There should be a law against shoes being this cool.

Well, friends, I didn’t think I could love her any more than I already do. My girlcrush, Ms. Chie. I’ve already professed my obsession with her work. Well…I thought I was obsessed….

Then I saw her new Fall lineup.

Is it creepy to say I want to inhabit her? I mean, creatively speaking, that is. I want to crawl inside her brain, set up a picnic table, and hang out. Forever.

My top picks follow, the very toppest of the top being an Anthropologie exclusive, the Copper-Dusted Heeled Oxfords.

Copper-Dusted Heeled Oxfords

A close second has to be the Zanzubar:


or the Osias in Bronze:


A Mano, a U.S. boutique carries the same shoe in a different colorway:

I’m also incredibly digging the Zuli:


And these Ilaria beauties from Pedshoes:


And from, I’m loving these Falco friends.


And these Vicet oxford pumps from DeliciouzBoutique :


Another pair I can’t forget….the Postres. Purple with a poofball. Chie, you’re ruthless. Stop it.



There should be a law against shoes being this cool.

I’ve done a bit of research for you. I’ve spent some quality time locating other places (besides and Amazon) where you can find beloved Chies without paying the high shipping cost buying them from in Spain. The caveat here is that some colors are exclusive to and well…the heart wants what it wants some times, right? If you’re lucky enough to fall for a colorway offered here in the US, here’s a few places to look:


Ped Shoes (large selection. Great picks!)

Lord and Taylor (Thanks to Diem for the tip on Lord and Taylor, currently offering 15% off regular priced items with code: STYLE. And they have the Postre style!)

A Mano


Peper and Parlor

Hertern Boutique (look on the blog link and you can see new Chie offerings being modeled.)

Two Sole Sisters

Lille Boutique




Gimme Shoes

Simply Soles

DeliciouzBoutique (no website, but this is the blog and you could contact them directly. Love the “Vicet” oxford pump with patent piping in Crimson!!)


Non U.S. sites that have exclusive colors as well. Shipping is a bit cheaper than direct from (shipping only $29 from here! plus Free Global Returns!!)

Gravity Pope

My Sweet Dressing Post EDIT: the lovely Marine, owner/creator of My Sweet Dressing has generously offered a 10% discount to all my readers using the code “I LOVE CHIE” on your order.  So awesome, right?!? Thanks so much, Marine!


Sarenza Boutique

Grace and Mabel (My favorite pick: their exclusive color of the Ekatrina shoe!)

julesb (20% off with code “secret20“. Thank you, Allysan1013!)

If you know of any other boutiques in your area that carry Chies, please…pipe up! I’d love to add them to the list.

Happy drooling to you.

xoxo Molly



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37 Responses to There should be a law against shoes being this cool.

  1. AllySan1013

    I love Chie Mihara!!! Thanks for all the links to different websites! Have you checked out Do you know if it's legit or not? The prices are pretty cheap and I found a 20% off coupon code.

  2. Jyll

    I am so glad you mentioned my local Her Tern! They are so awesome and will call me right away when they get their new shipment. I purchased the Zanzubars-mine look more burgundy than grape and look amazing with the burgandy long J Crew No 2 pencil skirt. They are awesome! Also just bought a pair of CUSTOM colored shoes from Her Tern and they said they are getting another custom silvery pair soon. I too am a gone-er.

  3. willy

    I love this post! Thanks for all the links! I need to start saving many, many pennies!

  4. Hi,

    I'm the creator of french eshop.
    Thank you very much for putting my shop on your list :)

    I would like to offer 10% discount to your blog readers! You can have it using "I LOVE CHIE" promotionnal code on your order.

    10% discount gives you more than free shipping! ;)

    Have a nice evening,

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your generous offer! I love your selection of Chies, especially the exclusive color of the Catame. If you had the Catames or the Sunaes in size 41, I would snatch them up! My darn big feet…. ah well, hope my readers can take advantage of your generosity! Thanks again!

    • AllySan1013

      Wow thank you sooo much!!! I plan to order the Catames in the new colorway as I already have the black and love them!

  5. Love, love, love! The fall line is just gorgeous. I have been drooling for days:) Thanks for posting all of the links. Sole Food ( is where I found the Chie Mihara's that I wore for my wedding, although they don't currently have any Chie's available. Maybe they are not carrying them anymore? Two thumbs up for Ped Shoes!

  6. JanRussell

    I have yet to splurge on a pair of Chies, but I'm surprised I haven't water logged my keyboard drooling over them. Your compiled list is going to make it harder then ever to resist them…

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  8. Anna

    Thank you for all the links! You can also try Best wishes, Anna

  9. Diem

    Another place you can try is Lord and Taylor. They don't carry many styles, but they have one that Anthro is carrying now and are offering 25% off all shoes.

  10. aria1

    Another site is Shirise based in Chicago

  11. oh gosh…so much chie goodness! Browns shoes in Canada often has good sales, though less selection than some retailers.

  12. marcelaosuarez

    I just would like to add a store in the UK where I found a pair of Chie Mihara shoes that were sold out at Anthropologie:

    • Holy cow! Thanks so much for this store link. All of them are on sale too….even better!! That bright green Ekatrina shoes….Lord have mercy. NEED THEM! Unfortunately, looks like this store also only carries Chies up to a size 40….GRRRR! It will be interesting to see what styles they carry for the fall. Thanks again!

  13. aria1

    here's the link to Shirise–small selection now but they usually update with each season

  14. Dana

    Oh noes. This is an extremely dangerous blog post for my wallet!!

  15. scarlet

    i've been compiling my own list for a while, thanks for yours! i was looking at court shoes/shoes 365 buy but it kinda strikes me as a too good to be true site (so many great styles on super sale/can't be found anywhere else?).. makes me worry. anyone want to chime in?

  16. AllySan1013 has a great selection! You can get 20% off with code "secret20" too!

  17. kathy

    Just bought a fabulous pair of Spring/Summer Osias in a completely original colorway from the website. Shipping costs are high but they always have a few cute Chies in each seasonal line carried.

    • Molly

      Those are gorgeous, kathy! Almost the same combo as my Oshare ones from Pedshoes, with a fierce patent leather toe!! Congrats on your new babies!!

  18. Gabi

    Molly, thank you so much for this list! Saks Fifth Avenue at also sells Chie Mihara.

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