Disappearing Act

Ebay did it again. She was there for me in my hour of need. This skirt I so foolishly let slip by last year….

Wearing: Skirt- Anthropologie Decade by Decade, Top- Anthropologie Scalloped Buttondown, Belt-Ann Taylor, Shoes- Sam Edelman Yelena, Necklace – Anthropologie Verveine Necklace

…Is finally mine. The A-line silhouette on this Decade Duchess is SICK, (meaning #3). I love me a bold A-line, especially when it kisses my knees when I sit. That’s why I’ve been a bit bummed by the disappearing act they’ve pulled. Anyone else mourning the lack of great A-line offerings as of late? I for sure am. Throw us a bone, Anthro!

Aside from my A-line thoughts, I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments and well wishes for Mr. Banks. Great news…the Bankster is full throttle once again, crawling everywhere, happy as ever. I really appreciated your concern and commiserations.

Apologies for being a bit silent on replies to comments this week. I’ve been family reunioning out of state. Drama, fun, sun, and sleep deprivation. Oh…and awesome ziplines too. A blast has been had for sure. I’ve read every comment and thank you sincerely for taking the time to do so. I’ll be responding to as many as time allows this weekend. Thanks again!

Happy Saturday to you all!
Xoxo Molly


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20 Responses to Disappearing Act

  1. Kristine

    So glad to hear your cute boy is better! Nothing is scarier than the little ones getting sick. You look fabulous! Love that skirt!

  2. Tamara

    So glad Mr. Banks is up and running again. It is so sad to see little ones so sick. And glad you had a great trip, too- this summer is going by way too fast. This outfit is perfection, yet again, Molly! Love, Love, Love it!!! Anthro definitely needs more skirts like this. I would buy them in a heartbeat. On my to do list today is crafting up my own rendition of the Verveine necklace- so excited! Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks, Tamara! Glad to see you submitting to the Effortless Anthro reader outfits too! Loved it. How did your Verveine Necklace version go? The second it hit sale, I snatched it up. Once of my favorites for sure. Email me and let me know if you might consider doing a DIY guest post on your Verveine version, if you want to! I think my readers would dig it.

  3. oh, a massive congratulations!! I kept meaning to look for vintage lookalikes of this one, but have never found the right silhouette! yay for ebay!

    I love this with the hintiest of leopard, and fabulous shoes…

    • Thank you Sarah. I can't believe I talked myself out of this one when it hit sale. Acted like a total novice. Ah well, thank goodness ebay is there for us to right our wrongs!

  4. Nee

    Oh my GOSH! This is your BEST outfit ever – my absolute favorite. I am so impressed with this. I need that skirt and I have been needing that top for some time now and should have bought it when I had the chance.

    • Thanks so much, Nee! I was so stupid letting this skirt pass by, but had spent my budget for the month when it hit sale. Then I'd see it walk by me every now and then on Anthro employees and I longed for it. When I have that feeling about something 8 months AFTER it's sold out, you know you need to start looking. I actually emailed an ebay seller who had a buy it now price that was way too high and asked if they'd accept a best offer. Sure enough, I got it for the sale price. You might want to give it a try. Or the trade market. Best of luck!

  5. creamyclothes

    Glad your little guy is feeling better! This outfit is absolutely perfection. Hooray for ebay!

  6. Julie

    Love this! Plus, your legs look super hot!

  7. Hello Molly, I like your out fit.

  8. Vicki

    How funny to see you wearing this outfit. I just got my skirt out of the cleaners. (It had been in there for several months). I wore the exact same outfit last week. Just different shoes and belt.

  9. I love this look…yellow just makes me happy…so pretty and bold…you have to be bold to wear bold…love it!
    Rosalyn http://www.just2fancy.com

    • I used to think I couldn't wear yellow, that it looked terrible by my face. Now, it's my favorite color top to wear and the magic hue that works with all colors. Go bold or go home! Thanks, Rosalyn.

  10. So happy baby boy is 100% again!

    I bid on a fabulous Tracy Reese(the orange and gold) frock this week, only to have it slip through my hands in the last 45 seconds! Ughhh! I felt like I'd been robbed…thread jacked, so to speak:(

    This outfit-Love!

    • LOL @ thread-jacked! So sad. So very sad. Maybe the magic land of ebay will deliver up another orange and gold frock for you to bid on soon. crossin' my fingers!

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