Bonjour Biqui

I have a secret guys.

I’ve been holding out on you.

In my defense, I had to….until I got the go-ahead to spill the beans. Which I have now, so I shall spill.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Biqui, (nickname) who was very talented in all things creative. She grew up and worked in NY for some well-known fashion designers, (*cough**ANNA SUI **cough*). She moved far away from NY to Texas, and her family grew. She worked, and created, and Anthropologie wisely snatched her up to create some of the most KICK A*# store windows/store vignettes you’ve ever seen. She and her team rock my world on a weekly basis; there’s always something new to look at.

In her ‘spare’ time, Biqui designs the most gorgeous frocks, skirts, capelets, and tops. Her eye is honed. Her taste: impeccable. It’s like she was born with Anthropologie DNA floating through her body, thus her own clothing line looks, walks, and moves like Anthro, and with high-quality fabrics to boot ;) Plus, she’s just an incredibly gracious human being.

One of the coolest aspects of her line is that many of her pieces are REVERSIBLE! You basically get two for the price of one.

Bonjour Biqui finally launched this week, and I can’t wait to reveal a sampling of her work, with one of the best Lookbooks I’ve ever seen. (You listening, Anthro?!) A humongous congratulations goes out to Biqui, for creating a line so fantastic, with her vision so clearly intact the entire way through.

Take a looksie:

the Havana Dress (reversible)

The Studio Dress *Reversible*!!

This Studio Dress above reverses to this:

Studio Dress, the other side

This is one of my faves:

The Let’s Get Lost Dress

Reverses to:

This print, the other side. GORGE!

One of my favorite looks….I’m a sucker for capelets.

The Hello Honey Dress, Chloe Capelet, and 1886 Bustle.

Stop it. This is too awesome, right? Wait, just a few more.

The Expedition Skirt and Everywhere Tee

Skirt Reverses to:

This print, the other side. I die.

All images copyright Diaz & Diaz Photography

By the way, I wanted to mention how pumped I am to learn that the photography team responsible for Bonjour Biqui’s amazing look book is LOCAL!! Diaz & Diaz Photography got it done, did they not? I’m so impressed with them. I can’t wait to see more of their work in the future, (and hopefully, hopefully….sweet talk them into some family photos for yours truly?!?)

Okay, I’ll leave the rest for you to explore. For now, Bonjour Biqui is in a test phase, waiting to see what kind of demand she gets. These are limited fabrics for now, and depending on the response, Biqui is open to investing in new fabrics and more designs.

Here’s the great part: we have a direct pipeline to Biqui via yours truly. She would love to know which designs are your favorite. What you like, what you don’t like, what you wish was here that you don’t see. SHE WANTS TO KNOW! So please take a moment to check out her site, and let her know what you think. Ideally, and perhaps eventually, she hopes to make the sleeve length a customizable option for the dresses. For instance, like a dress but wish it weren’t a tank style? No problem….you want 3/4 length in a different pattern? She could make it like you want it. How amazing is that?!

Okay, I’ll shut it up now so you can skedaddle off to Bonjour Biqui. I’d suggest burying your wallet in the backyard first ;)

xoxo Molly







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16 Responses to Bonjour Biqui

  1. Gah I love and want it all!

  2. cat07

    OMG these designs are amazing!!! Love the 2 in 1 factor ;)

  3. Tamara

    LOVE the Expedition Skirt! Thanks for introducing this new line! Beautiful!

  4. Rachel

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am floored by these photos! And reversible?!!! BRILLIANCE!

  5. bookishhelms

    Her work is beautiful and unique, and the 2 in 1 factor definitely helps justify the price. One thing that made me hesitate, however, was that the care instructions are all dry clean only. I'm at a point where I prefer to avoid adding dry clean only items to my closet, so if any of these designs were made in machine washable fabrics… yeah, I might have to dig up that wallet of mine.

  6. Melody

    I love some of these designs but I'm an XL – need bigger sizes!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. Be still my heart. I will certainly be visiting her site to check out more!!

  8. Really appreciate both the silhouettes and the fabric design choices of her beautiful pieces. I might be the minority here (probably am not the marketed demographic) but the prices are a bit too high for my budget-even with them being the brilliant reversible design. I know that they are worth every penny she is asking…so perhaps she could make a section with items with the same aesthetic but just a bit on the lower end (however I understand if that defeats the whole purpose of her creations) or maybe I can just dream about one day being able to have these beauties be within my budget (it is fine if that is the outcome:)). Thanks for always sharing something to make me salivate!

  9. Jennifer

    I had the same thoughts as Abby. I love the designs and fabric selections, particularly the graphic print on one side and vintage on the other, but sadly it's not quite within my budget. However, the dresses are gorgeous and I imagine of excellent quality! The styles with the full skirt appeal to me the most, and the Let's Get Lost dress probably tops the list!

  10. The two-in-one is very unique. I love the prints!

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  12. great pieces! I love how they combine classic shapes with great print mixtures. The print combo on the Let's Get Lost dress is gorgeous! I will be keeping an eye on her!

  13. I love the beautiful patterns on the dresses! I agree, though, that the prices are a bit steep. I am always leery of spending big bucks on items that are only avail online ( and I can't try on in person), because I can't appreciate the feel of the clothes and the quality and fit.

  14. Wow, this is JUST. PLAIN. AWESOME.

  15. Olya

    stunning lookbook and lovely choice of prints but do they ship to Canada? I can't find that info anywhere…

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