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Colorphile Series: A Case of Burgundy (pun intended….)

Dirty red.

Who’d have thunk dirty red would be named one of THE heavy hitter colors of fall? “Darker, more bada*s, and unapologetically sexy” is how Instyle Magazine described this deeply pigmented specimen when compared with your average regular red.

I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan.  I love dirty red. I also love dirty yellow, dirty green, and even dirty orange. “Dirty” in the sense that it muddies the hue so as to morph it into an “in-between” color. Not quite red, not quite brown. I thrive on the in-between color wave. I’m most comfortable there, since those colors play much more nicely in the sandbox than bull-headed pure ones do.

One store that gets the “dirty” colors right? You got it. Anthro.

Dirtied-Chic in burgundy, mustard, and tweedish brownish black.

Dirtied-Chic in burgundy, mustard, and tweedish brownish black. Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie In The Trees, Sweater-Anthropologie French Knot Cardigan, Belt-Anthropologie Snakebite, Tights-Anthro Tartan Tights, Shoes-Chie Mihara Amerelo, Fur Collar-Anthro Lavish Collar in red.

By the way, about this cardigan….I never gave it a second glance in the black and white pictured on line.  I walked into the store and saw a stack of ‘em in this dirty mustard and about had an out-of-body experience. Vintage Anthro feel to this one. FREAKING FABULOUS. Don’t be a tool….buy it. (even better, I got 20% off of it on Black Friday. Awww yeah.) As for the fit, it’s by HWR, and I’d say it runs generous in sizing. I’m normally between a small and medium in cardigans and I went with a small on this one.

Aside from the Lavish Collar and Chie Mihara Amarelo’s I’ve sprung for so far this fall, I’ve also added the following burgundy playmates:

J.Crew Factory Charley Sweater in heathered Burgundy

J.Crew Factory Charley Sweater in heathered Burgundy

Anthropologie Plume and Gem Clip

Anthropologie Plume and Gem Clip (stocking stuffer…from….Santa. He got 20% last week ;) Jolly and smart.)


Fairisle Tights. Smart Santa, again with the 20% off. ;)

And he got a deal on these too: Fairisle Tights. Perhaps these are more a stepsister to burgundy, but close enough that I’m including them.

Other burgundy cousins I have my eye on:

Steppe Knit Hat

Steppe Knit Hat

Shimmer Band Fedora. Ballsy. I like it.

Shimmer Band Fedora. Ballsy, eh? I like it.


Calf Hair Satchel by Steve

Non-Anthro: Calf Hair Satchel . I totally just want to pet it.  found here.


Handmade Boot Cuffs. Brilliant! Found here.

Handmade Boot Cuffs. Brilliant! Found here.


Hilary Booties. So rich and and velvety I kinda want to lick them.

Hilary Booties. So rich and and velvety I kinda want to lick them.

Pure and Good Slubby Lace Hoodie. It's like tomboy lingerie, right?

Pure and Good Slubby Lace Hoodie. It’s like tomboy lingerie, right?


Hannah Sunglasses.

Hannah Sunglasses. DIGGING these!

MAC Lipmix in Burgundy

MAC Lipmix in Burgundy. Zac Posen’s vampy lips nearly stole the show, why can’t mine? Hopefully resembling these gorgeous puckerers below.


The totally lust-worthy yet impractical for my life, (as I can just see my 2-year old hand-plucking each sequin one by one off of this beauty):

Delphine Sequin Skirt found here.

Delphine Sequin Skirt found here.

And truthfully, with all of this exposure to burgundy lately, I’m strongly considering going burgundy-headed:

I'd have to be way cooler, younger, and clubbing to pull this off.

If I were younger, single, and clubbing it nightly, I could probably pull this off. But the PTA members might pee their pants if I showed up to our next meeting burgundy-headed. Maybe a little less VIBRANT….

Other color combos I plan on trying out with my burgundy:


Cobalt and Burgundy. source

Red and Burgundy via H&M

Red and Burgundy
via H&M

Burgundy and Pale Aqua

Burgundy and Mint

Burgundy and Orange via BCBG

Burgundy and Orange…which, as you’ll see next week, I have embraced already with my Family photos this year. ;)

oh wait! Here’s an old outfit where I did do burgundy and orange (with hints of purple):


From September 2012. For this season though, I’d ditch the purple and do gold or dark brown mohagany as the anchors.

Any other dirty red, a.k.a. burgundy, fans out there? How are you showing it the love this season?

xoxo Molly



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Prugly Pieces

There are pieces out there that are just pretty; really pretty. They make you feel dazzling and happy and feminine and just plain good.

There are also pieces that are, after lengthy examination, kinda ugly.  Ugly in the sense that there are a few sorta okay characteristics about it, but the rest of it is just a hot mess.

And then there are those pieces that take your breath away at first sight; you can’t quite put your finger on why you’re speechless, but you can’t stop smiling either. Even though you know there are things about it that are a little bit daring, like the length, or the shape, or the volume, or the colors, you blush a little, and can’t stop smiling. You even ask yourself, could I pull that off? “Ridiculous,” says the voice inside your head (a voice that sounds eerily like the overly critical someone in your life, past or present, who always seemed/seems to expect their opinion to be your opinion….PLEASE tell me you know what I’m talking about?!?). Because it is so far out of their comfort zone, or because they’ve never seen anybody wearing anything like it (foreign is scary!!!), they crap on it.

These pieces, these scary, daring, make-you-smile, take-your-breath-away pieces are both pretty and ugly at the same time. They’re PRUGLY.  Fantastic, cool, a little shocking, weird, beautiful, and grotesque, all at once.

And I’ve got my eye on one.

Novella Ball Skirt

Novella Ball Skirt

I mean, seriously.  Look at her! Are there words?!  I saw her across the showroom floor last week during my sacred weekly Anthro hour and had to stop myself from running to her side a la vampire speed. I HAD to try this lady Novella on STAT!  My friend who was with me coughed a few times and managed to squeak out, “Whoa. Now that’s takin’ it to the next level!” I barely heard her; the crinoline underbelly of the skirt was making too much noise as I sprinted towards the dressing room.  I hadn’t been this excited to try something on since Ms. Mixed Moto Jacket waltzed into my life. Friends, I wish I had taken a photo of her on. I took a size 4 and she fell gracefully to-the-floor, without dragging. SHE HAS POCKETS, PEEPS!! Her voluminous girth, silky material, confused Monet pattern and print is a lot to handle for sure. It’s gonna take conviction to wear a piece like this, I thought.


And I was blushing.

The only thing I wish Moulinette Seours had done was put a hook and eye at the top of the zipper. Not a deal breaker at all, but when I snatch her up on sale, I’ll put one in myself. And yes, I will wait for sale, because at full price, Ms. Novella is going to be a hard sell for a majority of Anthro shoppers. And because I have conviction, I can wait to dance with the Novella Belle of the ball.

While I’m waiting though….might you amuse me with your own Prugly piece wants?! Pics are always helpful. ;)

XOXO Molly



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Back in Black…..and White.

**Unplanned hiatus’ are the bain of my existence! I’ve missed you all! I promise you though, I’ve been plenty busy, and using my time away from the bloggie wisely.  I’ve got TONS of pics of several Anthrorrific events I’ve worked on in the past coupla months to show you. I also have LOTS of serious bidness to discuss with you as well, including new Anthro arrivals on my pine-for list (and yours), ebay finds, family picture stylings, etc.  Anthro has had a good run so far this fall, haven’t they? Every time I’ve walked through those hallowed Anthro doors these past couple weeks, I’d think…I can’t wait to tell/show my readers __________ !  So that’s what I shall do, post by post, aiming for regularity, allowing for life.  Hope you all are well, keeping your life Anthrofied here a little and there a little, just enough to fill up your respective “joy” buckets every day. ) On to the post…

For a die-hard color lover such as myself, I have purchased a shocking amount of Black-and-White pieces as of late. It all started with the Stark Chevron Wallet I bought back during the July Tag Sale.

Stark Chevron Wallet

Stark Chevron Wallet- What a fantastic little companion this has become, I tell ya.

Oh wait. Scratch that.  I just remembered that my black-and-white bender started back when I was a part of that awesome Spring Fashion show at my local Anthropologie store.  I purchased the Swizzle Stripe Tunic that night with the participant discount:

Swizzle Stripe Tunic

Swizzle Stripe Tunic

And it’s been good to me.  SO easy to wear, on-the-go-comfy, eye catching, flattering, and fun. It was a summer staple and persists in being a Fall go-to as well.

Wearing: Swizzle Stripe Tunic, pilcro Bermuda shorts from forever ago, J.Crew leather flats, Rotary Dial Necklace

Over the summer, Wearing: Swizzle Stripe Tunic, pilcro Bermuda shorts from forever ago, J.Crew leather flats, Rotary Dial Necklace

You’ve seen this one in a different OOTD, but this Kate Spade Factory score also came pre-wallet purchase. I’m in deep love with this one too.

Wearing: Kate Spade Skirt, J.Crew Tippi Sweater, J.Crew Beaded Rose NEcklace, Anthro Wedges

Since then, I’ve picked up a Banana Republic striped shell so deeply discounted I actually think they owed me money when all was said and done:

Wearing: Whirl and Wind Cardigan, Banana Republic Tank, Anthro Pants, Nuances Necklace

Retro Anthro bicycles in black and white kept this quirky print classy and totally versatile. Props to Maeve for creating this well-fitted, breezy, and fun wardrobe piece. It would have been a crime against my closet to pass this one up.

Anni Popover

Anni Popover

With a borrowed Anthro birthday discount in September, my rear-end found it’s most flattering pair of pants ever. Level 99′s Lily Crop.

Level 99 Liily Crop

They put all black crops to shame.  Word to the wise: these run big.  I went down TWO sizes in them. And they fit like a freaking glove.

Wearing: Top-Francesca’s (cobalt again, baby!!), pants-Anthropologie Lily Crops, Shoes-Dolce Vita, Handbag-Target, Necklace- Anthropologie Rotary Dial Necklace, Earrings-Anthro

J.Crew Factory satiated my black-and-white houndstooth hankerings with their newer Charley option:

J.Crew Factory Charley in Houndstooth

J.Crew Factory Charley in Houndstooth. Wore it 3 times in one week. Can you say obsessed-much?

In October (my birthday discount month), MacGyver pulled out the big guns and bought me two of my top wishlisted “get-in-touch-with-my-inner-bad-to-the-bone-self” items:

Volta Boots

Volta Boots. Like many reviewers have stated, I too found these boots to be wide through the calf, but I sized down a half-size and when worn over jeans/cords, they don’t feel too big.  Super comfy, they are like a wicked cool step-cousin to my brown Winding Ruffle Boots I have cherished for YEARS!

and the….


Mixed Moto Jacket

Mixed Moto Jacket. Took a size 8 in this jacket and it’s nothing short of awesome. I love the zippers on the sleeves, the stretch through the entire back, the off-center zipper. The LONG SLEEVES! Can I get a Hallelujah!! for arms sleeves that actually “sleeve” the entire length of my arm?!?!

Wearing Anthro HEAD TO TOE: Lily Crops, Mixed Moto Jacket, Anni Popover, Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans, Volta Boots

Just last week, another friend extended a birthday discount to me. What choice did I have then to pounce like a tiger on these black and white vixens I’ve been voyeuristically staring at online for weeks!

The Glissade Wedges. They're belissima.

The Glissade Wedges. They’re bellissima! True to size, as high as they look, but way sexier on then I had anticipated. Rarr!

The way in which I choose to wear black and white has everything to do with my aesthetic opinion and absolutely nothing to do with “who said how to wear it”.  Head to toe black and white? Not for me, thanks.  Depressorama!  Pieces of black and white mixed with color punches? Now we’re talkin’.  Color is like an endorphin shot to my day. Always has been, always will be.  I don’t need the so-called “order” some tout dressing in head-to-toe black and white brings them. I don’t need limitations; I don’t need to feel androgenous and I certainly don’t need polarizing black and white to feel bold. Though I do enjoy many of the bold, graphic prints I’ve seen graced by black and white, everyday people by and large wear this trend in a manner that leaves much to be desired for me.  The verdict: Give me color, or give me death, (with a black and white checkered purse by my side). That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

How’s the black and white trend treating you?

xoxo Molly



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