Queen of Your Closet Series: Cazsh Do’s and Don’ts.

Casual wear. Oi. Triple Oi. Have I seen some seriously sad excuses for casual wear in my day!

I nearly cringe at the mention of “casual wear” for fear that I’ll see gross misinterpretations of the phrase through persons donning any of the following to a “casual” meal out: exercise clothing, lounge wear, pajama pants, oversized t-shirts/sweatshirts with stains or crude sayings, scrubs, etc.

As Stacey London once said: “It’s the pajamafication of America.” And it’s painful to see, really.

Just last weekend when MacGyver and I were grabbing a bite to eat at a Brio, we were seated next to a table of three, 2 women and 1 man. I didn’t notice what the man was wearing because I was so distracted by the women. Both of them were wearing exercise clothing, I mean like full-on Nike running shorts and running shoes, hair was a-la-post workout and no makeup. It was 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.  Brio isn’t a hole in the wall establishment. It isn’t fast food, nor have I ever seen one located next to a Walmart. Or a gym. No excuse, seriously.  Cazsh wear in this sense was completely abused.

Casual, or cazsh shouldn’t mean a lack of style. Shape, pattern/print, color, proportion….these things should all still apply when sporting cazsh pieces. My advice to those who don’t feel like wearing anything but lounge wear is….don’t go out.  Your clothes tell a story, and if you’re wearing lounge wear in public, the story you’re telling is that you don’t feel like being out. So don’t. Stay home, cuddle up on the couch, and lounge.

But, if you feel like being casual….

Wearing: Dress-Fossil Angelica Maxi, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace-Anthropologie La Jolla Dress, Shoes-Seychelles Keep You Guessin’

maxi dresses are such a great way to do cazsh. This flowy yet structured piece called my name from way back in the sale section of the Fossil store in San Francisco.  The print, color, and fit were the true salesmen of this purchase.  Regularly $128, she was on sale for $59.99.  This is an XS, has a lovely elasticized panel in the back, and couldn’t be more comfortable and cazsh.


Wearing: Shorts-Anthropologie, Shoes-Banana Republic (old), Top-BR Outlet, Necklace-Anthropologie Stormy Seas, Cardi-BR Outlet

A polished bermuda is also an excellent way to do cazsh. Add a classic plaid pattern to it and a comfy metallic flat? You’re golden. Literally. ha.

Anyone else care to vent about the abuse of Cazsh Wear out there? Open mike available in the comments…..

Any last minute Frock Stars out there? I’m getting the post ready and could possibly squeeze you in if you forgot the deadline….

xoxo Molly



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18 Responses to Queen of Your Closet Series: Cazsh Do’s and Don’ts.

  1. Amen! The "pajamafication of America" is ugly and lazy. Very well said, Molly!

  2. Totally, totally, totally!

  3. April

    I agree whole heartedly about casual wear. It should be comfortable, but not not cute and presentable. (double negative intensional!). I'm exactly like you in that a maxi dress (or any length jersey dress really) is applicable for casual wear. Additionally, patterned longer shorts with a tshirt and cute flats are my alternative. Add a necklace to both and you're good to go. I love my husband because whenever I'm not dressed to the nines, he says that I look "casually fine". :)

  4. AJ


    The color combo of the Fossil maxi outfit is genius and looks amazing on you!!! Luv, luv, luv!

    And a big round of applause for your “Casual Offenders” sermon. Preach!

  5. Kristine

    I’m just happy that the juicy couture (ha ha) track suite craze is gone. That trend drove me nuts!! You look lovely, Molly! I adore that maxi!

  6. Lauren

    Hi Molly, love your maxi dress – it looks perfect for getting out and about in. And I do think you should certainly dress to suit the occasion whether it’s going to the gym or out to dinner. Some friends and I frocked up recently to go to high tea at the tea rooms in the city, only to look over and see everyone at the table next to us wearing shorts. What a waste of a chance to wear a beautiful dress!

  7. Agree 110%! People don't take anyt pride in themselves anymore and then get super annoyed when they see people who look nice. The whole workout wear as real clothes is a terrible phenomenon…most of the moms at my kids' school dress in gym clothes 24/7! Terrible!

  8. joanne

    I'm with you Molly and I'm so happy to see this post! In reference to the scrubs… My husband finds this totally creepy; assuming the peeps wearing the scrubs just came from work (GERMS)!

    I've been reading your blog for a while and never commented, but felt compelled to after reading.

  9. Megin

    Oh…don't get me started! This is my biggest peeve! I live in a city that "prides" itself for being all outdoorsy and athletic. You know what that means…..exercise gear and all types of outdoor athletic wear are worn to every and all occassions. Not only nice restaurants but church, the opera, weddings, funerals, the office, EVERYWHERE. I hate it so much. I am asked (usually in an accusing tone) "WHAT are YOU dressed up for!"…….dressed up around here is a cotton skirt, a tee and a pair of sandals. I do all my errands (the grocery store, post office, shoppping, normal everyday stuff) dressed nicely. Not only do I wear skirts but also jewelry, makeup and a handbag that matches my outfit!! I think women (and men) would feel alot happier about themselves and their lives if they would clean up and dress up! Ok….I'll get off my soapbox now. Hee! LOVEyour blog…..and thank you for always looking so cute. You're an inspiration!

    • sonya

      OMG i could not agree more! I live in a town that literally thinks a dress means you are wedding-bound. I feel like a freak around this area wearing jewelry,heels, make up, etc. I have 3 anthro stores within 10 miles of me, too! Its getting to be the only place I feel home in! I had someone approach me at the school who spotted me saying "you are not from around here, are you?" I love the term pajamification! Its driving me batty!
      Thank you so much for this post!

  10. Tamara

    I work in a hospital, so I feel like some who only wear scrubs full time don't know how to dress outside of that. What drives me nuts there is that sometimes nurses change out of their scrubs at work and into workout clothes (tank tops and short shorts) and then traipse through the unit, stopping to talk, etc. So not appropriate! or professional!

    2 of my kids are starting soccer this year, so it's my first time as a soccer mom. I'm excited to be cazsh and cute on the sidelines! Thanks for the tips!

  11. gemma

    How long till we can get our last minute frocks in? Or is it too late?

  12. Agreed! Australia has become a lot like this too… Women wearing jeans to the opera? My personal motto is thus… Whatever the name of the item is, is probably it's intended use… So track pants… Leave them for the track. Yoga pants? Unless you're doing downward dog, don't do it. Sweat shirt… You get the gist.

  13. Bronzi

    Amen. My friends and I stopped going to a local restaurant that is more in the "special event" price range because we remember that men USED to have to wear a jacket there, people dressed smart casual. We like to dress nicely, but started to notice the jeans, flip flops, crude tees, etc. I understand some estalishments are having a hard time with the economy, but jeez…..

    I like looking nice. I live wearing nice things out of the house. What is wrong with people, especially women with the pajama outfits?????? The are shapeless and unflattering and I too wonder why these folks don't just stay home.

    Nice to know there are others that feel the same way :)

    Btw: great examples of what people can wear, be comfy and casual and chic. Not that hard.

  14. Ugh. Total peeve- it just shows no respect. When I splurged on ballet tickets in the spring I was shocked to see people in track suits- who spends triple digits on tickets to a cultural event and then slums it!

    On the other hand, the colour and details of your maxi with the olive makes me want to weep! Gorgeous!!!!

  15. Love me some Stacey London! And loving both of your casual outfits too. That maxi dress is so cute, I may have to check out the fossil store more often now. :)

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