I SO Don’t Want That…

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When I find myself in a tailspin of freak-i-want-that, it’s good to sit back and take stock of things I definitely don’t want. Does it make me feel better about my consumerism?

Yes. Yes it does.

There, I said it. Finding things I don’t want makes the case that I’m definitely not just a “new-things” junkie, you know, liking things just because they’re new. No no, I am still indeed picky about my wants.

Things I definitely don’t want? The following fugs.

Exhibit A.

Madewell’s undrest cozumel drawstring slouch pant. What in the name of…..?!?!?! Horrid.



Rainbow Brite would be so ticked at this girl for kifing her sweater!


Bride of Frankenstein…oh, wait, it’s the Kella Lace Maxi Dress.


Cartesian Mini Dress. I don’t get it.


Look 50 lbs. bulkier instantly with the Neo-Fairisle Cardigan. p.s. I really dislike toggle closures too.


Tritone Lace-Ups.
Really manly feet? No thanks.


Sweater-Back Army Jacket. Looks like a confused Granny knitted this thing while listening to “Walk Like an Egyptian”.



Kate Spade Marybelle Skirt – If I ever feel right about spending $698 on a skirt that looks like I raided the feather-duster aisle, wrapped several of ‘em around my hips and said, “So chic, right?!”….you have my permission to slap me, numerous times.


Agizul Leather Jacket. I don’t get it. Embroidered Hulk arms and coin fringe? Oh, and it’s $2,400. Uh….no.


J.Crew Silk Square- no can do. The print is just awful. 80’s airline stewardess.


A beret-clad french hen between my boobs? Nah. Not even J.Crew could convince me that’s cool.



1969 Denim Romper. I used to own one of these,….when I was 6. Hand-me-down from my sisters. I wet my pants on the playground at school because I couldn’t get them off by myself during bathroom break.

Can you even imagine what those pockets would do to a non-model, normal-sized rear-end? Mercy.


Urban Outfitters Reverse Cutout High/Low Dress. Skanktown.


Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Tie Dye Denim Jacket. This is just getting sad now. I think I’ll stop.

I want to now congratulate myself for saving over $5,000 today.

Your turn….how much are you saving? Fug Links appreciated.

xoxo Molly







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22 Responses to I SO Don’t Want That…

  1. bri

    psst. I like the rainbow brite sweater. And the chicken with the beret! The Cartesian Mini Dress has a certain Miss Frizzle quality to it, but is pretty weird. The rest of the stuff is hideous!

  2. tulip219

    I agree with just about all of your choices. The big, embellished jacket trend is very disturbing to me. (Anthro has really gone off the deep end with these…and their ginormous price tags!) They didn't look good in 1987, and they don't look good now. In fact, the revival of "all things 1980s" has me shaking in my boots at times. One of my personal favorite examples is this shirt from Madewell:

    It just looks like something I would have seen in the movie "Working Girl" or in some MC Hammer video back in the day. Apologies to those who love it. For me, it's just a reminder of the bad fashion mistakes I made during my high school years.

  3. Lol I agree with everything except the hen sweater. I know, I've totally had too much of the crew-lade but I love it. It looks great with the No. 2 wool pencil in berry. I haven't bought it yet…but I just may have a hen between my boobs if the sweater makes it to sale.

  4. JanRussell

    I laughed so hard at this post I snorted. Omigosh. If piano isn't paying enough you could definitely write comedy and use the cash to buy L. None of the Above.

    I love you. I really, truly do. I know there are a lot of hen fans out there, but it's not for me either. A Madewell sheep? Maybe. But never that hen.

    Also, that poker face dress at Antrho totally creeped me out. At first I thought it was damask…wish I had never hit that "quick view" button – almost gave me nightmares!

    • bri

      @#! That poker face dress is so strange. And I'm the one who likes "motifs'. I'm not sure why critters are totally okay with me and faces aren't, but that dress is heebie-jeebie!!!

  5. Alicia

    Austin Powers called. He wants his jacket back.

  6. Haha! Thanks for the laugh:).

  7. Ann

    LOL, had to reply, you had me laughing out loud. I love the way you save money. I will use the same strategy. I actually liked the Sweater back Army Jacket… I went to the store last week had to try it on I'm a size S/M and the XS fit like an XL. Sizing really off, but I kind off liked that look and would probably get it if it was fitted. I picked up Openwork Army Jacket that just went on sale, I'm digging that.

  8. Karen

    Laughed out loud at your commentary. Thanks :)

  9. oh gawd…exhibit A is a crime against humanity! I can't wait to see those with a pair of uggs…what kind of mad beach cover-up is that?

  10. Jyll

    LOL! So funny. Saving money-good job. I’ll be off doing a few more kegel exercises now.

  11. Those first pants are horrific.

    But is it wrong that I kinda like the feathered skirt? I would never buy it (unless I won the lottery), but it kinda appeals to me. :)

  12. Oh my goodness, these are some truly horriying pieces of clothing, all except the Kate Spade feather skirt. I LOVE it! The rest is horrible.


  13. Mary

    Unless I am missing something, the only redeeming quality about this rug is that anything my cat does to it would blend in or be an improvement? http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shops

    • Oh-my-gosh…..it looks like the cat already coughed up thousands of hairballs and they glue gunned them right on there. Hideous. For reals. Nice catch, Mary.

  14. Tamara

    I can't believe that some of these are really from Anthro. A while back there was a jumper, I'll try to find it, but it looked like something my mom made me wear when I was 8. So bad. Thanks for the laughs today!

  15. Janine

    There was a girl last night on "The Voice" that worn that UO cutout high lo dress, it was coral though!!

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