of sale when it hit, remember? You should…since this happened just last month.  So I returned the original and ordered it online for $49.95 instead of, what was it, like $168?

  It was WAY tight on my postpartum rib cage this first day I broke it out and I had to sweet talk MacGyver into zipper assistance…but when all was said and zipped, I felt pretty darn fabulous in it.  This is a feat, as a postpartum mom.  Many days are spent not feeling fabulous in your own flabby skin.  So when that dress zips up that you’ve been ogling for what feels like forever, it’s a good day.  A very good day.

Many of you expressed your liking for the post I did here, styling the Split Diamonds Shift dress several different ways.  So here I go again, only this time I’m painting it plaid. Hope you enjoy.  Tell me which is your fave, why don’t cha (another great contraction…thanks to these girls).  Sorry for the closet shots…my little guy was snoozing in the bassinet and you never wake a sleepin’ baby, not even for fashion. :)

Set 1: Jacket-Anthropologie Immutable Jacket, Belt-Anthropologie, Tights-Anthro, Shoes-Anthropologie

Set 2: Top-Anthropologie Lemon Liftoff Blouse, Belt-Anthropologie Vivid Brink Belt, Hat-Anthropologie Verdant Fields Cloche, Boots-Bjorn

Set 3: Top-Anthropologie Nicoletta Blouse, Belt-Anthropologie, Tights-J.Crew, Necklace- Anthropologie Verveine, Shoes- Chie Mihara Foreso, or Anthropologie Bootlegger's Gal Heels

Set 4: Top-Anthropologie Nicoletta Blouse, Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes- Anthropologie Marquee Gemmed Heels, Tights-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthro Verveine

Set 5: same as above except with brown and black tights from J.Crew

Set 6: same, except TIghts - Hue, Shoes- Anthropologie Fine Cut Oxfords

Set 7: Same as 6 except Tights-J.Crew, Necklace- Anthropologie Papaya Pebble

Set 8: Sweater-Anthropologie unknown- brand is HWR, Belt-Ann Taylor, Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthropologie Carved Celadon Heels

Set 9: same as set 8, but shoes are Chie Mihara Foreso.

Can you tell I had fun playing around, especially with the Nicoletta Blouse? Word to the fashionable-wise: Tights and accessories always save the day. If you like the styling in sets #8 and 9, heed the following warning…..The style of  pull-on style sweater you wear needs to nip in at the bottom.  It needs to be somewhat fitted in the bottom half in order to tame the volume going on with the dress.  If you ignore this point, you may be disappointed with the IRL execution of the set.  That’s my disclaimer.  Just sayin’……

Hope you’ve got some excellent plans brewing for the weekend.  Do something fun for me, k?  Laundry and menial cleaning is on the agenda around these parts…

xoxo Molly



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In honor of my forthcoming birthday….a GIVEAWAY!

I’m super stoked to be offering my first ever giveaway!  One of my fabulous readers, Athena, graciously offered her artistic prowess in jewelry making to giveaway a pair of gorgeous earrings from her etsy shop, Victory Jewelry, in honor of my birthday this week.  Super cool of her, eh?  Athena asked me to choose a pair of earrings as the giveaway, and I couldn’t resist this gorgeous shade of teal once I saw the choices.  I have a thing for teal.  So does Fall 2011, remember?  So teal was the perfect choice.

And here they are:

Gorgeous "Bohemian Luxe" Swarovski Earrings by Athena of Victory Jewelry

All you have to do to enter yourself in this giveaway is leave me a comment predicting what you think I’ll buy with my birthday discount from Anthro this month.  (Can’t wait to see how well you know me….)  And, to help Athena build up her fan base, you will get an extra entry if you visit Athena’s facebook page and “like it”.  Go here to do so, and indicate in your comment on this post that you’ve done the deed!  I’ll use a  random number generator to pick the winner.  You have until Friday night at midnight MST to enter this giveaway!  Best of luck, and a huge thank you to Athena for this great giveaway!

Friday night, MacGyver took me to a play that one of my dear friend’s son was participating in.  He was spectacular.  High school theater performances are so hilarious.  Just wish I had had a supersonic fan blowing on me the entire time.  So, despite the fact that I’d rather be wearing nothing at all, I got dressed that night.  I bought this mustard cardigan at a secret treasure spot in Phoenix, AZ, called Last Chance.  This BP Cardi was $7.  Yes, $7….brand spankin’ new.  You have to be willing to throw a few elbows and stare down seriously aggressive bargain hunters, but every now and then you strike gold and walk out with a nugget.

Wearing: Skirt-Anthro via ebay, Top-Layers Clothing, Cardi-Nordstrom Brass Plum via Last Chance, Belt-Anthropologie Crossroads, Necklace-Anthropologie Papaya Pebbles Necklace, Shoes- Anthropologie Night Flora Sandals

I decided my Anthropologie Papaya Pebbles Necklace was too short, so I took matters into my own hands, went to a jewelry supply shop, added a chain about 6 inches in length, and now it’s adjustable and way more versatile.  I like the longer length on me, especially with my longer torso.

In other news, I totally got working on another Anthrofied DIY this weekend….and I can’t wait to show it to you!!  Hopefully I’ll have it all ready by the beginning of next week.  Don’t hold your breath or anything….but I shall try to “getterdone” quickly, especially since I may be kinda busy giving birth on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  Yee-ha!

wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday.

xoxo Molly


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