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Welcome back, Whimsy. (We’ve missed you).

After perusing Roxy’s reviews this morning and laying eyes for the first time on the moth/butterfly/bird dress by Girls of Savoy she tried on, an audible “ooh” escaped my mouth and I felt my heart rate increase a smidgen.  Whimsy?  (I rubbed the morning crud out of my eyes).  Is that whimsy I’m seeing?  Fast as I could I clicked over to Anthro’s new arrivals and found it: the whimsy factor.  It’s back.  Whimsy mourners, mourn no more.  How about these whimsy morsels to whet your appetite?

Tarpan Buttondown- this colorway is my fave.

Why hello, Alery Dress. I really want you.

In Clouds Blouse- Charlotte Taylor is bringing it with the whimsy this season. I'm not saying I want giant snails hitching a ride on my top half this fall, but I appreciate the whimsical print. That's for sure.

Dromedary Dress- See? First clouds, now Camels? Go Charlotte! Camels,....they gross me out. So I'm not feeling this, but LOVING the colors. Now that's inspiring.

Stilt Striders Skirt- Don't forget the flamingos too. I seriously feel badly for flamingos. Doesn't that one leg ever get tired? What do they do when they get a charlie horse?

But the two new items I’m really loving?

The Athabaskan Booties. Killer. So killer. So's the price. Youch!


Neckerchief Sweater- Me thinks this periwinkle number would play quite nicely with my new Dauphine Heels.

I’m also really feeling this little ditty:

The Button Belted Dress- A morphing dress that you can take apart and wear as separates? Anthro, you're going all efficient on us! Whomever it was amongst your design staff that chose this gorgeous shade of pea-green, I would kiss their Anthro-laden feet if I could. I love this color.

So what’s your whimsy radar picking up so far this season?  Have you been praying, waiting and hoping for a silk snail blouse?  Or have you been holding out for a flamingo skirt all these years?  I’m hoping this is just the tip of the whimsy iceberg for Anthro this season.

I broke out my sale purchase of the Glossed Loafers yesterday, after ordering them once having them fit WAY too snug, I returned and reordered them a half size bigger, with an extra 20% off the sale price because of a whoopsie on my order, courtesy of Anthro.  I thought that was quite excellent of them.  These shoes are quite comfy, quirky, and begging to be paired with so many pieces I can’t even dream of pulling over my butt at the moment….all in due time.  These shoes, in my opinion, have that understated whimsy about them that I love.  High gloss patent leather, in a bright turquoise color, with a gold chain nodding to vintage?  These are FUN shoes, right up the whimsy alley.

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Raven's Crossing, Cardi-Anthropologie Parted Petals Cardi, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss, Tank-ATL, Earrings-Anthropologie, Shoes-Anthropologie Glossed Loafers

Here’s hoping the Anthro Whimsy fest continues.

Happy Mondaying to you all.

xoxo Molly


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