Across the Land

This dress is one of my favorites since picking it up on Ebay for $55. (insert victory shuffle). After styling it for a reader request, I had completely fallen in love with it and only then recognized it’s versatility.

Plus, since it goes on wrap style, with only hooks to keep it in place, I feel like I could be a secret flasher if a wanted to. Not that I would, just that I could. It’s also quite a different color palette than I normally go for with a completely dark base. It was Anthro’s styling of it in the catalog that made me re-asses it’s immediate placement in my closet.

It was all about the color of the hat paired with the dress. Genius.

That red hat made me explore other options with my stylings of the dress, like rusts, oranges, rose pink, and grays. Here’s a few to peruse: or you can also see them all on my polyvore (link on sidebar as well).

With Rosey pink hues on the left, with rust-brown-black on right.

More rust on left with metallic touches, salmons and more rust on the right with brown neutrals.

With grays and oranges on left, yellows and brown neutrals on right

But for my wear and go styling, I chose a mixture of the yellow set and the salmony/orange set.

e Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Across the Land, Top- Anthropologie Scalloped Buttondown, Belt- J.Crew, Necklace-Victory Jewelry, Earrings-Anthropologie Clustered Scintilla, Shoes-Anthropologie Joppa Heels

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I spill details on the first ever Anthromollogies event Anthropologie is hosting for me/my readers! I can’t wait! It’s going to be amazing! Also, coming up….the much delayed Analogous Color Challenge Submissions, a guest post DIY, styling sets for readers, a birthday wishlist, and much more!

Wishing you all a super happy holiday weekend. Thank you, dear Mr. Columbus.




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7 Responses to Across the Land

  1. You look great. Love the color combo! :)(

  2. I love all the options for this dress. The way you've styled it is great. So nice to introduce bright colours.


  3. You look too cute! And, yes, that Anthro styling is so awesome! You came up with some really fabulous options, too!

    :) Maigen

  4. Ivy

    Molly, I LOVE how you style this dress!! I love it so much that I found one online and seriously considering buying it. However, the review says the skirt hits at mid-calf. How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking? I am a shortie, only 5'1". Do you think this dress would be too long for petite girls?
    Thank you! :)

    • Ivy- I'm so glad you're loving the styling! Thank you for saying so. I am 5'9" and change, but no, I don't think this would hit you mid calf. Below the knee probably, but not mid-calf. If it's a good price though, and it does end up being a bit too long, hemming is an easy fix. Go for it! Size down though…this dress, in my opinion, runs generous.

  5. LSlane

    I have this dress and needed new ways to style it. Thanks for the inspiration!! Though, what's your take on the Joppa pumps. I tried them on in an 8 (my usual size) and they were horrifically cramped so I sized up to an 8.5 (where my toes could wiggle) and haven't worn them yet. Now I'm worried that they will stretch out and I'll regret not buying my regular size. Have you found them to stretch?

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