I Left My Heart in…..

San Francisco.

What a great place. My girlfriends and I stayed right downtown, a block or two from Union Square. A huge thank you to all who spoke up and gave recommendations; I listened.  We ate, we trolleyed, we double-decker-bussed, we China-towned, we Ghiradellied, we Beach-Blanket-Babyloned, and oh boy…did we ever shop.

The Anthro on market street was fantastic. Wouldn’t you know, the week I take off for fun and adventure….they mark down 5 things on my wishlist. (shakes fists). I spent a good 40 minutes tracking down a Tiered Stripes Dress and then missed out completely on the Yuzu Mary Janes when I waited a day to purchase. Boo! Hoping I can still track down my size somewhere. It was a bustling store, and I think the SA’s were a bit overwhelmed by sheer patron volume while I was there, which is less than ideal for the fitting room experience. I still managed to bring home this, these, and these, the latter purchased for survival since I froze my freakin’ rear end off while I was there. No one told me how windy San Fran was….and when the 55 degree wind whips through your maxi skirt, it’s a chiller of an experience. Sheer survival, I tell you.  I had to buy them. The coral color is vibrantly perfect in every way.

Another store I was super happy to touch and feel with my own paws was Madewell. I’ve never actually been in a store, so that was kind of exciting. (I feel so small-town saying that….). I ended up taking home two pieces from there that I total j’adore. I especially love them together:

Wearing: Top-Madewell Silk Dotty Sunshade Top, Skirt-Madewell Pushpin Skirt, Belt-J.Crew Leather Bow Skinny Belt, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Shoes-Chie Mihara Iona P302, Earrings-Anthropologie

Another store I was thrilled to see and touch in the flesh was Kate Spade. I tried on a pair of come-hither shoes that are giving me night-sweats, I tell you. These little biscuits. (By the way, Kate Spade is having a fall shoe promotion when you spend $250 or more, you can get $50 off with code “fallfete”. I am shakily holding out for a true sale on these babies….half off, at least.)

High point: found a new favorite perfume I can add to my “everyday” lineup.  I have long been a fan of Fresh’s Sugar Fragrance, wearing it regularly as a daytime scent. This new Sake scent will be a nice game changer for day to day. I also found two other contenders for future purchase occasions: #1, and #2.

Another high point: spotting these smoking loafers in a fabulous army green at Nordstrom Rack. They screamed me. I had to.

MIA Bedazzle. Full price online at MIA.com, but at the Rack they were less then half. Ahh, sweet Rack love.

And here they are last night in action.

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Field of Vision Skirt, Top-ATL, Cardi-BR Outlet, Shoes-Nordstrom Rack, Necklace-Anthropologie, Earrings-Anthropologie, Handbag- Kooba Rachel

Tons more to report. Frock Star party to post. (thanks so much for all who submitted. Can’t wait to show you off.) Other purchases to kiss and tell about…..both of the Anthro kind and Non-Anthro kind, but always Anthro-ish.

And on top of that….school starts tomorrow for my little ones! A flurry of excitement around here. Bought my 11-year-old some gray/black leopard-printed skinny jeans from Tar-jay for her first day back and she’s PUMPED about them. My sweet 4 year old will be sporting some shiny new pink high-tops-a-la-Punky-Brewster. They totally rock. (I swear, I wanted to BE Punky Brewster SO BAD when I was a youngin’). Where were all these cool clothes back then? Perhaps I’m making up for it now…..

xoxo MOlly


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6 Responses to I Left My Heart in…..

  1. Tamara

    So glad you had a great trip! It sounds like SF is awesome. Shopping with friends is the best! Love the blue skirt- I have a very similar one that I thrifted and it's been so versatile- I feel like I could wear it once a week and never repeat an outfit- it's that amazing. Those Kate Spade shoes are so you! Amazing. And I love the loafers too. I almost bought some black patent loafers at the mall last week (which was my glorious outing on the 2nd day of school). Can't wait to hear more about your trip and see all of the Frock Stars! Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a great trip, I am dying to see San Fran! You look fab too! :) When are you going to break out the Impressionist dress? I haven't worn mine yet…I can't wait to see how you style it! http://www.colorfulcorporate.blogspot.com

  3. Great Chies! I'm glad you got some shopping and girl time in!

  4. peghinds

    Glad u loved my hometown ! Maggie has those target skinnies too, so cute!

  5. idoagain

    I loved Punky Brewster! It sounds like a great trip. San Francisco is on my list to visit soon!

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