I don’t get it.

The name of this whispy skirt of loveliness, I mean. Snowrose skirt? With that kinda name I’d expect to find, oh…I don’t know, a white rose, maybe in the snow?

Wearing: skirt-Anthropologie Snowrose, Top-BR...really old, Cardi-BR (old too), Collar-Anthropologie, Tights-Anthro, Shoes-Anthropologie Chie Mihara Ionila, Bracelet-BR

Wearing: skirt-Anthropologie Snowrose skirt, Top-BR…really old, Cardi-BR (old too), Collar-Anthropologie Lavish Collar, Tights-Anthro, Shoes-Anthropologie Chie Mihara Iona, Bracelet-BR

photo 1

So I did a little research.

The color does indeed look similarly to the Serissa Foetida (snowrose plant) Variegated Pink variety:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 8.38.50 AMhowever a snowrose plant itself is no where to be found on this slice of poofy heaven.

Instead, a train… old fashioned chugga-chugga steam engine train takes center stage:

such as this one here.

such as this one here.

Yes, there are trees pictured around the train as well. But no snowrose plants.

Hey, I’m all good with it.  Works for me. It’s pretty, poofy, floaty, and pink. All good.

But I just don’t get it.  Did Moulinette Seours promise a Serissa Foetida but instead delivered a chugga-chugga?

Just noticed La Snowrosa Skirta got a second cut….$ back at me, baby!! I just love me a hefty price adjustment.

HAPPIEST of NEW YEAR’S WISHES to you all.  Hope your holidays were all that and a bag o’ chips.  The bomb. Off the chain. All of the above.

I ate way too much but had glorious memory-making hours with my kids. Lots of cookies, oh-so-many cookies.  Dancing. Lots of laughs. Family in for a visit. BBQ. Shopping. Anthro sales with an extra 25% off. BAM. Yep. Good Holidays.

But don’t let that fool ya. I was clicking my heels after dropping my kids off to school this morning. See ya in 8 hours, kids.  Mr. Banks and I will take it from here…..(that was code for…I’m off to Anthro!!!)

xoxo Molly


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8 Responses to Chugga-chugga.

  1. Oh Molly, that skirt looks great on you! I love how you styled it. It is on my wishlist and I am actually glad it has a train on it since my son LOVES trains! After 2 weeks off for the holidays, I was itching to “dress up” and get back to the office today. Sadly, we are snowed in here in Michigan.

    • Molly

      Heather, Thank you so much!! You should really snag this one now that it got a second cut, especially since your son would totally dig it too! What a BUMMER to be snowed in…I’d go koo-koo being stuck! Thank goodness for internet, right?!?! Hang in there! Stay warm! :)

  2. Tamara

    I’ve been detoxing from the holidays this week by taking a nap every day- it’s been heavenly! Especially since my sweet little one decided to wake up more at night now. Love the colors you pulled from the skirt! That burgundy/eggplant color is delicious! Especially with the gold. It reminds me of the Mixed Media heels in the pink color that I just bought and can’t wait til they get here. I love all of the patterned tights that you do- I’ve only barely branched out to a very few solid colors. You are rocking this! Thanks for the post!

  3. So gorgeous- and no, I had not noticed the train motif at all! How unusual! However the colour does look fantastic and recalls that poorly named pretty flower…

    Happy New Year Molly, and thanks a lot- now I’m craving a bag of chips!

  4. Tammy Rogers

    Are you done???? Your last post was so long ago! I faithfully look for a new look EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I am feeling discouraged. Miss you!

    • Molly

      Oh dear, I hope not!! I have been dying to get a post up, and (gasp) post regularly again! Time is literally disappearing…we are moving in a few months and getting the house ready to sell has proven to eat up my “extra” time. Grr. Thank you for checking in on me!! I’m not giving up yet….

  5. Cindy

    Miss you! Hope the move is — moving a-long. Look to see you soon. It will be “springspiration”…! ( sorry as I live here in upper mid-west and gettin winter weary boy howdy).
    I so enjoy your choices and how you dress. Helps me with my inability to change it up with my closet.
    Take care!

    • Molly

      Hope that winter weariness fades away real soon up there! It’s been truly ridiculously warm here lately, warm enough to tick me off because it’s too hot for this time of year. Just gets me nervous for the summer time when it’s this hot here so early.
      Anywho. I’ll “spring” by again really soon, promise! ;) Thanks!

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