Family Photo Session and Holiday Cards 2013

Remember this post I did almost a year ago? About how to style your own brood for family photos? Well I took my advice and started with myself this year. I have Anthro to thank (no suprise there), as well as Chie Mihara and Target. I’ll explain.

When I was lucky enough to acquire the Aurelie Tulle Skirt a while back, I knew it was a piece I wanted well-documented. Floaty, ballerina-like, versatile, and the perfect shade of  “barely-there” pinkish/nude.  I recognized it’s potential immediately, that it was ‘the skirt that would go with anything’. I knew I was wearing it in our family pics no matter what.

But it was actually somewhat of an accident how the color scheme of our family pictures came to be. Several months back I had purchased my uber lovely Chie Mihara Amarelos. Sometimes when I make purchases as special as a pair of Chies, I just can’t bring myself to tuck them away in my closet just yet.  So they were nestled in a sitting chair next to my bed for several weeks, you know, so I could smooch them every night before bed ;).  Then, after a super successful bow tie shopping trip to Marshall’s, I came home with several new bow ties for my 9 year old son.  One of them was a tiny polka-dotted bow tie in orange sherbet and white.  It was SO awesome. I took it out of the bag and tossed it down on the same chair as my Amarelos.  Just as I was turning away, I did a double-take.

Orange sherbet and burgundy? OOOOOOH, YESSSSSSS. Definitely yes.  LOVE IT!

It felt suddenly familiar to me too, and after taking a second to flip through my colorphiled brain rolodex, I remembered a shirt I had purchased from Target for Mr. Banks several months earlier, a deliciously sherbet/burgundy/aqua/ checkered number that drew me in the second I laid eyes on it. I quickly grabbed the shirt, put it next to the sherbet polka-dotted tie, with the Aurelie skirt and my Amarelos nearby and felt all tingly inside.


Family Photos 2013

Family Photos 2013 – Check out my Polyvore link to the left for item specifics on this set.

I was lucky enough to secure a photo session with the lovely Kristin Blue of Bluefire Photography. Her work is seriously GORGEOUS!  She’s super quick and efficient too, snapping dreamy images in record time. I can’t wait to blow up these shots larger than life and flank my entry on both sides!!

I knew I wanted a field of tall grass that looked like wheat. I did some hunting around my area and found the perfect location for what I had in mind. Thankfully Kristin had a cute little couch in tow that just happened to be… got it, burgundy-hued.



Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Aurelie Tulle Skirt, Top-J.Crew Buffalo Check, Tights-American Apparel, Shoes-Chie Mihara Amarelo, Hair Accessory- Anthropologie Feather Pouf Clip

There was even a family of deer that showed up for the occasion. Look right above Mr. Banks’ head below. There’s a Momma deer and her two babes in the background. (I totally promise they weren’t photo-shopped in!)

011A reverse “kid stack” from the one I had taken 2 years ago.

026Mr. Banks, that squishy little stud. He gets a gold star for being a total cooperator that day. I wish his hair would permanently affix itself in the coif you see below.







There were so many GREAT shots from our session. I’m blowing up EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Thanks a million, Kristin! You did a fantastic job.

The card I ended up ordering this year was from Pear Tree Greetings. It was their “Spread Cheer” design.

Sample card by Pear Tree Greetings

Sample card by Pear Tree Greetings “Spread Cheer” design

And here’s how ours turned out.

DSC_0392Front tri-fold:


and here’s the backside:

DSC_0391 I couldn’t possibly be any happier with them.  I think they’re my favorite cards ever. I say that every year though. :) By the way, I got 30% off my order from Pear Tree with the Black Friday special, and they had these cards to me in less than a week. No joke! I am not sponsored or affiliated with them in any way. No freebies here.  Just wanted to give them a shout-out for awesome card design and excellent customer service.

I also ordered some address wrappers again this year from The Postalbee, an etsy seller who is super cool, talented, and timely.  Once I mailed our address list to her in an Excel file, she had them back to me the next day for proofing and mailed to my door within 3 days.  HELLO! Now that’s some serious customer service! Thanks again, Dorthea!


Front side: Removed the address for privacy purposes, but you get the drift here.


And the backside with our return address.

And there ya have it, friends. Hope your own family photos went smoothly this year! If you care to send me any I’d LOVE to see what you all came up with, especially if you’re sportin’ some Anthro!  Feel free to shoot me an email or a comment if you have any questions.  One week to Christmas, ladies. Hope you’ve picked up some fancies for those you love from our favorite mothership.  I know I certainly have….

xoxo Molly


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10 Responses to Family Photo Session and Holiday Cards 2013

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the color theme and your card IS the best card I have seen. Love it so much.
    Our family pictures did NOT turn out. We planned on using my brother and shooting outside next to this amazing brick wall. I planned a black/white/red theme. I had visions of grandness. I did not factor the hour long drive, the time of day (every person was hungry, including baby) the weather ( blowing snow, not pretty falling snow) 0r that my 3 year old hates pictures regardless. SO. We shot 3 photos indoors and I dressed the kids up a week later and took individuals in my house. Whatever. The grandparents are happy…

  2. Katie Chapman

    Wow! Awesome photos and love the card!!

  3. Annie

    All I have to say is…..WOW!!! They turned out so nice. Love love the color scheme! I’m going email you next year and ask you for your advice on our next family photo session. You come up with the best outfits!

  4. Oh, they turned out great! Absolutely love the color scheme…perfection!!!

  5. Tamara

    The mama deer just wanted some of the Anthro goodness and photo session awesome-ness! Seriously, such great photos, styling, and card! And such cutie-patootie kids, too! I wore some Anthro for our family photo, but it was hiding behind a squishy-cheeked babe. And all I did this year was an e-card, but that’s better than nothing, right?
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. FANTASTIC job coordinating your family for your holiday photo shoot! The outfits are amazing (and hoping this color scheme still works in 2014…because I’m totally stealing it for my own family!) and the photos turned out beautiful! So glad to hear you loved your cards from Pear Tree, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a beautiful family!! We adore the photos and your card turned out perfectly. Thank you for the shout-out for our Christmas card design. We appreciate it and love seeing your card. Merry wishes to you and your family!! -Dani

  8. Everything turned out beautifully! Love it all – especially those gorgeous shoes :)

  9. Amber

    Absolutely awesome! The images and outfits are perfect! I love the styling and you guys look like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing….and Mr. Banks is growing so quickly!

  10. What beautiful photos! You always style your family pictures so well. These are wonderful.

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