20 OFF

Kicking things off with a few back-logged outfits:

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Descending Peplum Blouse, Belt-J.Crew, Shorts-Anthropologie G1 Basic Goods, Shoes-Crown Vintage, Earrings-Anthropologie, Necklace-Anthropologie Celadon-Shaped Necklace

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Subway Stairs, Top-Anthropologie Red Delicious Blouse, Bracelet-BR, Shoes-Chie Mihara Nerito, Earrings- Anthropologie Zaftig Drops

Wearing: Anthropologie Lemon Liftoff Blouse, Anthropologie Trousered Bermudas, Belt-J.Crew, Shoes-BC Footwear, Earrings-Anthropologie

Anthro’s unheard-of 20% off all regularly priced clothes and accessories this past Saturday was a blast. I shopped while I ate scarfed a cupcake down with frosting 2 inches thick. That, my friends, is really all it takes to get me spendy.

I kid. It also takes a few returns to off-set the cost of my new-found wardrobe warriors which, thankfully, I had.

I felt strongly about showing up on Saturday and flexing my consumer card-holding muscle. Anthro’s moving in the right direction, having an actual thank-you-dear-card-holders event, don’tcha think? Anthro takes the 20% in the shorts and feeds us cupcakes! Nicely done! I appreciate you appreciating me, Anthro. Let’s hug and kiss and be friends forever, k?

So what did I snag?

Draped Shoulder Slub Top in Size Medium

Askew Ruffled Cardigan, size Small

Idoya Bib Necklace

Quadrivium Belt size Medium

Blue Mesa Sweater Skirt- took this home to play with and will reserve final judgement until then.

Shimmered Skinny Belt- Size small

The only other item I seriously debated over was this:

Rita Color-blocked Purse

Anyone seen this in person? I think it’s so delightful looking, vintage and modern all at once. It’s just seems small by the dimensions given online, from what I can tell. I’ll be holding my breath it makes it to sale in a few months I guess.

Can’t wait to hear what you all grabbed. I also had a VERY good source tell me the sale tomorrow will be good. Like, good-good. I made sure not to purchase any items on Saturday that would hit sale any time soon, and that I felt were decently priced as is, with the 20 off. So I’m hoping for one thing and one thing only.

Mistress Nanette. All Asymmetric and stuffs. Get in my closet!

well, okay…if this made it to sale too, I’d bite:

Devin Henley

Happy Sale hunting my friends.

xoxo Molly

P.S. Remember to please send me a photo of your own Analogous Color Scheme outfit! You have a LOOOOONG time to come up with one….Sept. 29th!


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6 Responses to 20 OFF

  1. Caffinated Diva

    I have those Antrho Trousered Bermudas! Thanks for the "out of the box" styling. It's fabolous.

    • Thanks so much! I love those shorts. Bought them on Black Friday (one month after I my 4th child) when they went for like $19.95 and I can FINALLY fit in to them. Happy day!

  2. Martha

    Any time you are ready to get rid of your red deliscious blouse let me know–it is beautiful!!

  3. GirlMadchen

    Hi there – I'm wondering what you ended up thinking of the Blue Mesa Sweater skirt. Is it very fitted through the hips? Thanks :)

    • I felt most comfortable in a Medium, though I could've done a small and I usually take between a 4 and 6 in skirts. The medium was a better length on my 5' 9 1/2" frame. Hope this helps!

  4. GirlMadchen

    Thanks very much! I guess I"m wondering if it's very clingy on the hip area – seems you can wear it high or low on the hips. I'm a larger size than you, with very curvy hips, hence my hesitation!

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