Anthro Shows the Love, a few OOTD’s, and Reviews!

Ladies, I’ve some exciting news to share. My local San Antonio Anthropologie has offered to host the first ever Anthromollogies event in a few weeks. Date, time, and particulars are yet to be determined, but keep your eyes peeled for more info to come next week. I’m thrilled!

Secondly, I’ll be adding tons more to the Shop Anthromollogies page. All are welcome to visit and purchase if you like….perhaps something might suit your fancy? Email if you’d like to make a purchase:

So I was a bit surprised last weekend when Anthro showed us the love with an extra 25% off sale. Weren’t you? I had just purchased two items that hit sale while I was in San Fran, this (red colorway) and these, and was able to get a price adjustment on both. Hollah! Go Anthro! Hope you all were able to find some pretties if you were looking, and able to resist if you weren’t. :)

I’ve made 5 stops at Anthro within the last 10 days. I might as well pack an overnight bag next time I go, right? In my defense, two trips were necessary for price adjustments and styling helps/moral support for friends. (I never buck at the chance to hit Anthro). You’d think in 5 stops I’d have tried on literally everything in the store. Well I did my best, but with Mr. B in tow, who’s in a shrieking-like-a-ringwraith-phase, the dressing room gets loud and interesting….and it feels kinda like the amazing race when I’m all dressed in my clothes again, packed up, paid up, ready to go. Phew.

Anywhoo….I thought I’d review for you a few newbies I’ve tried on and may or may not have purchased.

First, her highness, the Doily Lace Skirt.

Doily Lace Skirt

Love. Total Love. I tried both the Small and Medium, and when this hits sale I will snag a Medium (and I’m usually between a 4 – 6 in skirts, size 28 jeans, if that helps.) The detail work is beautiful, doily top portion substantial and it hangs like a champ. Highly recommend.

Then I tried this beauty on:

Tiered Maxi Skirt

Another winner. I tried on both the 4 and 6 and didn’t notice much of a difference in the waistband, but thought the 4 looked better with less bulk in the skirt portion. I may or may not decide to buy this one sooner than later. It was tough leaving it behind. Sniff. The Fall possibilities with this skirt are too tantalizing. Winner!

Next, this little cowl lover:

Space-Dyed Cowlneck.

Tried on both this color and the orange. Brought home the turquoise. The fit is SPOT-ON. Super flattering. I took a size Small. It was like Sophie’s Choice in the dressing room, deciding between this one or the orange. I will be back for you, orange dear, with my birthday discount. Just hold on for a few more weeks! You would be gorgeous with the Tiered Maxi Skirt above. My friend with an ample chest also tried this one on and it looked fabulous on her too. There’s a bit of bust detail that you can see better in the online shot of the orange:

Notice the slight detail ‘V’ in the bodice stitching?

I didn’t get to try on the gray, but totally want to next time I’m bumming around Anthro.

Then I tried on this lovely.

Askew Ruffled Cardigan

So darling. Like, totes darling. This will be a future purchase as well. Love the askewness of her. Small and medium were tried on. Medium fit my long arms better and had a little wiggle room for an underlayer. Another stand-out!

This amazing piece has been sitting tight on my wishlist since it first made it’s appearance online.

Descending Peplum Blouse

Such an exquisite piece. The detail work is so vintage Anthro. Could be tricky for the larger busted. I took a size 6 and it couldn’t be more perfect. Came home with me the other day and I can’t wait to wear it out!

I’m still on the fence about this one.

Shivali Dolman

Though she’s been sitting pretty on my wishlist for months, I finally tried her on the other day for the first time and my store only had a Medium. It was way too big. From the back, the dolman/bat sleeves almost made it look like there were rolls of back fat going on. Yikes! I’m debating whether or not I should hunt this down in the right size and have a flattering fit. It’s a $79 gamble at this point.

Fell in love with a coat…

Ruffled Trench Coat

Fabulous construction, length is perfect in torso and arms. I took my usual size 8 in jackets and it was spot on. Wishlisted at the tippy tip-top.

Then I tried on this Cartonnier number:

Dashes Knit Blazer.

I SO wanted to love this, but it runs SUPER small. I tried on a Medium and couldn’t even lift my arms. Forgot to ask for a Large to try, but I would for sure have to get this altered if I purchased a Large, as the body of the jacket in the size Medium fit great. Blazers have ALWAYS been a toughie for me and my body type, specifically my Chris Farley shoulders and ElastiGirl arms. :)

Then there’s this top that I cannot for the life of me find online.

**Post Edit*** Thanks to Theresa, I now know this is the Rowena Tunic, new colorway.

Wearing: Pants-Gap, Top-Anthropologie, Necklace-Anthropologie, Shoes-Target

Obvi, I bought it because it’s so perfect in every way. Runs big though, so beware. Here, I’m wearing a size XS. SKU #25108804. $78. The backside of the shirt is knit, and the front side is a soft textured cotton. There’s orangey/red stitching on the buttons that was just a perfect choice. Couldn’t leave this one behind. I can’t take credit for finding this baby. I actually saw a girl in the fitting room trying it on with a pair of flowy white pants, and my jaw dropped. Where. Did. You. Find. That. Shirt. The LOUNGE section, friends. It’s worth a visit.

My other take home was a no-brainer. I decided I would definitely never-ever-ever forgive myself if I missed out on these while waiting for them to hit sale.

AG Stevie Ankle in Green

Calling these green really doesn’t give them the credit they deserve. They are mint and pistachio smashed together. They’re Mintachio, and they’re fabulous.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankles, Top-J.Crew Naomi, Cardi-ATL, Belt-J.Crew Factory, Shoes-Sam Edelman Yelena, Earrings-Anthropologie

By the way, if you haven’t been to Nordstrom Rack lately, you should get your tooshies on over to check out their shoe selection. It’s the best I’ve ever seen it. Notice in the pick above I’m wearing another pair of Sam Edelman Yelenas, found at the Rack. Also bought myself a size bigger in the first colorway I owned, the natural and silver….(so my size 10’s…worn 3 times…will be available for purchase in my Shop). Also found a rad pair of Born oxfords in a distressed metallic; they’re super fresh and I couldn’t love ‘em more.

Born Arletta

I’ve more reviews to go, but we’ll call it quits for now since I’m starting to feel like a novelist instead of a bloggerist. ;)

Your thoughts on any of these above mentioned items are appreciated!

xoxo Molly









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12 Responses to Anthro Shows the Love, a few OOTD’s, and Reviews!

  1. Wendy

    Ohh the Shivali Dolman has been on my wishlist for ages! hmmm I guess being a big-busted lady, it would be a no go? Especially with the whole back fat issue! ohmygosh Molly, I looooove my Nordstrom Rack! I find all my shoes there! The funny thing is, I bought the same exact Born oxfords recently there as well :) Did I mention I found a pair of Chie Miharas there for a whopping $80?! Also a great place for all Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell shoes :)

    • Chies for $80? Dang, girl….you must have some sweet Rack karma or something. I've never been THAT lucky. About the Shivali….yes, I would have to agree that being bigger busted, this top would probably not flatter as much as other tops would.

  2. Molly!!! Congrats on the Anthromollogies event :)) What an exciting opportunity, you must be thrilled beyond…..I don't know, you must be excited! I'd definitely be there if I was closer, so instead I will very nicely ask for you to take a multitude of pictures to document the event. And great sale finds by the way. PAs make everything so justifiable!

  3. bri

    I so just mapquested OKC to San Antonio. About 8 hours. For some reason I don't think my husband is going to be sold on driving to TX for an Anthro-blogging event… Hmm..

    • Aww…It's the thought that counts. Wish you could be there, though if you drove eight hours to meet in the flesh I would feel a responsibility to whiten my teeth or something extra! ;)

  4. TeresaCanada

    Hi Molly,

    Your mystery shirt is the Rowena Tunic, this is the link,

  5. oh. my. those gold distressed oxfords have me distressed! I have been looking for such a thing since spring, even though I know I really shouldn’t…

    And you HAD to have the mint AGs- no point waiting when you need to wear them NOW. With the descending peplum perhaps? Love ‘em with the bright tomato and green!

  6. Tamara

    Love your picks- thanks so much for the reviews too. I'm loving the Tiered Maxi Skirt- such fun pattern mixing. Love your outfit, too. I'm going to copy it, but switch in my plain mint jeans from Target. Don't have the Mintachio ones from Anthro. Also like the oxfords, but didn't you mention a while back that they look too big on your feet…
    :) I love the pair of oxfords I have and I have a larger size foot, too (9-10, depending). They're Anthro from last year with about a 1-2 inch heel and I think they add the perfect touch to many outfits.

    • Yes, I did say oxfords look too big on my feet, however I have been known to eat crow in my day. ;) Actually, I've tried on many pairs, and most of them have looked way too big. I think this pair is proportioned perfectly in the toe box and the seaming detail minimizes the length. I also think the distressed gold color is sort of chiaroscuro-like, disguising the length of my dogs.

  7. I have those oxfords (in another colorway) and love them! The lace skirt is beautiful and I am intrigued by the trench coat. Good move on the mint jeans – yet another fabulous color thanks to AG:)

  8. Great finds! I loooove the navy ruffled trench coat! And, your outfit with the minty pants and green cardi is so awesome! Amazing styling!


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