Guest Post: Tamara’s DIY Anthropologie Verveine Necklace Tutorial

A while back, one of my super talented readers named Tamara mentioned she was working on a DIY project at home, her own version of Anthropologie’s Verveine Necklace. I am a proud owner of this necklace and let me just state for the record that if I ever lose it, I will cry like a baby for days, weeks even. Here’s me sportin’ it in a coupla outfits:


My Verveine in action with the Decade by Decade Skirt and Scalloped Buttondown.

And here again with the Million Pleats Midi Skirt.

So, when I read Tamara’s comment that she was working on a little somethin’-somethin’ for herself, I thought I’d weasel in and ask if she wouldn’t mind doing a guest post on it.  Happily, she obliged, and the rest is history! Please give Tamara a warm welcome, and hopefully you get bitten by the DIY bug today.

Take it away, Tamara!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supplies Needed

You’ll need:

–       small pliers/wire cutters (mine are Craftsman brand, from my husband’s tools- he just thinks they’re still his)

–       beading wire (7 strand bead stringing wire is what I used)

–       crimp beads

–       various beads in different sizes

–       flower pendants or charms

–       6-8 inch length of chain

–       cording strand (mine is 18”)

–       head pins (not pictured)

–       jump rings (not pictured)

Note: these all come in various metal finishes (silver, gold, brass/antique gold, etc), just pick what you like. I have these all in silver because that is what I use the most.

Step 2: Attach all of the non-adjustable pieces together. I joined the cording to the flowers and the chain before doing anything else, to get a sense of the finished length.

Step 3: Cut a length of wire, about 3 inches longer than you think you want it (it’s better to be too long than too short). Add a crimp bead and loop the wire back through it. Then crimp the bead with the pliers (just smoosh it till it’s flat on the wire). Add the beads and check the length by comparing it to the necklace base that you already put together. Repeat for all of the bead strands you want.

Step 4: Lay out the necklace for a final check.

Step 5: Use the head pins and various beads to make the bead cluster that goes on the opposite side of the flowers. Add bead to pin, cut off the wire about 1/4” above the bead and loop it around the pliers until closed. Repeat for the desired beads.

Step 6: Use a jump ring and attach all ends together. To open and close the jump ring, use the pliers and twist the ends to the sides, do not pull it open (if that makes sense). On the side without the flowers, I put the single beads for the cluster and all of the beaded strands together on one jump ring. It was kind of crowded and hard to close, but I liked how it looked all together.

Note: You can add a clasp in if you want, just attach with jump rings. My necklace is long enough to slip over my head, so a clasp was not necessary.

Step 7: Wear and enjoy!

Sources: Michaels: Vintage Groove by Making Memories- pendant brown leather flower, pendant beaded flower, silver chain strand; Bead Landing- clear round faceted large beads, cording strand; Blue Moon Beads- crimp beads, head pins; Beadalon- bead stringing wire.

Local bead shop: small brown faceted beads, medium smooth white beads, miscellaneous beads and rhinestone beads for cluster.

A MILLION THANK YOU’S, Tamara!! I’m all sorts of inspired now, Michael’s coupons in hand. If you need me this weekend, you can find me snipping wire and playing with beads. :)

Where will you be?

xoxo Molly


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6 Responses to Guest Post: Tamara’s DIY Anthropologie Verveine Necklace Tutorial

  1. Tamara

    Thank so much for the opportunity Molly!

  2. cool! I`m always picking up materials and then getting a little bit stuck on the finishing! thanks for the tips!

  3. Seriously, I wish I could be creative like that. I tried going into a bead shop once and got totally overwhelmed with the choices!

    • I'm with you! Bead stores are totally intimidating to me, but strangely calming as I look around at all the beads hanging happily organized by color. Then I panic again when they ask what I'm looking for….

  4. I had to read the post three times. The first tie I was killed. DEAD, I tell you from that first fab outfit! Then…again…DEAD from the Vivianne Westwood shoe fabulousness! I think this post should coming with some kind of warning label;)

    • You are hilarious, girl. Thanks for the love. (I died too when I saw those Vivienne Westwoods in person at the BHLDN event. I knew then they'd have to be mine eventually.)

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