Colorphile Series: Punch It.

Perhaps one of the best pieces I’ve purchased thus far from the Gap in all my fashion-loving years on this earth, are these Limoncello Pants. Though this is the first time I’ve OOTD’d them on the blog, I’ve been wearing them non-stop since their acquisition.

Wearing: Top-J.Crew, Pants-Gap, Belt-J.Crew, Shoes-J.Crew Factory, Bag-Anthropologie, Earrings-Anthropologie

The act of wearing Limoncello has been an interesting venture for me.  During one of my stints in them, shopping at Anthropologie no-less, a male SA approached me and gawked wantingly at them (note: I said “them”, meaning the pants, not my butt cheeks. I wasn’t his type, if you know what I mean). He had to know where I purchased them. When I told him “the Gap. 29.99″ he became my new BFF, and was like, “oh yeah, I’m so going there after work and snagging a pair.”

It kinda felt weird. But I said, “Yeah….go for it. You’ll love them!” And I wasn’t lyin’, cause I know he will.

I chose the avenue of color punching for this round in the ring with my Limoncellos.  I could have easily grabbed a metallic gold belt, thrown on my mesh gold loafers and called it good. However, that seemed a little bit bland for my mood today. Instead, I chose to pump up the volume a little bit more with punches of bold color. Red had my number today; mean left hook, that one. :)

Ever had a guy want to steal your pants, to wear for himself?

Seriously, I’ve gotta hear it.

xoxo Molly





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12 Responses to Colorphile Series: Punch It.

  1. peghinds

    U totally gave me an outfit! I have yellow Cabi pants and my new old navy knock off of this Jcrew shirt. Looks Fab.

  2. Tamara

    Are they the "citron" color listed online? I love this color combo! I found a neon cardi the other day and it totally made me look ill. I've been wanting to try neon, but not around my face, so I love these pants! Thanks!

    • Yes, "citron" as listed online….their citron is my limoncello. They're not all-out neon, definitely have a slight green hue to them, and I had to go up a size. They look more yellow online than they are in real life. Good luck!

  3. kristine

    I love it! Both the story and your outfit. :) I've tried to buy those pants in green but my size is always gone… maybe it's time to hit the store.

  4. creamyclothes

    That story is hilarious! Love this outfit and those pants are great!!

  5. Jennifer

    Yes! The male SA at anthro wanted my purple AG's once. Too bad his legs were much skinnier than mine so they never would have fit.

  6. I feel somewhat like a creeper but I've got to get this out there. :) I've noticed you've been wearing a lot of flats lately and a few pairs from JCrew Factory – are you happy with them and would you recommend them? Are there any flats that you LOVE?

    I recently purchased a pair of Cece flats from JCrew and have been very impressed so far…my only complaint is that they squeak like crazy. I'm new to flats and have been having some difficulty finding pairs that actually work for me (ie: stay on my feet and don't make my toes numb with a super squeeze from elastic) so I'm always trolling for recommendations and reviews. :)

    Great colors as always!

    • Creeper? Nah. If you're a creeper, than so am I, cause I just clicked on your blog link and read through several posts…laughing out loud. You're funny, girl. So I have worn many flats in my days, and am quite happy with the J.Crew Factory flats. That's interesting that your Cece flats squeak. How annoying! My suede studded Cece flats are my fave. the Patent bow flats are also quite comfy but needed a few wears to break in before I could call them my friends. Banana Republic also offers some pretty comfy flats. I can't speak for any this season as I haven't tried them on or purchased, but the ones I have from seasons' past I really like. Best of luck!

  7. I literally just read this aloud to my hubby…it was too good not to share!! And I never have had a man ask me where to purchase something, but I definitely have shown up wearing the same top as a man…..truth be told I found it in the men's section-but it too was too good to pass up!

  8. HAHAHAhaha, what a great story you! Love the bright and cheerfulness of the whole ensemble. Oh, and don't think I don't notice the colorful background prop ;)

  9. Sara

    I have a pair of black loose fitting Joes Jeans shorts that my boyfriend wears as well. Ha, it’s funny. Actually, they look great on both of us!

  10. JanRussell

    Just like a man! Wanting to get in your pants! ROFLOL!

    Those pants are awesome! But YOU are the brightest spot in the day – seriously, you are so much fun, I love it!

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