Queen of Your Closet Series: Speedy Re-mix

It is not often a need in my life to have day to night looks. In fact, like….never. But last Tuesday evening found us unbelievably busy around here, with two school orientations, lessons that went til 6:00 p.m., and a meeting both MacGyver and I had to be at together, looking nice. Oh, we also had to fit in feeding the kids dinner and getting the baby down for the night in between everything else. No problem! ;)

Time was no luxury; I had two minutes flat to get changed for the meeting. So I pulled a speedy re-mixed look.


Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Top-Gap Outlet, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace-Vintage, Shoes-J.Crew Factory

To Night:

Wearing: upper half all the same, Skirt-J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double-serged Wool Tall length, Belt-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthropologie Fine Cut Oxfords

I love how the cut-out pattern in my shoes echo the print of the top. Subconscious at work here, people. I totally didn’t even notice that coincidence until right now. Technically, I could have kept on my flats, but I wanted to wear heels. I like wearing heels. My butt likes it when I wear heels too, because…..truth be told, it looks so much higher and tighter atop a pair of killer heels.

Gravity sucks.

Anywho…I just read on Roxy’s blog that “something big” is coming from Anthropologie this weekend. The anticipation is killing me. Free stuff? $9.95 rack? Secret Savings Card? Cheesecake bites and Italian Sodas while we shop? I kinda hope everything in the store goes for 1/2 off, for like a whole day. Well, okay, if we’re jotting down secret wishes here….how about 75% off? I also want a chair massage while I wait for a dressing room and a pet unicorn to lead around on a leash while I shop too. That’s all.

Who else out there is intrigued? Or have you decided not to hold your breath anymore? Curiosity killed the cat, and could kill me if you don’t speak up.

xoxo Molly


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6 Responses to Queen of Your Closet Series: Speedy Re-mix

  1. Andrea

    Hey Molly! I absolutely loved seeing the Letterpress Sheath getting lots of love from you last week. And the anticipation for Saturday is killing me too :)

    I have a small request if you have time. I am preparing my outfit for my 10 year high school reunion. I have elected to wear the 125th St Dress with my Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes (I think). I will be curling my hair and doing the front with a little pin-up styling. And carrying a vintage light brown snakeskin purse, with gold hardware.

    My issue comes to jewelry. Nothing I have seems to go, as I have little in gold. I am thinking maybe just a large statement bracelet? Maybe something like this? http://img2.etsystatic.com/000/0/6279297/il_570xN

    I need your mad accessory skills! Thanks in advance!

  2. Andrea

    I'm dying to know what's going on Saturday! I hope whatever it is includes a percentage off of sweaters, then I could get a price adjustment on the Stitchy Peplum I just bought, which would mean more spendin' money, and maybe another sweater!

  3. Andrea

    P.S. LOVIN! those oxfords!

  4. Tamara

    "Something Big" at Anthro this weekend sounds like "Something Fabulous" to me! I hope they reveal what it is ahead of time so that I can carve out some time to run in. I wasn't planning a trip, especially on a Saturday, but I may do it if the deals are good enough.

    Love the outfit- the color combos are gorgeous- red + rust and cobalt + rust. Never would have thought of those. Thanks!

  5. gorgeous! I love your mix of spicy tones with the breathtaking blue! And I am sooooo soooo loving it with the dotty lace-up chies!

  6. Caffinated Diva

    Hey Girl. I have many J Crew pencil skirts & none are as long as that blue one you are wearing. It looks fabulous. I'm going with tall the next time. Like you, I'm a bi- footed-tall gal. Love your looks!

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