It was Kismet.

I really dislike when Anthropologie puts one of the items I’m super digging on the cover of the catalog. Why, you ask? Cause I know it’ll sell out.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.33.15 PMSay hello to Ms. Waverly. Her orangey chevron stripedness just spoke to me at first glimpse. I knew I had to have her, but her price tag stung.

So I waited. And of course, when Anthro did the 20% promo for skirt/short/pants, she sold out. And I was empty-handed.

Cuss word!

I ordered on the last night of the promo and sure enough…she was G-O-N-E. Freakin’ Catalog cover shot. I knew it.

Two weeks later I went in to Anthro and on a whim asked one of the SA’s to see if there might be any in stock again in my size. Holy Toledo! There was a six, but I was fairly certain I was gonna need a four. I ordered anyway, and yes, the six was a tad big when it arrived, but I was smitten. SO well constructed, bold, and fun. No way was I returning. I’d just wear a snug belt every time, I told myself.

Then the Anthro fashion show event happened on Thursday evening, (IT WAS AWESOME! FULL REPORT TO COME!!) and my wonderful friend found a size 2 Ms. Waverly hanging by her lonesome in my store, a catalog return, since the store never received the orange color.

I scoffed at the size 2, “Maybe if I lay off the Chick-Fil-A for a few months it might fit…” but I took it to the dressing room with me anyway. And whatdya know….

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Waverly A-Line Skirt, Top-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthropologie Sea ,Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Waverly A-Line Skirt, Top-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthropologie Stormy Seas Necklace,Belt-Anthropologie , Shoes-Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic

It was kismet. It still wouldn’t hurt if I laid off the waffle fries since the size 2 is SNUGGLY, but it’s just the waist that is super fitted. The hips are now perfect, where in the size 6 they were much too poofy.

Better still, I received 25% off my entire purchase that night for strutting the runway (insert: happy prancing). I’ll show you what else I picked up throughout the week in OOTD’s.

Happy to report Ms. Waverly received a warm welcome from the rest of my closet. I had a tough time deciding what to pair with her for the maiden voyage. I seriously had a dozen outfit combos dancing around in my head. Ultimately, I decided on the pop green to challenge the orange, cooled down by a tonal seafoam blue. (Incidentally, I just did an ebay search for the Stormy Seas necklace and am sickened by this listing. $224.99)? WHAT IN THE DIDDLE?!? Seriously…that’s cray-cray.

What catalog covers have you wanted to curse at featuring a beloved Anthro item?

Any kismet stories you’ve got in your pocket? You know, the kind where you enter an Anthro store, item that shouldn’t be there is there, and you skip off into the sunset with it….those kind of stories. Anyone?!?

Hope you all had a rockin’ weekend! I’m not even going to look at the sale tomorrow, after the damage I incurred last Thursday night wielding my 25% off coupon! (Okay, so maybe I’ll just take a peek….)

xoxo Molly



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  1. Tamara

    Love the Anthro kismet- it’s the best kind! Just last week I was sent two (2!) of the wrong headband from a store. I took them to my local store to return and there it was! The one I wanted! And for 9.95 gotta love it! Have a great week- I can’t wait to see what you got with that hot hot discount!

    p.s. that is seriously crazy for the Stormy Seas necklace. I just bought a knockoff from Target for like $12. It’s way cute.

  2. Duuuuuuuude! Gorgeous!!!

    I totally overlooked this skirt, since Anthro skirts have been disappointing me lately…and then I saw the black and white version in my store last week. It is seriously soooooo special- the details are so lovely! Unfortunately it’s even more hugely expensive in Canada ($180 plus tax)… I can only hope for a sale room miracle (or a generous percentage off…the black and white is still available online…hmmm)

    So glad you found one, and please share some photos from this fashion show!

  3. april

    So this skirt –>
    was originally over $100. A couple months ago I was in an Anthro and found one hanging in the sale section. It was an Internet return mistakenly tagged with an item number that made it ring up as $39.95! The icing on the cake was I washed it and made it the perfect length without having to shell out money for hemming! Winning for sure :)

  4. Jessica

    I LOVE that skirt!! And your ‘I so don’t want that, vol.2′ hilarious :)

    • Molly

      Ah, thanks Jess! I miss you so much! I’m sure you’ve seen one or two “i so don’t want that’s” in your new town! A bit edgier than SA, right?!

  5. BAH it’s so perfect on you. That’s happened to me tons o’ times– I size up out of desperation, and the waist works with a belt, but the skirt poofs out all wrong then. It is DARLING with that shirt, love those brights together,

    • Molly

      Ah, thanks so much, girly! Thank goodness for kismet, or I’d still be trying to make the size 6 work and hate the way it poofed at the hips. Glad to know I’m not alone in my craziness!

  6. Gnomelover

    You look so pretty in that skirt! It was meant to be! Perfect on you! What a steal. I cannot wait to see the other things you nabbed. You arealways inspiring!


    • Molly

      Thank you so much, girl! That skirt really is a fabulous buy at the 25% off price. It’s so well-made, and swishy to boot!

  7. Gen

    Did you see this necklace? Seems like Anthro decided to remake a classic!

    • Molly

      Gen, yes! I did notice that. They’ve actually done a remake once or twice of it, but never as good or the same. This one seems a bit…oh, ….too much, with the swirly faceted gems and diamond bits added in. The original is the one that still holds the key to my heart.

  8. DSB

    Last spring I found two pairs of Stevie Cords (bright green and ivory) marked down to $9.95 each. Best score ever. I might have worn them immediately even though it was 90 degrees in Dallas.

    • Molly

      Holy Smamboli! $9.95 for Stevie cords?! Dang girl, you’ve got some good juju. I’d hang out with you ANY day of the week! I’d wear ‘em immediately too, no matter what the weather!

  9. bookishhelms

    Once upon time when I used to watch the occasional Glee episode, I would groan in agony whenever a character would strut out in Anthro, as that was sure to mean that it would sell out, much like your catalogue cover theory. That Quinn girl in particular. Whatever she was wearing seemed to fly off the shelves. I still grit my teeth when I recall her prancing out in the Sugar Work skirt I had been crushing on (which then promptly sold out). No kismet for me, though; Miss Sugar and I have yet to be reunited.

    • Molly

      BUM-MER! No sugarwork skirt? I’d keep the ‘ol eyes peeled on ebay. It’s bound to turn up. LOL at “that Quinn girl”! I felt the same way when I used to watch it, several seasons ago!

  10. Bronzi

    Here’s my story and apologies for long post: I don’t remember name of sweater from Anthro, but I had to return it as it started coming apart at shoulders. It was a hand knight where the front and back were stitched together. I bought FP at $150. At this point I returned and between returning to store, it got marked down and I saw one in my size left and ordered. Did I mention marked down to 1st cut with an additional 25% off? Did I mention my order got cancelled?

    I asked customer service to search and all gone. About a month or so later I was making a purchase at Anthro and I glance over and see a return that causes me to pick it up. IT WAS THE SWEATER IN MY SIZE THAT SOMEONE JUST RETURNED.

    Now, it was first cut price, but I then shared my story with the SA and showed the email where I had worked with CS to find it after order to cancelled and she made the accommodation to give me the extra % off.

    If that isn’t Kismet, not sure what is!!!!!

    • Molly

      Bronzi-I couldn’t agree more; that was totally kismet! I’d go ahead and rename it the “kismet sweater”!! High-five to that score!

  11. anita

    I bought the black and white prior to the 20% event/ I kept it in the closet for two weeks with tags and brought it in and they gave me my 20%. I have learned when there is something i like I get it since I can still bring it back if I change my mind or it goes on sale. This purchase was a stretch for me…I am a sale maven. I love it and will wear forever. One of the few things from Anthro hubby actually likes.

    • Molly

      I love that you’re a sale maven. I do as you do to quite often…buy and wait, staring at it longingly in the closet until it hits sale, or sometimes I’m just not sure about it, and it sits for a bit. When it hits sale, that’s the decision maker for me! I can’t claim to be a sale maven, though I do enjoy a good sale…It’s just so hard to wait sometimes, especially when you’ve had a really crappy day! Nothing like a new Anthro piece to make the troubles of the day fade away!

  12. Kathleen

    The orange colourway is really nice. For some reason the 3 stores in my city(Toronto, Canada) only got in the black colourway……which is still nice but I like the orange one better.

    Everything is marked up higher here in Canada though even though our dollar value has been about par with the US for the last few years. That skirt is $178 in stores here. So that skirt is really expensive here. When they put stuff on sale here though, we get the same sale price as the US. I don’t know why the original price is higher. Of course if we order online we pay the US price but the shipping is expensive($20).

    I did try on the black version in store though so at least I know which size fits…..although I have a feeling I will never find the orange one anymore anyway. If I don’t, maybe I will get the black version when it goes on sale here.

    Do you ever do that though? As in, go to the store and make sure you know what size fits best even if you don’t intend to buy it then? I do it just because if it sells out in my area I at least know for sure which size to call other stores for.

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