Review Set: Abigail Shoulder Cape, Kissing Foxes Belt, Dimensional Petals Cardigan, Caleta Necklace, Foiled Equestrian Belt and MORE!

I’m behind on sharing a few recent outfits so I thought I’d pop one in before jumping into reviews. A huge fan of all things Maeve, I pulled out an oldie but a goodie last week: my Paradise Ascending Top.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Top-Anthropologie Paradise Ascending Top, Necklace-Anthropologie Rotary Dial Necklace, Shoes-Mia Bedazzle, Earrings-Anthropologie

I totally love the front tie on this top, and the color palette makes me weak in the knees every time I pull it out to wear. Hear-hear for re-loving older Anthro pieces!

On to some reviews….lots of accessories to introduce you to this go around. Hope you enjoy!

Abigail Shoulder Cape

I know. It’s ludicrous that I love this so. It’s impractical as all get-out in Texas. It begs to be desecrated by tiny baby hands covered in spaghetti sauce. But I can’t help it….it’s fantastic. Thanks to the lovely personal shopper, Michelle, this angelic halo for the shoulders was brought to my attention and let’s just say I fell hard for it. Super soft, super cozy. Per Michelle, it does shed like a banshee, so wear with like colors unless you want to look like a leaky cloud.  Go on in and pet this little lovely. I promise, you’ll want to lay right down and take a nappy, she’s THAT soft.

Dimensional Petals Cardigan

Quintessential vintage Anthro, am I wrong? This is like a Armana Jasmine Cardigan‘s second cousin, (a piece that has surpassed it’s retail value on Ebay years after being released). Such a neutral beauty. A sensational piece that will be cherished for years. In my opinion, this fits generously. I took a size small and it was perfect. The size Medium drowned me. Those sensitive to itchiness should be cautious. Wear a thin layer underneath and that’ll do the trick. I plan on snagging this with the b-day discount too. Too gorge to pass up, and frankly I don’t want to kick myself for years to come.

Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt

Awesome skirt. Super soft, quite neutral in my opinion as well. I LOVED the styling they abra-cadabra-ed in the catalog. Ivory, yellows, and grays would look awesome paired with this. I’m going to have to pass on this skirt because of the length. Too short for sitting. Church peep show. I felt most comfortable in a size Medium, and usually take a size 6 (sometimes a loose 4) on bottom.

Caleta Necklace


There’s one review of this necklace online that is not favorable. I happen to really like it. It’s hard to tell from the catalog shot, but the necklace does not lay flat on your chest. It is more of a 3-dimensional necklace. Here’s a side shot so you can see what I’m talking about:

Side shot of the Caleta Necklace

The colors couldn’t be a yummier, more perfect combination. It’s big and voluptuous. This might be a problem for the petite among us. As for my 5’9″ frame, it’s a worthy passenger.


Saturated Floppy Hat

Good gravy, I love this hat. If not for the colors alone, the shape and size are perfect. Hats are tricky for Fraulines with short pixie cuts, so I’m not sure how much wear this one would actually get in my closet. I’d love to bring it home at sale price, but the b-day discount is tempting me.

Kissing Foxes Belt

The leather on this middle cincher is like buttah. So soft, so real, and SO raspberry. I love it. The foxes are darling. I took a size small and didn’t have to mess with adjusting it. At $78, I plan on holding out for sale. Foxes that are getting friendly on my belly will just have to wait for now.

Tropica Trails Satchel

Oh dear, the color of this satchel is truly divine. Aged orange, like a troubled sunset. I love the versatility of it being across the body bag or a satchel carry. The size is perfect. I love Schuler and Sons quality. I’ve owned one other bag by them that has held up tremendously. Highly considering this one sooner than later.

Open Bloom Top

So I panicked when I noticed this top was sold out online in a size small, though now I see they have changed the status online to a back order date of December. My store happened to have the last size XS in the company on hold for me when I went in to try on new arrivals. I ended up taking the XS home with me, though I’d really truly like to find a size small. If you have a small you’d like to trade or know where there’s one immediately available, could you email me? Thank you!!  The important things to note about this top are: it runs generous, it has a tiny bit of stretch to it, and it’s freaking awesome.

Foiled Equestrian Belt

It’s all about the hardware on this baby. *I. Swoon.* The metallic body juxtaposed with the modern looking hardware is a total home run. I tried on a small and will be taking this home with my discount, fo’ sho’.

Lily Mineral Necklace

I wasn’t too wooed by this necklace online. But in person, it is way more impressive. I actually LOVE the yellow variety now and am highly considering it. If you don’t already have a gray necklace in the mix, that colorway is simply gorgeous and would be perfect for fall as well.

Phew! I’ve been busy, eh? Can’t wait to hear if you’ve tried some of these lovelies yourself. Thoughts?

Off to justify the need for a shoulder muffler. (Agibail capelet, here I come…)

xoxo Molly



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5 Responses to Review Set: Abigail Shoulder Cape, Kissing Foxes Belt, Dimensional Petals Cardigan, Caleta Necklace, Foiled Equestrian Belt and MORE!

  1. M1R1

    Hey Molly. I just emailed you about the Open Bloom Top. I love the Caleta necklace too! My store paired it with the Lightning Strike shirtdress. I do agree the necklace is large on (I'm only 5'3") but the color is dreamy.

  2. I bought the open bloom top when the 20% discount was going on. It's one of the first/only pieces I really fawned over in a while. Now I'm just waiting for someplace to wear it. Sooo gorgeous. You have some nice picks missy!

  3. I wants all of it. I'm totally drooling for the sweater skirt, but these things I must try on before buying. Fingers crossed for the store here…(next week!!)

  4. Melissa

    Hi Molly!

    This is totally off topic, but I was at the Madison, WI Anthro a few days ago and they had a returned pair of the Yuzu Mary Janes and they looked like they were a larger size. I know you had wanted that pair of shoes. I own them and they are fabulous. HTH!

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