Morning Rainforests and Milestones.

I brought out an oldie but goodie for church today.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Rainforest Morning Shirtdress, Cami-Anthropologie Eloise, Belt-Anthropologie, Slip-Vintage Hem, Necklace-Vintage, Tights-Anthropologie Pure and Good Opaque Tights , Shoes-Chie Mihara Light Oxfords

The Morning Rainforest Shirtdress. I bought this little dress a few years back on mega sale and never looked back. It has treated me well. I realized I’ve never actually featured me wearing it in a post, but I wear it frequently. I wore it for our family photo shoot two years ago this way:

Photo by Annette Allan

It’s weird to see our little family minus babe #4. Speaking of, my little Banksy dude hit a major milestone this weekend.

My baby turned 1.

(insert ugly cry here.)

How is it possible that A YEAR has gone by?!?

I’m wearing Anthro Earrings, Anthro Necklace I won on ebay for $11, and the Anthro Draped Shoulder Slub Top in blue. But who cares what I’m wearing when this little man is so freaking cute?!?


If you’re wondering why he has no clothes on in the above pic, it’s because on kid #4, you know this is about to happen:

He taught that cupcake a lesson and showed it who’s boss!

What a mellow kid this guy is. For my fourth and final, he truly is the icing on the cake ;)

Don’t forget to check out all the info on the Anthromollogies Holiday Styling event on November 15. Details here. Keep your eyes peeled for an offical Anthropologie-designed bloggy announcement coming this week. So excited!! Please RSVP me as soon as possible if you plan on attending.

Have a fabulous Monday, friends.

xoxo Molly




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24 Responses to Morning Rainforests and Milestones.

  1. Oh, what a cutie, indeed! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Looks like he enjoyed his cupcake!!! =) You are adorable in that outfit…as I'm sitting here freezing in Ohio, I couldn't get over the fact that you could still be wearing short sleeves…gotta love TX! =)

    • Jenni, thanks for the happy wishes! I have been SO JEALOUS of your boots and jeans and coats for cooler Ohio! Darn the Texas weather! I can't wait to need a jacket. The coldest I've been in over a year was when I visited San Francisco! But I am glad my kids don't have to throw a coat over their Halloween costume….there are SOME perks to living in Texas!

  2. Molly, Mr. Banks is just too adorable for words, especially with the yummy cake deliciousness smeared all over. Happy birthday to him and yes, how has this year just flown by??

    • Dea! You're alive, friend! Thank you for your wishes. It's good when years fly by in residency, right?! It seemed to me they crawled, and now the universe has pressed on the gas….my babies growing up too fast. So cruel! How are you?!

  3. Rosie

    Love the outfits! I’ve always been really curious how you pull off earrings and necklaces with a little one around and/or while breastfeeding? Have you had any ‘breakages’ with baby grabbing or pulling?

    • Tamara

      My baby is almost 17 months and he pulled at a lot of my jewelry. My Anthro pieces have held up well, especially the chunky ones like the Earl Grey and Colorblocked Strands, but some of my cheaper necklaces came apart. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but still annoying. It's when you add in baby spit up that it can get messy! Dangly earrings are always a hazard, too, but I'm extra careful of the grabbing when I wear those. Hope that helps!

    • Rosie, ah yes, the grabby baby hands. I've had two necklaces break, the Papaya Pebbles and my Earl Gray. But, I don't mind re-stringing them since I do believe they should have been strung on stronger cording anyway. My philosophy is that exposure teaches them to leave the necklaces be. In his teething phase, Banks would go to town on some of the chunkier necklaces. So I'd take it off when I knew I'd be holding him for a while, or take it off at home for a spell when we're stationary for naps. Then put back on when we leave again. Earrings…same thing. Exposure is everything…Banks is used to me wearing jewelry so he's not totally fixated on it. Just takes quick hands at first to grab over theirs as to prevent yanking, and calmly saying know…offering a toy or food for distraction, and move on. :)

  4. Happy birthday dear baby!! The year sure has flown!

  5. Tamara

    Love the adorable, messy face! He is too cute! Happy Birthday! The first year is totally a whirlwind and they grow so fast :( Hope it was a good day!

  6. Oh, how I love the outfit that appears in your header- the mustard tights and cognac oxfords always make me happy! Nice to see the full outfit, and your remix with the delightful blue chies is likewise pleasing to the eye!!! Adorable Banksy is as tasty as the cupcake he’s trying to become!

    • Thank you, Sara! I do love me some mustard tights. I force myself to go another way with this dress so mustard can remain a sacred wearing experience. Ration the mustard! These Chies are so comfy and I do feel a bit like dancing Elvis style in them….

  7. What a cutie! Can't believe he's a year! It goes by way too fast doesn't it??

  8. Gemma

    Happy 1st birthday, Banks! He is one cute little guy! My baby Camilla turned one in July and she just started walking last weekend. Is your sweet one walking yet? Yes, where does the time go?

    I need to pull out my Morning Rainforest Shirtdress, too, but the waist seems to hit so high that I don't reach for it. So, I just enjoy staring at it in my closet.

    • Gemma- Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet little Camilla! And yay for walking! It's bittersweet, isn't it? They grow way too fast. No, Mr. Banks isn't walking, thankfully. I'm not encouraging or rushing him at all. I know once they walk, that's it. No more staring at the Morning Rainforest! Grab it and put it on, girl! Is is that the high waist is uncomfortable on you, or just a different feeling?

  9. Maggie

    Oh how I love that little fatty-pants. Simone will have her eye on him. Love to all of you. I hope it was a great birthday!

    • Thanks, Mags! Can't wait to see you at the event. As Banks' proxy, we've already claimed Simone's dance card for like ever. I promise he'll always weigh more than Simone, a key characteristic in a mate. :)

  10. Happy belated to your beautiful cocoa-loving littlest one! And those blue suede Chie oxfords – gorgeous!

  11. Jessica

    Aww how quickly a year goes by!! Happy Birthday to little Banks!!!

  12. OMG….my baby fever just kicked into overdrive! Happy birthday little man!

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