Spice Girl

Blame it on the freaking cords.

How could I ignore this perfectly nutmegged specimen sitting there so neatly on an Anthropologized table? I couldn’t, is the answer. I lose all reason and accountability when spicey hues stare me down like that.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Cords, Top-J.Crew Boy Shirt in Neon Gingham Lavendar, Necklace-Anthropologie Rotary Dial, Belt-Anthropologie High Glossed, Shoes-J.Crew Factory Cece Studded Ballet


Other spicey sisters awaiting plucking from the Anthro tree are:

Puckered Placket Turtleneck.

Okay, confession: I already plucked this top, in both this dark orange color and dark turquoise. They are INCREDIBLY soft and fit like a dream. I took a size small.

Lace Peplum Blouse

The orange hue was off for me. But this spicey mustard hue is a slam dunk.

Blair Scholar Jacket

This little jacket has me seriously salivating. The hue, the shape, the collar, the tie….GIMME!

Wrapped Lattice Belt

I wish they’d shown a back-side shot of this leather lovely, but so far I’m loving the spicey caramel tamed down by the slate blue.

Rosy Wren Fedora

Spicey nirvana for the head. Just don’t look at the price tag. Ouch!

Non-Anthro Spicey Wants waiting to be plucked:

J.Crew Everly T-Strap Pumps

Just gorgeous. The pointy toe could be a deal breaker on the non-sexy bunion I sport.

J.Crew Sterling Skirt in Double -serge Wool in Autumn Coral

The perfect autumn hue.

Minnie Pant Bi-stretch Wool, Cabernet

Haven’t tried these on, so fit could be the deal breaker. I’ve tried on the cotton variety Minnie’s, but not the wool stretch. Anyone care to weigh in?

HUE Braided Cable Tights in Brick.

Another confession. I already plucked these too. I don’t like them with black, as they have pictured here. Doesn’t do this gorgeous hue justice. For Pete’s sake, Nordstrom, where’s the cognac shoes? Brown boots? Mustard wedge? Clearly they needed an Anthro consult on styling.

The Non-Spicey Wants:

J.Crew Collection Italian Wool Dress in Tropical Lime

I would lay down and die for this dress. Seriously, this color is simply divine.

Steve Madden Kamelia Ballet Flat

I saw these in Nordstrom Rack in every size but mine. CURSES! I’ve since hunted them down online and they are the same price now at Amazon as they were at the Rack. I may pounce. I have seen many leopard flats out there that didn’t do it for me, but these just float my boat. The ankle strap and the smaller scale leopard print are what entice me… and the calf hair (albeit fake calf hair…).

How’s your closet’s spicey status? Any particular spicey pieces on your radar?

xoxo MOlly

Don’t forget to check your calendars and email me at molly@anthromollogies.com to attend the ANTHROMOLLOGIES HOLIDAY FROSTING EVENT, November 15, @6:30 !




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11 Responses to Spice Girl

  1. Cute outfit, and I LOVE the lace peplum top!

    • Thanks, Jeannie! I love that top too. I'm hoping my store has the yellow color in…. then again, I'm hoping they don't! October has been a dangerous Anthro month for me!

  2. I also have a non-sexy bunion. :( Good thing I like rounded toes then!

    Love the rust cords with the lavendar top. I may have to try that…if I can find anything I own in those colours…. :)

    • I think I've mentioned before that I nicknamed my bunion "Paul" in college, and my roommates would draw faces on it. Some day I'll have to get it righted, but I'm trying to wait as long as possible for medical advances to make it faster recovery, less invasive, etc. I'm thinking a salve that will just shrink it. That's my vote! The lavendar, yellow, and rust was a fun combo to do. Frankly, I think you can really get away with rust and just about any color. It's basically brown, just prettier, right?!

  3. Bronzi

    Love the lace peplum and on the hunt for the yellow one.

  4. I love those cords…such a fun color. Pretty much anything that's coloring look dead looks great on me (think rust, olive green, brown..the dead fall colors) So I crave things with spice. I SO wish that I could pull off the mustard peplum top. It is gorge. That J.Crew lime dress is divine. I like J.Crew but rarely buy it. Most of my money ends other place, ahem anthro. Can't wait to see how you style it!

  5. I don't know what I envy more…your style, your figure, or your wit….three way win!! No wonder your blog is my favorite!! Beautiful outfits as usual-if only I lived by you I would so be at that frosting event!

  6. I'm happy to concur with you on the beauty of the lace peplum blouse- I got to actually try it on in store yesterday, how exciting is that? No more only drooling online and crossing my fingers that they fit when I place an order. sigh. I liked the orange/red, but would love to hear how the mustard is in real life too…the fit was perfect on me!

    And now of course I'm drooling over that green dress…

  7. Yes! I will take one of everything. There is so much beauty going on here:) Those rust cords are at the very top of my anthro wishlist. I'm trying to decide if I should wait for sale or just go for it. Every time you feature them in an outfit, I'm pushed a little bit closer to the 'just go for it' side.

  8. JanRussell

    Ok – I fess up too! Bought that turtleneck with my b-day discount – I went with the orange, but I think I hurt teals feelings, so I will probably bring that one home to my closet soon… LOVE your new cords – that color is amazing. And no, Miss Campbell is not walking yet – a big difference from her brothers who were running by their 1st birthdays. The boys think she is a dud, but I love that she is staying my baby awhile longer – she's taken a few wobbly/coaxed steps, so I'm thinking it may be any day now! I'll bet Banks is keeping you busy!

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