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Let FREE-dom ring with an Anthromollogies GIVEAWAY!!

Hey there friends!

As promised, I’ve got an awesome giveaway for you.  A FREE-bie, you know, to honor the freedom I so cherish as a citizen of the United States of America one day after her birthday.

A few months ago as I was cruising the Anthro-ebay world, I came across a highly sought-after necklace, the Stormy Seas Necklace, that I had worn a few weeks before in this post here.  In that post, I mentioned seeing an ebay listing for the same necklace in which the seller wanted a “bend-over amount” of $224.99!! Luckily, with my trained Anthro eye, I discovered another listing of the same necklace for a SERIOUS bargain. So I pounced!  And now you, my fellow Anthrophiles, will benefit from my cat-like reflexes. (You’re welcome!) For more Stormy Seas in-action, see here, here, and here.

Here’s the photo of my ebay win, the little minx herself, the Stormy Seas Necklace.

So now what? How do you win her, you ask?

1. Send me a photo of you wearing an Anthro outfit that would be just THAT MUCH MORE PERFECT with a Stormy Seas Sister hanging around your neck. That gets you one entry. (photos may or may not be posted on the blog).

2. Blog about the giveaway, tweet it, or facebook about it. Please send me the link to any of these in your comment. Any one of these three options gets you one entry.

You can enter by participating in one or all of the methods mentioned, however entries will be limited to two per person and a random number generator will be used to determine the winner.

Giveaway contest will close on Saturday, July 13 at midnight. Though I wish it were, this contest is not affiliated, sponsored by, or endorsed by Anthropologie. Prized is non-transferrable nor can it be exchanged for cash. Once contacted, the winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize.

YAY!! Hope you’re excited about it, cause I sure am!

Sorry for the silencio on the blog lately. The shock waves from having the brood home all day have been intense.  This is me around 3:00 every afternoon:

Source: www.dirtyandthirty.com

I keep the crazy at bay most days but…whoa! Summer’s a doozy when your man is still owned by the US Army and they don’t care how many WEEKS in a row he’s been on-call…..

One way I escape? Anthro-talk of course!

I’ve been wearing my Pam Hiran Waving Pennant necklace quite a bit this summer. Here’s a few outfits I snapped:

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Extended Shirt Dress ,Necklace-Anthropologie Waving Pennant Necklace, Shoes-Sam Edelman Yelena, Earrings-Anthropologie

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Mid Century Modern Skirt, Tee-J.Crew, Belt-Anthropologie, Necklace-Anthropologie Waving Pennant, Shoes-Dolce Vita

And I wore it yesterday for the 4th of July all red-white-and-bluey:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.27.27 PMWe were too busy eating BBQ, our traditional flag cake, and watching some pretty intense fireworks to snap a photo.  So sorry. Poor MacGyver missed most of the day….you know, just saving lives, (on-call per usual on holidays).  But he made it for the party with awesome friends, fun sparklers, good eats, bangin’ fireworks, and generally letting freedom ring.

I love this country.  Hope your 4th was explosively fun too!

xoxo Molly




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I’m Blue…Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dei…..

Catchy little tune Eiffel 65 came up with, eh?  Even if I’m not a clubber….

I’m feeling the blues lately, ladies.  No, no….not the down-in-the-dumps kind. I’m feelin’ it, so when I’ve reached for something to wear this past week, it’s been….you guessed it, blue!

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Extended Shirt Dress, Necklace-BR Outlet, Shoes-Chie Mihara IONA P302

I can’t remember the name of these pants.  Anyone?  I wanted them bad when I was pregnant, but knew they would make it to sale.  So I waited for second cuts…and brought them home for $19.95.

The paperbag waist and bow tie sash is quite different from any other pair of pants I own.  It’s a good thing to add new kids on the block to your closet every once in a while…you know, to shake things up.  The paperbag waist on these, bow tie sash, and lower rise makes these pants unique to my arsenal in that they require me to think about tucking in, which I do anyway with high-waisted skirts….but pants? Not usually. Especially when wearing slimmer cuts. The pleating on these pants was done quite well, and really, could they have used a better color?

Wearing: Top-Old Navy, Pants-Anthropologie, Necklace-Anthropologie, Shoes-DV by Dolce Vita Archer

Sandals were a happy purchase with my rewards points from Piperlime. I may have purchased two pairs…  Anthropologie in Seattle had these same sandals in the store, but I can’t find them online.  They are the perfect nude shade with chic touches of gold.  I’ve worn them 3 times in the last week…hmm, like much? I ordered a half-size down, just in case you’re interested.

DV by Dolce Vita Archer

This concludes the blue tour for today.

Any color you’re particularly reaching for lately?

xoxo Molly


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Dark Horses

I love this dress.  I’ve only worn it once before, in this post here.  I was prego at the time with Mr. Banks, getting bigger by the second, and I almost had to call the Fire Department to come cut me out of the dress.  Seriously….I’m not kidding.  (Have you ever been stuck in a dress, arms up, trapped, panic-attack inducing trapped?!…I mean, I’m not normally a panic-attack kinda girl, but let’s just say I’ve had some seriously close calls in my day!)  The slip portion of this dress is cut REALLY small, like a size smaller than the dress. I only had the chance to wear this once during the pregnancy because by the next week I swear I had outgrown it.  But as I stated in that post when I wore it for the first time, I knew I wanted this dress in my lineup forever more, no matter that I couldn’t wear it for 7 or 8 months.  Currently the vice-like lining smooshes the girls somethin’ fierce, since I’m still more plump than norm.  But the dress itself was pure pleasure to wear again.  I’m still hooked on it’s bold blue color and to-the-floor length, vintage buttons and sleeves, and did I mention it’s BLUE?!

Wearing- Dress-Anthropologie,Extended Shirt Dress, Shoes- Anthropologie Bootlegger's Gal Heels, Necklace - Anthropologie Sun Kingdom Necklace, Belt- Anthropologie

The Sun Kingdom Necklace was a surprising dark horse during the  Anthro holiday sale-o-rama extra 50 % off.  I found it hanging there on the sale jewelry rack, all by her lonesome self.  This $88 gem came home with me for $29.95.  She’s much more modern than my usual taste, but the colors in this bib necklace are so beautiful and versatile I couldn’t leave it behind for that price.  She’s also really lightweight, which is a bit deceiving upon first glance since the cut of the stones on the bib portion appear heavy. But take a look at the dainty chain…..the juxtaposition of the light chain with a heavy fringe is what I really love about it too.

Have any of you checked out Roxy’s Eye Candy: Store Inspiration Post?  If not, click on over there and check it out.  I love seeing vignettes from other stores across the US (and Canada, and UK!).  I submitted these photos below from my local store.  The visual team here is superior.  Everything they do is executed beautifully, and I never leave the store without finding something new to be inspired by.  This Photo slide chandelier is one of my favorite displays they’ve done. It rocks.

Anthropologie Photo Slide Chandelier

I had planned on making one of these Ornament Ball hangings in my own house this season, but I ran out of time.  I bought the plywood, bought all the clear ornaments, bought the neon pink string…gorgeous, right?!  I may still do a version of this but make it slightly different.  More to come on that….

Anthropologie Ornament Art

Hope you’re all having a lovely day off.  I am enjoying MacGyver’s company, my drooling/cooing chunk o’ love Mr. Banks, and my 3 other chitlins.  (Sidenote: My mom used to affectionately refer to me and my siblings as “chitlins”, and I just now looked it up….and am shocked to read what chitlins really are.  Eww! But kinda funny…..) Here’s hoping none of you are actually eating chitlins today!  I’m also planning a little trip-o-roo to the mothership later to try on the Bike Lady.  Wish me luck. Also, a darling friend of mine is getting married and  “project wedding” is taking place around these parts in less than two weeks…I’m in full-fledged wedding decor manufacturing and must complete a bunch of it today.  Will definitely share photos of the event and projects I took on.

xoxo Molly

P.S.  What are you hoping makes it to sale this week?

P.P. S.  I hope nothing major make it to sale since I bit on the BHLDN extra 40% off this past week and bought a pair of shoes….will show when they arrive.  However if these make it to sale, they’ll be mine in a hot second.



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