Never Look a Gift horse In The Mouth

Let us observe a moment of silence for EA’s Trade Marke if you will, a revered destination on the web sacred to Anthro lovers pure and true. (Thank you, Roxy!)

I have come away with some amazing pieces from there in my day. This gem below included.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Tessera, Top-J.Crew, Necklace-J.Crew Monotone Bead Necklace, Belt-Anthropologie, Slip-Vintage Hem, Shoes -Nine West Jaxon, Earrings-Anthropologie Clustered Scintilla Earrings

Jillian, thank you buckets for this Tessera frock. It couldn’t be more perfect. I was a baby hotel (READ: Pregnant) when this dress hit stores, and though I LOVED the print and awesome details (like pockets and the back cut-out!), I just didn’t bite.

Then last week, there she was, ripe for the picking. I so can’t wait to wear this easy-going frock with boots, tights, and chunky sweaters.

Anthro-love aside, J.Crew is dousing us with their own sale-love, 30% extra off sale to be exact, with code LOVEIT (online only, thank you Gigi)! I happened to be in the store for a quick return today when I asked if they would honor the 30% off in store. The friendliest of SA’s says “sure.” Shazam!

Not only that, the Peter Pan collar Sweater, that is still showing $89.50 online, was on sale in the store for 49.99. But it gets better.

Peter Pan collar Sweater in Crimson Chalk

Peter Pan Collar Sweater in Ultramarine Pewter


Something was wrong with the barcode in their system and the sweater was ringing up for…..wait for it……

$24.99. WHAT THE?!? The manager knew that wasn’t the right price, but she was told to honor what it was ringing up for. So what did I do?

I bought both colors. Hey, I was taught to never look a gift horse in the mouth! Just doin’ my part.

RUN to your nearest J.Crew and see if they’ve got something screwy going on with the barcode too?

I also grabbed the Tillary Purse in Hot Pink, which was marked down to $59.99 with an extra 30% off! Grand total for the bag? $41.99. BAM!

My store had PLENTY available of all three colors: this one, brilliant purple, and chrome green. Tippi sweaters were also marked down to $44, and with the extra 30% off, came out to $31 and change. (It was about at this point I started whistling and clicking my heels like a leprechaun).

Forget about lookin’ my Gift Horse in the mouth, I wanted to give it a big, fat smoochie!!

Seen any Gift Horses yourself lately?

xoxo Molly


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8 Responses to Never Look a Gift horse In The Mouth

  1. Jillian

    Ah! So glad you like it. :) Looks great on you!

  2. Diem

    Thanks for the info. I was waiting for this one to hit sale and called my store today. they have it for $50 + additional 25% off. So I ended up paying $37.50. Not as great as your price, but better than $90 FP.

    • Shoot…wish the glitch was company wide. But hey, $37.50 for a sweater that is still $89 on the web? Not bad….I wonder why they do this game of mark-down in store but not online, and vice-versa? I don't get it.

  3. Lauren

    Love that hot pink handbag! It’s not exactly a gift horse, but having made an order just earlier in the week, a necklace that I had missed out on and been coveting ever since popped back yesterday and my very kind friend offered to pick it up for me in an order she did for herself and her mother. So it would have been rude not to get it …

  4. joanne

    Love that peter pan collar sweater… can't wait to see how you style it! Have you heard of Baublebar?!! It reminded me of you and your looove of a good necklace!

    • Yes! Baublebar has some fun necklaces for sure. Haven't purchased from there, but may in the future. I am a total sucker for the Peter pan Collar trend, I fully admit it. If only it would cool the heck off here so I could wear it!

  5. What an amazing dress on you! As always I love how you layered this!!

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