When in doubt, smell it out…and the Topoxte Dropwaist Tunic review.

The best and worst thing happened to me the other day. I should probably start with the best, right?

The BEST: I accidentally left a box of Chick Fil A nuggets in the car all afternoon. It was 95 degrees outside, making the inside liken to the surface of the Sun. By the time I got back in the car to drive my son to soccer, the aroma was off-the-charts awesome. It was like a party in my nose. My car smelled like Chick Fil A all week. Awesomeness.

The WORST: I almost accidentally licked poo off my arm……Weren’t expecting to hear that now, were ya? I’ll give you a second to, uh, digest that info before I explain….

So my 2 year old woke up the other morning ornery as all get-out. When that happens, it is difficult to get him to do anything without it ending with a major meltdown. We were in a hurry, I needed to change his diaper without a meltdown. Usually a ‘one-for-the-money’ style throw onto the bed gets him laughing and cooperative. So that’s what happened, though what I didn’t realize at the time was that one side of his diaper was already undone. (Critical point to the story here). So, we do the one-for-the-money throw, I quickly change the diaper, throw him on my hip and run to the car. Now I’m quickly buckling him in, look down at my left forearm and notice a brownish smear.

As a mother, dealing with smears is quite common. Especially with my kids. I am the kind of mother who bribes her children with chocolate to get them to quickly do what I want. Frequently that involves handing them a chocolate chip granola bar in the car. So….as I’m buckling, and notice the brown smear on my arm, I think…oh, a chocolate chip must have melted on the straps while he was eating the other day and I must have brushed up against it just now…. So I think to myself, (as both my arms are occupied and I’m in a HURRY)…

just lick it off.

This is all happening within nanoseconds, right? As I’m leaning over, literally on-the-way to my arm, something inside me….a little voice of warning, perhaps an angel of gladness, a voice from the heavens?….stopped me in my tracks and said, “smell it first.”

The nose don’t lie peeps….Survey says: POO!!

In that moment, there weren’t enough diaper wipes in the state of Texas…..My hands are rubbing at the skin on my arm so fast there really could have been flames shooting off. As I’m frantically rubbing, I’m shouting, “Eeeeewwwww!” over and over again, and other things like, “GROSS!!!” and “NASTY!” Absorbed as I am in the disinfecting process, I forget my little guy is strapped in right next to me. I look up at him, notice he’s literally grinning ear to ear, and then he says, “NATH-TY!” (I love that he can’t say his ‘S’s’ yet.)

And then he starts belly laughing.

Moral of the story: When you are in a hurry, do not throw your child on the bed with a diaper half-hooked because poo will fall out unannounced to you and you will then accidentally get it on your arm and almost lick it off. The end.

Good News: I wasn’t wearing this when the near-fatal poo incident occurred. I was actually in my gym clothes, exposing said-left forearm.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Topoxte Blouse, Pants-Anthropologie Pilcro Stet Slim, Shoes-Anthropologie, Earrings-Anthropologie

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Topoxte Dropwaist Tunic, Pants-Anthropologie Pilcro Stet Slim, Shoes-Anthropologie Scarlet and Crimson Wedges, Earrings-Anthropologie Honeycomb Hive Drops

The Topoxte Tunic is one of my most FAVORITE purchases as of late. It is literally a reincarnation of the Swizzle Stripe Top from last year:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.38.40 AMThe differences I’ve noticed are that Maeve decided to switch to numeric sizing for the Topoxte Tunic rather than the XS-XL sizing of the Swizzle Stripe, and the Topoxte Tunic in general has less fabric in the front, is shorter, and has sleeves that you can wear long or tabbed up shorter, as I’m wearing above. The colors are so vibrant and awesome. I can wear this with so many different bottoms and shoe options. Highly recommend. For reference, I took a size 6.

Hope we’re still friends despite all the poo talk today. This is life. My good, full, crazy, life in which I just try to keep the poo off my Anthro swag. ;)





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12 Responses to When in doubt, smell it out…and the Topoxte Dropwaist Tunic review.

  1. Ha! Loved this post so much! Nothing like poo talk to get your morning started. I have a vomit post going up on Thursday, so I’m right there with you, girl. The joys of being a mom. Last night was a night spent discussing drug addiction with my child in the craziest conversation ever. Motherhood keeps you on your toes!

    The outfit is so casually chic. I love it! Perfectly Molly!


    • Molly

      thanks so much, girl. Glad to hear you can relate to the non-romantic side of my life!! Poo, vomit, drugs, sex….it’s ALL about those types of conversations at my house. My 13 year old daughter has been taking sex ed at school for the last 2 weeks; she walked into the kitchen the other day and said, “mom, have you ever had an STD?” I was like, “uh, No. why?” and she says, “Are you sure?” and I’m like, “do you know something I don’t?” It was so funny. Good times with the sex talks. Hope the vomit has vamanosed out of your casa!!

  2. Oh my. Girl, I’ve been following around a sick cat for the last 2 months, desperately hoping to find a ‘natural poop’ of any kind, anywhere. My secret shame is that he liked to poop on my purses, being that they remind him of me and my comforting presence. So I left little purse offerings all over the place, hoping to inspire him to leave me something in exchange! They get a thorough sanitizing afterwards, but are never quite the same ;)

    I love it/hate it when something I love at Anthropologie is rereleased in new colours! I want them all, but I can’t. Er, especially now. I will only be shopping with the occasional much-appreciated giftcard for the next year or so, thanks to sick kitty’s bills! Priceless love.

    Looove these colours- the pilcros with red shoes and cobalt? Amazing!

    • Molly

      Girlfriend, I had to read and re-read your comment a few times to make sure I got it right…you must seriously LOVE that cat if he’s poopin’ on your purses!! Poor little thing, sick pets are no fun at all. Hope he/she is feeling better real soon.
      This Topoxte top really is one of those “go with everything” tops…has almost every color imaginable in it, and really tempered hues of all of them. 5 stars for design and 5 stars for great color/pattern choices on that baby.
      I swear those red wedges snazz up any outfit I put them with. red with the diarrhea-burnt-orange Pilcros? Heck yes.

  3. Tamara

    Love the outfit! I missed out on a popback of the Swizzle Stripe last year and still feel bad about it! Adding this to my wishlist right now- I love those colors! Thanks for the post- and the reminder to check before licking lol.

    • Molly

      I’d try to search out that Swizzle Stripe on Ebay. It’s such an easy top to throw on and go, especially in the summer when layering is less fun. Especially in Texas. But the Topoxte Tunic should definitely be snagged!! I’m in serious love with it. Thanks, Tamara!

  4. Holly

    Looks fabulous on you, Molly. Does it have to be ironed, though? I got a Maeve top last year that draped really nicely, but after one wash, it looked so sad and droopy. I am not committed to ironing (too many other life commitments at the moment!). Thanks!

    • Molly

      Thanks, Holly! I’m a member of the uncommitted-ironing club too, Holly. Proud member, might I add. I have not washed this top yet though, so I can’t comment on that. However with the Swizzle Stripe Tunic, I wash it on delicate in a garment bag and hang it to dry immediately once the cycle is done and it looks great. I’ve even hit it with a little “wrinkle releaser” while wet sometimes and let them hang dry. Does the trick every time.

  5. I found a swipe of chocolate from a granola bar on my hand as I was driving to pick up my kindergartener today. I double checked it…cause the baby is now eating solids…ya know… Chocolate. Whew.

    I than remembered this post. You are not alone in sniff before lick test. Not alone at all.

    Hopefully your move is going smoothly. :)

    • Molly

      Wise, wise choice, Alicia. Always sniff first, then lick. However you are the lucky one, lucky it was just chocolate. I’m still scarred, like PTSD-style-scarred from my experience. A brown smear sighting tomorrow could send me over the edge!!!….Glad to know I’m not alone.
      Thanks for the moving well-wishes. Movers come in two weeks and we’ll be living IN A HOTEL for 3 whole weeks after that. Yes, you read that right….3 weeks. Any recommendations for anxiety medication would be greatly appreciated at this point.;)

  6. alli

    Hi Molly,
    Just a quick note to say I miss your blog posts. I think your use of color is genius! Have you ever considered doing styling? I am sure you are busy with the kids, but I hope you can post again sometime soon!

  7. Your post was so fun to read! I thought of a great idea while reading about the chocolate/not chocolate incident. Find granola bars with white chocolate or just do the ones without chocolate until they are older. Now I am craving a granola bar with white chocolate!
    Have a great day,

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