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Flex your Styling Muscle Series – Anthropologie Hourglass Form Dress

First, if you have a second, please feel free to check out my Shop Anthromollogies page as I have added many new items today, including J.Crew, Lululemon, Anthropologie, and Banana Republic.  Hope you find something you like.

Secondly, thank you all for your contribution in celebrating my one year of blogging.  As you can see below….the winners shall expect their loot in the coming days.  See?….

Blogiversary Winners' Loot. En route!

And, you may have noticed in the title of this post, that I’ve decided to actually give a name to my styling series posts, you know….the ones where I take an Anthro item and style it a bunch of different ways. The name:

“Flex Your Styling Muscle”.

You like?  Hope so.  In this post series, you can expect to see stylings of the same item done at least 6 different ways.  What I expect is to continually challenge myself to see an item in my closet differently, so that I fall in love with it again and again every time I wear it.  Here’s hoping it’s inspiring for not only me but you too.  That said, I invite you to send me requests of items you’d like to see styled in this series.  If I have the item, I will gladly go for it and style the item in person.  If I do not own the item, I’m just gonna have to Polyvore the heck out of it.  Hope that’s alright with you.

So, now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, let’s flex some style muscle, why don’t we?

Game on, Hourglass Form Dress.


Hourglass Form Dress

This dress speaks yummy blank canvas to me.  And the mustard color is one of my faves for sure.  I’m sure some of you may disagree with me, but I do sincerely believe mustard yellow as a color pairs well with just about anything in a wardrobe.  I know, I know… many times I hear things like…I can’t wear yellow next to my face. Well, the beauty of this dress is that you can layer under and over, adding in pops of color that DO look good next to your face and balance the mustard factor out.  And, you’ll look dang cool in the meantime.

Set 1: Hourglass Form Dress with: Cardi-LiaMolly, Tights-Anthro Dotted Cluster, Shoes-Anthro Pointed Light Oxfords. This one was super easy. Black with gold touches? Add a bit of gray...done.

Here’s proof that I actually try on my styling sets to make sure they work as far as length, proportion, and hue.

Set 2: Hourglass Form Dress with: Sweater-J.Crew Jester Turtleneck (picked up for $18 dollahs. aww yeah!), Belt-J.Crew, Purple Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthropologie Daybreak T-Straps. Ugh, SO SORRY for my streaked mirror. KIDS! What to do with 'em? Pass the beer nuts....hehe. Jewel Tones of Mustard, Green, and Purple. They're the three amigos, I tell ya. Close up of purple tights and green shoes below:


Set 3: Hourglass Form Dress with: Top-Anthropologie Tarpan Buttondown, Belt-Anthro Snakebite, Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthro Lass and Laddie Oxfords. You could easily switch the belt out with a fuschia, light pink, gold, and switch the tights with brown or nude.

Set 4: Hourglass Form Dress with: Jacket-Anthropologie Cassia Jacket, Belt-Anthropologie, Tights-Anthropologie, Shoes-Anthropologie High Glossed Loafers. Bought the Cassia Jacket at the sale two weeks ago. This little drapey number has lovely windowpane detailing, and this colorway is the best one by far. Mustard, Rust, and Turquoise....be still my beating heart.

Set 5: Hourglass Form Dress with: Shirt-J.Crew Buffalo Check, Belt-Anthropologie Dusk Blue Suede Belt, Shoes-Faryl Robin, Tights-J.Crew. Continuing the Mustard, Rust, Aqua/Turquoise affair here. Loving the mix of prints here. I had fun with this particular Buffalo Check top and this dress; see below.

Set 6: Hourglass Form Dress with: Shirt-J.Crew Buffalo check, Necklace-Anthropologie Sun Kingdom Necklace, Belt-Anthropologie Dasara Belt , Tights-HUE dark green, Boots-Anthropologie Gilgarran. These colors are SO fall; mustard, rust, brown, and dark green. Makes me want to get to holiday eatin' again.

Set 7: Hourglass Form Dress with: Shirt-J.CRew Buffalo Check, Scarf-Anthropologie name?, Belt-Anthropologie, Tights-HUE green , Booties-Anthropologie Times Three Booties. Continuing with the mustard, rust and greens.

Set 8: Hourglass Form Dress with: Cardi-J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle, Shoes-Anthropologie Wingspan Heels, TIghts-HUE blue-green, Necklace-Anthropologie. These shoes just begged to paired with this dress. So I based everything off the sweet shoes. Could do a sweet skinny metallic gold belt with this set too.

I had several more outfits still to go when my sojourn in the closet was cut short by one wailing, chunky little 3 1/2 month old.  So sorry. But cheeks had to be kissed and loved on.

Per usual, I would love to know which set speaks your language.  Feedback, ladies….

I will be making a few changes to the blog in the coming days, adding pages up top specifically for DIY posts, Queen of Your Closet posts, and Flex Your Style Muscle Posts.  Hope this makes my blog much easier to navigate.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

Colorphile post still to come this week, a challenge, the Little Man Shower, and much more….

xoxo Molly





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Queen of Your Closet Series: Pattern Mixing without looking like a Crazy Lady.

My choices in outfits these days are almost solely guided by my burgeoning belly comfort. Which is limiting, in a closet where one can look around and recognize that I adore a structured waistband, because usually, I kinda like have a waist.  Even many of my dresses that graze the periphery of my middle are undesirable suitors because of the material they’re made from and their limiting bodices.  Without progesterone, as I’ve mentioned before, I am quite lacking in chesticles.  But with it, well….let’s just call it a party on top.  MacGyver’s not complaining, AT ALL.  Therefore, I have bid adieu to fitted bodices for a time, embracing in it’s stead the stretchy gloriousness of jersey knit and spandex.


Wearing: Top-Anthropologie, Belt-Anthropologie Dasara Belt, Skirt-Anthropologie Mid-Century Modern Skirt, Shoes-Guess (really old), Earrings-Anthropologie Off-the-Bough Earrings

I guess I kind of broke an ‘old-fashioned’ fashion rule today by drawing serious attention to the belly.  I mean, for the love…. I stuck a gold elephant on it and pulled the skirt down under the belly.  WHAT?!  Oh yes I did.  19 weeks pregs and rockin’ a gold elephant.  That’s just how I roll.  I won’t, however, be rolling with this particular elephant belt for the duration of this pregnancy since breathing became quite difficult in the latter afternoon.  Belts with elastic have my name written all over them.

I just realized I’m all Anthro-ed up in this outfit, minus the wedges. I love these shoes.  You can’t see from the photo, but they have these rad gold studs on the toe straps and round studs lining both sides on the wedge portion of the shoes.

So let’s talk about pattern mixing for a minute.  Worn alone, this top and skirt could have been a fashion NO.  The prints are quite different, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.  In this case, the scale of the print up top is smaller and softer, while the skirt carries a bold pattern with sharp lines.  The only way to see they have a spark of interest in one another is to notice the small splashes of mandarin orangey/yellow in the top, (kind of the same color as the base of the skirt) and realize this relationship COULD work.  Yet it still needed a little help.  Add in big chunky neutrals funktified with visual interest = belt with ginormous gold elephant head, and studs/grommets adorning the wedges, and what do you know?!  A fashion YES.

*So, pair big n’ bold patterns with smaller scale patterns.

*Put linear or defined patterns with organic ones.

*Unify with accessories.

*Then go conquer the world.

Or, just make some lunch and look good doing it; not like your crazy Aunt Marge.

xoxo Molly



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Insatiable Me + 3 OOTD’s

The humongo sale yesterday caught me off guard.  Way off guard.  Can’t believe some of the things that went on sale.  I dropped into my local Anthropologie (“just to look”) and came out with 3 sale items and two new items. (I’ll get to those later).   I really puffy- heart- with- stars the staff at my Anthro.  They are so on the ball, ever friendly, and ridiculously stylish…without any pomp or to-do about them.  I’ve been in many an Anthro in my day, and have always been treated well.  However I have a fondness for “my” Anthro, since I know almost every SA and Manager by name.  If I don’t by now, then shame on me! (The next closest Anthro from here is an hour and change away, so I rarely to never visit other Anthros).  Kudos to all of the staff at the La Cantera Anthropologie (one of the Cork Art Auction locations!! I’m so excited!!) I so appreciate the welcoming environment and true “experience” you create for one and all.

Anyway, as I was nosing around the sale items, I couldn’t help but look at the new arrivals as well.  I slowly notice my shopping cart is somehow filling up.  Suddenly I’m feeling a bit insatiable.  Here’s what’s sitting in my cart at the moment:

Kusari Necklace
Cuernavaca Dress
Saturn Sunhat
Day’s End Sling Bag
Anthology Bag
Mod Scarf Maxi Dress

Loosened Shelby Blouse

Citrus Twist Necklace
Anagram Belt
Nyanza Skirt

And here’s the sale items that made it home with me.  I bought both Ellipse earring colors because they’re $9.95, ladies!!  And I think I’m sending a pair to my mumsie for the big day.  The Hydrangea Petals Maxi was a love affair for me from the start, however I knew it would be a sale purchase.  I’m still debating upon the size.  See, pregnancy blesses me new additions up top, and my already Hulk-size ribcage makes for a tricky fit.  I bought the size 6, and it’s snug under the bust.  However, post-pregnancy, the bodice will be HANGING on me, ladies.  Like in The Proposal, when Betty White is trying to fit the wedding dress on Sandra Bullock and says, “it’s like an Easter Egg Hunt” trying to fit the chest.  And as the chest deflates, the ribcage de-Hulks as well.

Hydrangea Petals Maxi Dress
Ellipse Earrings
Ellipse Earrings

Now, can you guess which two full priced items made it home with me?  I’ll be reviewing them tomorrow.  No regrets my friends.  None aboard this ship.

I leave you with a recent acquisition of mine, as of 3 weeks ago I think?  I’ve worn it 4 times already, and really love it’s versatility, comfort, color, and vibe.  I see this one being quite a royal subject after the baby arrives as well.  The first photo is what I wore on Monday.  It was actually pretty cold here with a high in the 60’s, so I bundled up a bit with a long-sleeved cardi.  And you can’t really tell, but the tank top is a beautiful minty green that got along famously with the orange cardi.


Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Raven’s Crossing, Top-Banana Republic, Cardi-J.Crew Cielo Ruffle, Belt-Banana Republic, Shoes-Mia, Necklace-Anthropologie name?


Wearing: skirt-Anthropologie Raven’s Crossing, Top-Anthropologie, Necklace-Vintage, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Earrings-Banana Republic


Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Raven’s Crossing, Top-Ann Taylor Loft, Belt-Anthropologie Dasara Belt, Necklace-Anthropologie Nuances Necklace, Shoes-Banana Republic

By the way, the Dasara Belt is no longer available online, but my store got a re-stock of these.  So you may want to check with CS if you’re pining for it.  I love it’s quirkiness.  My only gripe is that it totally smells like dirty coffee beans.  I don’t actually know if I’ve ever smelled dirty coffee beans, but I imagine this is what they’d smell like.  Potent little sucker, but it’s powerful aroma is weakening by the day.

xoxo Molly



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