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The Anthro House: DIY Anthropologie Wall, Plate edition

Every time I walk into an Anthro store and gawk at the top notch visual displays, I feel moved by the experience. So moved that sometimes I become hot-faced with want and envy, wanting ‘that particular display’ or ‘that one wall’ to literally be IN my house. Making that envious desire a reality has become a mission of mine.

When we moved here, we opted for the rental house dwelling til we decide where we REALLY want to end up, whether it be here in our northern bubble of Dallas or elsewhere…

There are more walls in our rental than were in our former casa. Beautiful, big, blank canvases begging for an Anthrofied facelift. I obliged, one by one, adorning each wall with a project either old or new, and even coerced my husband to take the lead on one of them (as it involved a table saw, measuring, and cutting wood and stuff,…stuff I know he loves to do and I don’t, so why not hook him into it?!).

So I thought it’d be cool to share my Anthro House DIY’s  one by one… each week to be exact, in an “Anthro House” weekly post. You likey? Interested in that part of it

The first one I completed has been in my head since last year, when I bought these awesome Calligrapher Canape Plates on sale around Christmas time.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 4.41.30 PMI bought the entire slam-dam alphabet, they were so cute!  (Looks like they’re coming back again, in-stock around November of this year…they are so freaking cool, if you missed them last year, you should snag some this go-around).

I knew I wanted to hang them all on a wall as a group but didn’t want them to be uniformly hung.  So once I decided they should live on a wall in our dining room, it was play time.  Also, in a moment of sweet serendipity, I found some spikey gold wall flourishes at Hobby Lobby to add depth, interest, and funk to the plate playgroup, which turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Anthropologie Calligrapher Canape Plates, full alphabet. Gold wall spikes: Hobby Lobby

This is truly a project that can be done in 3o-60 minutes.  I used Command strips from Lowe’s on the back of each plate.  They are super light-weight so one strip per plate was totally sufficient. And in the future, when we move, those command strips will be easy as pie to pull off, making our rental company happy with us.

Easiest project ever, but a show-stopper nonetheless. Done and doooooooooone!!!

Anyone else’s Anthro house out there sporting a plate wall?




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Paint and Pantone Themed Baby Shower: Part Deux

As with any event, you want the theme to be carried throughout the space that you have to work wtih. Simply doing “a table with food and decorations” would be nicer than nothing, I agree; better, however, is to make the theme relate to all areas of the space where your guests may be roaming. It’s all about repetition to make more of an impact.  Think like Anthropologie and how the talented visual display magicians work their voodoo: repetition!

I made some paint stirrer star bursts with a few leftover paint stirrers I didn’t need from the chandelier piece. I painted a chipboard letter ‘E’ aqua, hot glued it in the middle,hung with fishing line, and Voila!: The perfect welcome to a baby shower.

DSC_0052I asked the hostess to remove her chandelier above the table and we hung the faux paint stirrer chandelier there instead. MacGyver is truly THE STUD of all time since he helped me manufacture that chandelier in the hot and humid brutality of August. We were out on our back porch staple gunning the strings to the frame at 11:30 p.m., both dripping with sweat. (P.S. never move to San Antonio if you don’t like to sweat. It just won’t work out for ya).

Another view of the sweatshop chandelier. By the way, MacGyver also is a stud (not just because he’s hot) but because he built me this frame, an open rectangle with each side 6 inches wide so we could staple gun the pink and orange around the outside, and staple gun the inner aqua “crystals” from the inside as to make them hang correctly.

The hostess home owner requested no holes to be put in her walls, so we simply took down pictures and art in this room and used the existing nails.  I would have loved to cover this entire wall with paint brushes; but the reality of my life is that I have a life. :) Therefore I accomplished what I could within a budget, without causing marital strife or causing my children to start banging their heads on furniture for attention.

Other DIY’s to spot here: 1.) the table runner I made by sewing paint chips in an organized layered fashion to white butcher paper. 2.) The stencil mask I used for the invitations turned out so cool, Dana wanted to frame it and keep it for Everly’s nursery. So cool, right? So I held it hostage until AFTER the baby shower so I could use it on the table. Spot it here in the gold frame.

And also notice the glittered candlesticks? And jars too? I coated the bottom 1/3 of a few old mason jars in Mod Podge and dipped them in gold glitter. Yesssssssss! MUST. HAVE. GLITTER! Both the candlesticks and glitter-dipped jars were placed on wood cubes cut from a large 2×4 beam. I had MacGyver bust out his jigsaw ( he grins like a little kid at Christmas whenever he has a reason to use that thing….) and cut the cubes into different lengths. Then I went at them with spray paint.


These spray painted animals were from the dollar store. I used these at another baby shower a while back, and they were the perfect color to use again here.

On the wall behind the table, you can see two of my paint brush art pieces, and in the middle is a Pantone poster my awesome graphic designer friend whipped up for me, inspired by the party here that I mentioned in the last post. Here’s a close up:

I had her put in Everly's name and Dana's due date under each square of color.

I had my designer friend put in baby Everly’s name and Dana’s due date under each color square. I ordered it from Costco and it was ready in under 24 hours. Presentation board quality. It was awesome.

Onto the food deets:

Remember that darling Pantone bday party? Another great idea she had was serving some of the food directly on white art canvases. GENIUS! So that’s what I did for the cookies and fruit cups.

Oh man, and let's talk about these SICK CUTE Pantone cookies I tasked another one of my talented friends with copying from that birthday party.  Could you just die? I asked her to write Everly's name with an edible pen on each cookie. They were so darling I almost couldn't eat one. But then I did. (more like 5).

Oh man, and let’s talk about these SICK CUTE Pantone cookies I tasked another one of my talented friends with copying from that birthday party. Could you just die? I asked her to write Everly’s name with an edible pen on each cookie. They were so darling I almost couldn’t eat one. But then I did. (more like 5).


I had a few extra paint brushes left over and had a spur of the moment idea to use them as food labels for the table.  Loved it.

I had a few extra paint brushes left over and had a spur of the moment idea to use them as food labels for the table. Loved it.

By the way, these Heavenly Filled Strawberries were INSANELY tastey. We had and MBB situation (moms behaving badly), fighting over the last few ;) Recipe is pinned on Dana’s Shower board on my Pinterest.

With all this food, we needed a drink station too.

I made a paint chip “table cloth” to define the drink zone. The grungy stencil art was made by glue dotting letter stencils to the canvas and then spray painting layer after layer of orange, pink, and aqua without letting them dry in between. Then take the stencils off and enjoy the random drips and bleed-through. I loved the rugged prugliness of it.


Involving the guests is always a good idea. Especially when they’re involved in making something pretty for the mom-to-be or bun in the oven.

“Make some art for Everly’s nursery” station. We taped off two canvases, one in a chevron fashion and the other in angled lines, put several colors of paint and brushes out, and asked them nicely to NOT color in between the lines. ;)

Before the tape came off.

They turned out SO NEATO.

The gift opening/gabbing area was defined by some other colorful DIY art.

More paint brush art acting as a room divider.


Paint can art. This was seriously the most fun project of the entire shower. A Friend-to-the-End of mine and I did it at midnight the night before the shower and it was SO totally awesome!! I spray painted the inside of all the cans, modpodged and glittered lids and inside of one can, and then dripped paint from small plastic cups for the “spill over” effect.

And the final two projects for the shower…

Glittered star burst balls, made from styrofoam spray-painted balls pierced with little wooden sticks I bought from Hobby Lobby, covered in modpodge and glittered. I want to make a thousand more and transform my house into a star burst forest, for reals. ( P.S. I was covered in glitter for weeks after the shower from stray glitter specks accidently left behind. They ended up on my hands, cheek, forehead, etc.  I glinted in the sun like a vampire. Just call me Bella.)

And this cool MDF board I spray painted and adorned with chains purchased from Home Depot by the foot. We eyeballed the distance between chains and hammered nails directly into the top and then hung the chains. Last step was prying apart the bottom rings and hooking on a paint brush.  I got the idea from a google pic I pinned (also found on Dana’s shower Pinterest board). It made a huge impact, acted as a picture backdrop for group photos, and was one of the easy projects to complete. (but a bugger to transport!)

The guests of honor all pretty in pink.

Party of two, all pretty in pink.

And there we go. A fab shower, a super cool event, a beautiful baby belly and a gorgeous mama to be. Food, friends, pretty DIYs….does it get much better than that?!?!

xoxo Molly

p.s. if you have any questions….feel free to email me at or just comment.  I’ll get it either way.




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Li’l Biscuit Baby Shower

Two months ago a few of my gal friends and I concocted up a sweet little shindig for the imminent arrival of our friend Collette’s baby girl. I showed you the invites already, but here’s a refresher:

I thought it would be really fun to put on a Li’l Biscuit themed baby shower and incorporate flower stems a la Orla Kiely style in the invitation and decor, to inject some femininity. I used felt as a source of repetition in the shower decor through the petals on the stems in the invitation,  felt hearts I had a trusted friend hand stitch and stuff (hearts…since the shower took place right before Valentine’s Day), hand-cut felt letters for the door welcome, felt flag banners, and original art with a giant felted flower.

The Biscuit Bar.

I hung embroidery hoops with fabric (recycled from the Little Peachling baby shower I did last year…still need to post those pics!) along with a few more felt-stitched/stuffed hearts.


I hand-stamped the wooden forks with an ‘Oh Happy Day’ stamp I got from Michael’s. The spoons were stamped with the words ‘Li’l Biscuit’ via a super cool roller stamp I have.


I used spray paint chalk signs that I made for another baby shower to indicate the different kind of biscuits we were serving: Biscuits and Gravy, Biscuits and Jam, Sweet Potato Biscuits with  sweet Strawberries and whipped cream. I know, yum…right? Oh, we had an awesome salad too, just to balance out the carb load. ;)

Drink Station with handmade felt flag banner and original art with a big ‘ol felt flower. All I did for the small flag banner here was cut the pieces and simply sew through them with pink embroidery floss. Hung them with glue dots.  How did I ever do anything before I found glue dots?!

I hand cut the larger felt flag pieces and then sewed them to a plastic measuring tape to make the banners.

To carry on the Orla Kiely stem/flower theme from the invites and felt flower art canvas, I asked my good friend with some serious art skills to trace out an Orla Kiely-like print on a large canvas to be a Paint By Numbers art piece, so the guests at the shower could each paint a few leaves. Once the shower was all done, and the painting complete, we gave it to Collette to hang in her baby’s nursery. I’ve seen this Paint by Numbers idea for weddings before, but thought it would be super sweet to do at a baby shower for a little baby’s nursery. Way better than games!!

Close-up of traced petals. I sent an Orla Kiely pattern image to my friend for reference, and then she made a petal stencil to trace each petal on the canvas. I am obsessed with how cute it turned out, and Collette absolutely LOVED it!!

Our guest of honor Collette was super happy and loved the Li’l Biscuit shower theme, and that’s really what mattered most. Her own little biscuit, sweet Audrey, arrived 2 weeks later and now slumbers in her crib under a piece of original art painted by all her mommy’s friends.

Any questions on what you’ve seen? Fire away. I’d be happy to answer any and all.

xoxo Molly


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