I Only Miss You When I’m Breathing.

You’d think after 3 visits this past week, (albeit quick visits), I’d of had my fill of you. Nay, not the case.

Anthro, level with me….can I just move in? Then I’d never have to miss you.

Or the new product you continuously pump out every day, product that I prefer to see and touch in person. Like your new Pam Hiran necklaces, for instance.

I think I’m now officially a bonafide Pam Hiran addict. What with the recent Chasca Necklace purchase, my Pam Hiran collection has grown to 4.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie Pilcro Straight Leg, Top-J.Crew Factory, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace-Anthropologie Chasca Necklace, Booties- Anthropologie Three Times Booties, Belt-J.Crew Studded Leather Skinny Belt in Green, Ring-J.Crew

Yes, I already own the first version of this necklace, the Kuychi Necklace. But in my defense, the colors were so different in this new Chasca version that I couldn’t walk away.

See? Totes different.

(P.S. I snagged that ring at the J.Crew sale with the extra 30% off for $13! Yee-ha!)

Thank you all for your sweet happy birthday wishes to Mr. Banks. No, he’s not walking yet. But seriously, the kid crawls at warp speed.

He has 8 teeth.

Says: “Mama”, “dog”, “ball”, “e-i-e-i” (as in Old McDonald), and something similar to “cracker” when I head for the pantry door.

It literally hurts to watch him grow; I so love him and want him to stay little.

Okay, back to the ‘ol reminders about the Anthromollogies Holiday Styling event on November 15! Email me if you’d like to attend: molly@anthromollogies.com

Hope your Tuesday shapes up nicely, y’all!

xoxo Molly


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10 Responses to I Only Miss You When I’m Breathing.

  1. I was just there yesterday. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. I was looking at housewares and toally bypassed the jewelry. Silly me, busy with housewares. I did buy a lovely top that I believe I will wear on my next date night with my husband. Sooo pretty. I can see now based on that lovely piece of bling that I need to look more closely at jewelry! But tell me, what do you think of the housewares. Do you have an affinity for their housewares line as well?

    • I have an affinity for ALL things Anthro. I have many of their Latte bowls in a variety of colors. They are the perfect size for cereal, a can of soup, and dessert involving brownie bars with ice cream on top! I also have a few plates with birds and deer, and awesome mugs/platter set with butterflies. I have bought all of my housewares on sale. The candles are awesome (Volcano being my favorite). I usually have to prioritize my visits, designating clothing/accessories for one visit, housewares for another. Go back for the jewelry and drool like a bulldog….good stuff! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Tamara

    ITA! Anthro is my zen in retail form! Love the Pam Hiran necklaces, too. I only have one, the Rotary Dial in yellow, and it is very lonely. I hope the others go on sale in time for Black Friday. That would be awesome.

    Mr. Banks is so cute- keep kissing those squishy cheeks while you can. My baby is almost 17 months and is walking, running and climbing (!!!) so much. Thanks for the post!

    • 17 months is such a fun age. I just…I'm not sure I'm ready for the baby stage to be over in our house, but I'm sure I'm ready for the pregnancy phase being over in our house! You def need some more Pam Hiran in your life. Ms. Rotary is for sure lonesome. I don't think her necklaces will survive to sale, especially Black Friday. The Kuychi sold out so fast, I'd be shocked if this colorway made it a month, especially with people buying Christmas presents…jewelry always seems to be the big sellers for Christmas for Anthro. You know?

  3. sigh…yes, I feel the same way. It's been so long coming that I'm having a hard time restraining my store visits! It doesn't help that it's a mere 15 minute walk from work. I have been home for a week and a half and I've already been in at least 3 times!

    Last night I went in for a try-on session. It's a small store so they're rotating stock out quickly- if I want to see how things fit I'm going to have to be there regularly! I ended up coming home with the Dotted Jacquard skirt- it's so beautiful and it was the last one left! I think it's going to be so versatile!

    Sadly their necklace selection is very sad. I hope they start to get more!

  4. That necklace is fab. And you absolutely need it in two colors. Totally justified. :)


  5. The necklace is beautiful and it goes with this outfit so well. Love the mint and green together – it seems so fresh, but still cozy (does that make any sense?).

    Happy birthday to your little guy!

  6. mindiep

    Loving your outfit! What color is the cardigan you have on with the plaid shirt? Love it!!

  7. Thanks Mindie! It's the burnished olive Jackie.

  8. I love this outfit and colors you used here Molly! Very chic!!

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