Catalog Whiplash

Well look at that….Anthropologie’s Catalog peeps have gone, done, and SHOWED UP in the newly released October catalog.

Hello, pretty stylings. There you are. I knew you’d be back. I’ve caused myself a mild case of whiplash from all the nodding I’ve been doing this week. YES! YES! YES!

If you haven’t seen it, do your eyes a serious fave and peruse it here.

Some of my favorite style sets include:

Loving the combo of orange, yellow, navy, and peach (in the skirt)

HUGE fan of the color combo here. And that top is SOOOO mine next month.

Brilliant tights situation going on here.


Triple love the styling here. With a t-strap flat? Shut the front door.

The Layering Gods smiled down upon this set.

One of the items that has caused some whiplash action from nodding YES over and over is the tank in this set. Gorgeous, Sariah Carson top. The vest on the other hand….I’d rather mop my kitchen floor with it, thanks.

Pieces that thrill.

Stylists worth their salt.

Photography with purposeful surroundings.

That’s what I’m talking about! I can’t wait to see the full October run. I’ve already emailed the Personal Shopper (lovely as all get-out) Michelle with a full list of “freak-I-want-that’s” which I hope to check out next week. SO excited.

Were you at all surprised the Idoya Bib Necklace was in my stash I took home at the 20% bonanza?

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Top-Anthropologie Bailey 44, Necklace – Anthropologie Idoya Bib Necklace, Shoes-Anthropologie, Earrings-Anthropologie Clustered Scintilla Earrings

I know….SHOCKING, right?!? :) Whatevs. I love me some pretty neck frosting. I’ve worn her several ways so far, and she plays nice with so many pieces in my closet. Although I think she’s the prettiest atop neutral shades, like this one above, a shade that lets ALL of her colors standout instead of matching your top to one of the bead colors. Just my pref.

Happy weekend to you all! Stay tuned next week for Awesomely Analogous Color submissions (you can submit through the weekend, if you like!), Requested outfit stylings, and THE announcement about the Anthromollogies event hosted by Anthropologie!!

xoxo Molly



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4 Responses to Catalog Whiplash

  1. April

    Gah! I died when I saw that brocade dress and the green tights. I'm hoping for an occasion to wear said combo!

  2. I hear ya sister- this catalogue is really beautiful and full of yummy inspiration!

    Love your mint and minty necklace- also a yummy inspiration!

  3. The green skirt with the t-straps…I wants!

  4. Tamara

    I totally agree- the whole catalog is a keeper! Instead of tearing out a page or two. What I am disappointed in is the “Beauties Bared” section. Nudity in an Anthro catalog? So not cool. And no, there is no such thing as tasteful nudity. My 8 year old daughter saw it and we had a discussion about respecting our bodies. Thanks Anthro.

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