Open to the Bloom

I’ve been busy lately with a few projects, one of which was baby shower invites for a dear friend who’s finally expecting her first little girl, the tail end to a brood already consisting of 3 rough and tough boys! She has a great eye for color and design, and knew she wanted something “modern”, with pink and yellow. So I played around with a few designs until I landed on “the one”. I really loved the way they turned out.

Baby Shower Invites with a modern theme.

You slide the tulle off, and lift the top flap up to reveal the pull-out invite. I hand-stamped the “notes” and “girl”, sewed the edges to make a simple pocket, and glue-dotted the tickets onto the flap. Paper is from a book set I found at Hobby Lobby.

A few late nights did the trick. I always love staring at a finished stack of  homemade invites. Finished anything, for that matter. It just….does it for me.

You know what else does it for me? Anthro’s Open Bloom Top I recently snagged.

Wearing: Pant-Gap, Knit Top-Anthropologie (old), Top-Anthropologie Open Bloom, Headband-J.Crew, Shoes-Zigi Soho

Thankfully, Ginger answered my plea to trade me my XS for her S. What an easy swap that was. Win-win!  A gajillion thank you’s, Ginger girl!

With a punch of neon: J.Crew Handbag, purchased at the sale price of 49.99 with an extra 30% and an extra 20% off of that. I’m pretty sure they gave it to me?? These pants were free. No joke…FREE, people. I used my rewards points to purchase them and two other pairs of Gap khakis for the total sum of $0.

This top is generous and swingy, and delightful in every way. Tell ya the truth, I’m downright tingly about the endless color options I have to wear underneath it.

Survey says: A Winner!

 Any winners you wish gush about? Spill it, ladies!

xoxo Molly

Don’t forget to check your calenders for November 18 @ 6:30! The first ever Anthromollogies Holiday Frosting event is happening with or withoutcha! RSVP soon to reserve your spot!


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5 Responses to Open to the Bloom

  1. You know I'm a sucker for neon! I'm looooving that bag!(and everything else too!)

    I love to see the things you create! You're at the top of my list to create something fab when we're lucky enough to get pregnant:)

  2. M1R1

    You look great! I would've never thought to pair Open Bloom that way! Genius!! I'm off to my closet now to try it out. So happy we got to trade! Ginger

  3. you`re so adorable! My very own anthro just opened, and it looks like they have a few of these hidden away in a cabinet. I`m hoping to try it on very soon!

    I love this mix of pink and acid yellow. yum.

    • Thanks so much, Sara. Yes, yes….acid yellow! That's it. I've been trying to figure out the proper name for this particular color, and this is totally it. Super intense when she stands along, so this open bloom is perfect for taming her. You really do need to snag one of these in your NEW STORE! I'm so excited for you.

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