Dearest Nanette,

I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’re together now. The distance between us these past months has been pure torture. Now that I have you, I’ll never let you go. I feel like jumping on a couch Tom Cruise-style and professing my love for you.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Nanette Asymmetrical Dress, Belt-Anthro Beaded Wink Belt, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Shoes-Anthropologie Copper-Dusted Oxfords, Earrings-Anthropologie Honeycomb Hive Earrings, Necklace-J.Crew Ram Pendant

You are perfect. There’s nothing I’d change about you. Your hemline is flat out SICK! The way it floats when I walk, well….just makes me weak in the knees. And your elastic waistband…see, you’re just so GIVING, like Mother Theresa. The Giving Dress.

How thoughtful of you to be stretchy right where I need you to be, especially when I wear you out for dinner. I think we’re going to make beautiful memories together. Thanks for kicking off my birthday weekend with panache.

You rock.

Your devoted owner,

Molly (insert puffy hearts and rainbows here.)

Here’s another few looks I played around with.

Belt-Anthropologie Dusk-Blue Suede Belt, Necklace-Anthropologie Reflections Necklace, Shoes-Seychelles Gypsy, Earrings-Nordstrom (Old)

Casual Nanette: Belt-Anthropologie, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace-Anthropologie Anticipation, Shoes-Dolce Vita


Green Nanette: Shrug-Banana Republic, Necklace-Anthropologie Liiy MIneral, Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Madewell

Mixed Material Nanette: Necklace-Anthropologie Caleta, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Belt-Anthropologie Foiled Equestrian Belt, Shoes-Seychelles

Chalk one up for Nanette’s chameleon-like skillz. So versatile! And I didn’t even get to winter stylings with tights! And boots! Such possibilities.

Be sure to check out the ANTHROMOLLOGIES Holiday Frosting Event post, to be held on November 15 in San Antonio! Spots are filling up…so please email me soon at to reserve your spot!

xoxo MOlly


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8 Responses to Dearest Nanette,

  1. klj1

    Happy Birthday! Gorgeous dress too :-)
    ( I might need one…eeeep!)

  2. AJ


    The outfit with the purple cardigan is GENIUS!! You look amazing! Thanks for posting such a fabulous look.


  3. beli

    I LOVE this dress! I have my eye on it for a second cut. Ps it looks amazing on you. Great job with the styling too :)

  4. Jaime

    I love this dress and how you styled it. I have not seen it in my store though and so have not tried it on. I wonder how it would work for shorter 5'4" me. Love it with the purple cardigan.

  5. My favorite styling is with the teal belt and shoes. Beautiful!

  6. Rebecca

    i just bought this dress (& on sale – so happy!) and am in love with it too. I need to dress it up & am totally stumped for shoes…

    I'll be on (nighttime)cruise around manhattan where everyone else is wearing cocktail dresses and don't want to feel to out of place.. Any suggestions?

    • How fun! Congrats on your new dress! I was so excited to get it on sale, and then got a price adjustment the other day as well with the extra 25% off! Wahoo! I would suggest styling it with darker coppery metallics as I did in the first styling set. The coppery metallics see more appropriate for dressier, cocktail occasions. Just make sure your shoes are interesting with being too distracting. I love an ankle strap with the hi-low hemline of this dress too. Here's some options: These would be awesome:… , These too:
      Great wedge options, depending how much walking you have:
      Good luck!

      • Rebecca

        thanks!!! Love the tahari pumps and DSW says they have them although I was just there this week and don't remember seeing them. put them on hold & am going to pick them up after work today!

        that extra 25% off was amazing, love that anthro is willing to price adjust. Great customer service there. I just returned a bunch of stuff w no receipt – they just looked up my account info and worked it all out for me.

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