Change Is Good.

So how’s about Monday’s sale, eh? Nicely done, Anthro.  Way to keep us all on our toes.

FYI….my reliable source says sale days will be on Mondays from here on out.

What?!? Yep, no more frantic sleuthing runs to Anthro on Monday night…. No more bleary eyes dropping the kids off at school on Tuesday morning.

It’s Monday or bust now.

Change is good. I’m gonna like looking forward to Monday mornings now. Mondays have long been my natural born enemy, so I’m a fan of the change.  What do you all think?

Wearing: Top-J.Crew Factory Perfect Shirt in Maxi Check (gray), Cami-Anthropologie (old), Skirt-Anthropologie Field of Visions Skirt, Shoes- Crown Vintage Sinful Loafers, Necklace-Anthropologie

So how did you fare at the sale? I did great. Didn’t go buck wild, but secured two wishlisted items and called it good.

This flowery frock:

Revisited Impressionist Dress

(I was lucky to grab the dress I had tried on and hand-picked for the print placement, the bodice bordered by an aspen trunk on the right and the chest swathed in pink florals.  Sure, it was missing the button by the time I finally bought her, but that just meant more of a discount. Cha-ching!  Many of the dresses I saw were missing the button or the top fake diamond part of the button that had been hot glued on.  The buttons are cheaptastic. I’m going to try to locate a solid metal button that won’t snap apart like the plastic one she came with).

I also picked up this asymmetrical waist cincher:

Loophole Braid Belt

Both of these will be quite different new additions to my closet. I’m pleased as pie!

Wearing: Top-Old Navy, Pants-J.Crew Ankle Chinos, Necklace-Anthropologie La Jolla, Sandals- Dolce Vita Archer Sandals

While I was there, I also snuck in a fit session with this floral explosion:

The Thora Sweater. Runs short. Will totally have to layer under this for length but I see awesome button-up shirts paired with it, edges folded up over the sleeves. This is a ‘wait for sale’ buy for sure.

I was up in Austin the other day at the Domain location and noticed they had 3 or 4 of the Kuychi Necklaces hanging there.  Just thought I’d mention it since the necklace is now hidden online and perhaps one of you wants to do a charge send for it? Info’s here if you need it.

So, friends, now it’s your turn. Microphone’s on….dish it. Tell me what you hauled home!

xoxo Molly





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18 Responses to Change Is Good.

  1. kristine

    Thanks for the Monday update! I agree- Mondays are usually a drag, so I think the change will be a great one! Love your outfits, esp the plaid paired with the color blocked skirt. Perfection as usual! Fun sale picks as well… I reluctantly sat this sale out, in hopes that my top wishlisted items hit sale soon. :)

  2. Tamara

    I just bought mint pants today! I am totally copying the outfit with the sailboat shirt (only it won't be as awesome without the La Jolla necklace). Thanks for the inspiration! I love the sale on Monday, too, but didn't buy anything. It is a great perk to Monday mornings for sure- now I want to get out of bed!

  3. Oh lovely dress! I was pretty frustrated with this sale since a lot of the lovelies I most loved became intensely affordable…and I am temporarily cut off from anthro! I ordered the wilderflora tank and the hummingbird silk tank but my order was cancelled- I have a credit card dispute with anthro for a weird charge in March and they won't accept any purchases from me until the process has been cleared in a month or so! It's agony I tell you- I even tried it with a different account using paypal and shipping to a US address…! I will probably end up paying more on ebay some day than the mistaken credit card charge! sigh.

    Love both of these looks- soft mint and taupe, and the vision skirt outfit is… visionary!

  4. margie

    I will tell you what I didn't haul home- the sale stuff I bought LAST WEEK that got lost by UPS. And the most disappointing thing was having to call Anthro service 3 times before they would put the claim in to UPS. They kept saying it had to say "delivered" but not be delivered, and I had to actually raise my voice to get them to understand it was never going to be delivered. It had been "on the truck for delivery" for 6 days…sigh. And now all the stuff I had ordered is gone, of course. I read on EA how people are having a lot of shipping issues with Anthro lately. I now understand. :(

    • WHAT?!?! That is crazy! I'm so sorry. Fortunately I have never had to raise my voice to get a result from Anthro's customer service, but definitely would in your situation. What the heck is the deal with UPS?! I'm so sorry. Hope this gets cleared up and they help locate the items for you again.

  5. klj1

    I'm pretty happy about the Monday change too!
    I ended up getting a PA on a full price dress I purchased which NEVER happens, I scored the Aubrieta dress and the Antumbra dress for 49.95 each, a sale top and Amelia flats that have been on my wishlist forever for 39.95. I feel pretty good..because seriously, I'm never this lucky with the sales! :-)

  6. Lauren

    Love your purchases Molly, that dress is so fresh and colourful. The change to Monday for sales doesn’t bother me too much because the time difference means it starts around 5pm so I don’t usually have too late a night. I did stay up this week to grab a few sale and full price items – the Pickstitched mini skirt, Summer affairs buttondown, Summer coral wallet and Rotary dial necklace. Possibly my wallet needs a break!

    • I would love sitting down at 5 p.m. with a snack on Sunday night, perusing the Anthro sale. You live in the perfect location! So glad you snagged the Rotary dial…. it's the coolest. Which colorway?

  7. I am the proud owner of the Impressionist Dress as well now! I am sooo excited to wear it, I haven't been this excited for a dress in a long time! I think I love it even more than the Palma!

    • Yay for the Impressionist! I can't wait to wear mine. I'm thinking Sunday…. Each Anthro dress in my closet is like a first born to me….I can't choose my fave!!

  8. OH that dress! So lovely, but couldn't allow myself to even try it on. I did manage to snag the AV Stevie Polka Dot Ankles though :) Second cut I believe, and couldn't be happier with them!

    • Yay for the AG's! They have become total workhorses in my closet. Who'd have thought…polkadot pants=workhorses?! You should try this dress on. At the current price, it's a bargain for the construction. Without the button discount, I got it for $134. Not bad.

  9. Lauren

    I got the yellow one – I think it will work with plenty of my wardrobe and I’m planning to make it work hard :)

  10. alicat9

    I bought the Impressionist Dress, took it home, tried it on again, and brought it back. Catch and release! I could not make the fit work for me, and alterations did not appear easy. Sad face. I can't wait to see it on you though. It is so pretty.

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