Eight More Inches (Venting and Wanting)

Ms. Calter. Seriously. What is up with your latest arrival?

Flora Fortress Skirt

Where’s the rest of it?

Like the other eight inches?

A 17″ skirt with a high waist could maybe cover half my butt cheeks. Just maybe. C’mon, seriously? I’m jonesin’ for a fabulously printed, knee-length, new arrival Anthro skirt. Anyone else? It’s like they’re extinct or something. It coulda been a contendah, Ms. Calter. Coulda been.

Aside from that skirt gone wrong, I am quite pleased to see thing 1, thing 2, and thing 3 in the new arrivals.

I am also chevron grinning at this cardi that finally has a name.

Seared Chevrons Cardigan

I tried this Tabitha piece on last week and thought the quality was excellent. Runs true to size to a little big. I would normally be a size Medium in Tabitha, and the size Medium was comfortable, fully buttoned, and I never wear my cardis fully buttoned. So I’m going to try a size small in it next time I pop by the store just for size comparison. Such a fun piece! Would consider at sale price.

Peeped at this one yet?

Kittiwake Jumpsuit

Another jumpsuit I’ve fallen horribly in love with. Did you catch the true, bonafide half sleeves?! What a breath of fresh air. Plus….It-has-birds-on-it. I know, I know…”put a bird on it. ” Whatevs…I likey. Let’s hope camel toes are no where to be found in this beauty. If so, I will call it Gorgeous and it will be my Gorgeous.

I wouldn’t mind owning those shoes either, though I’d prefer the brown motif.


Textural T-Straps

Non-Anthro salivatory inducers on my radar:

Fossil Harper Silk Top

J.Crew Short Sleeve Crepe Top in Cabernet (also wouldn’t mind Burnished Rose)

J.Crew TALL (yay! they have them in tall?!?!) Double-serge Wool Pencil Skirt in Festival Blue

Ooh, and I’ll take the bow belt to go too.

J.Crew Leather Bow Skinny Belt


And these…in this ever elusive color.

Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic in aqua

The end.

What have your peepers noticed lately?

xoxo Molly


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29 Responses to Eight More Inches (Venting and Wanting)

  1. peghinds

    They have an even longer no 2 called Telegraph skirt! It's the one I'm going for – the other one is too short when you sit! http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/skirts/penci

  2. Jess

    Hi there!

    I am an owner and a lover of knee length anthro skirts. They can be worn to work and yes, they are beautiful. However as a 23 year old I am going to have to disagree with you. I'm not at work all the time and I enjoy showing off my legs now and again. In my opinion, Anthro does WAY more knee length and longer skirts that shorter ones. Here's to variety.


  3. creamyclothes

    Love your new arrival picks. So cute!

  4. I love that top skirt but you're right. WAY too short!! I just used my J Crew rewards and let me say I did well, very well. I love the Fall arrivals and have to promise not to go back until a sale happens. Love all your picks, you have great taste.

    • Oh, me too. Loving the J.Crew fall arrivals. Not all, but many. Glad you scored some great items. I used my rewards too and may have picked up a thing or two on this wish list. Still haven't committed to full ownership. Getting there!

  5. Tamara

    It seems a lot of cute skirts are missing the last 8 inches. I loved the mixed patterns on the Carrizo Mini, but needs the extra length, too. Oh well. Hope they make some soon. My closet needs an Anthro skirt (I don't have any!).

    • What?!? Did I read that right? You don't have ANY Anthro skirts? That is situation needing immediate attention for sure. Turn to Ebay, my friend! Great deals to be had. Just bought one the other day for $9.99.

      • Tamara

        I did buy an Anthro skirt on ebay about a year ago, but it had a hole in it before I even wore it. Got my money back and turned it into a scarf. Guess I need to start searching for lost gems :)

  6. Molly I so hear you on the Flora Fortress Skirt. While it seems like it'd be the perfect length for a shorter gal it leaves us talls in the dark. And I am sad because it looks like a beautiful skirt.

    • Amen. These micro length skirts are starting to get markedly annoying to me. No matter how tall a woman is, if she sits in a 17" skirt, it's just a fact that she'll be showing way more leg than I care to see on a woman. I'm sad about it too.

  7. I'm hoping to make the Flora work- it's such a beautiful design!

    And I loooooove J crew pencil skirts- I wish they had a few more colours for fall, but I suppose it's good to take a little breather…

    • I know…how many J.Crew pencils does one need again? Deep breaths for sure…despite my ever-growing collection, I look at those fall colors and think MUST.HAVE. Especially in the Tall length! I'm sure the Flora will look fantastic on you. I so wish they'd make a longer version of it.

  8. kristine

    Agreed on the beautiful anthro skirt! I'm a shorter gal and 17 inches would still never work. I love your jcrew pics– especially the tops. BEAUTIFUL colors!! I have the nude version of trip the light sandals and can't believe the style is still available! I see that seychelles is selling limited sizes on their direct website. Lucky lucky. :)

    • I luckily found a pair of yellow trip the light sandals at Nordy's Rack last year…but my heart still yearns for that aqua color more than anything. Unfortunately, they don't have my size available anymore. GRRRRR!

  9. bri

    I am mad heart in love with that skirt but I think it's going to be too short on me and I'm a shrimp. I am planning on hunting it down in person tomorrow, fingers crossed that I'm able to find a way to make it work.

  10. Rachel

    Seriously! Hate when skirts seem to be missing their other HALVES :/ I actually just snagged a Maeve Jacqueline dress for a steal on ebay, and this baby borders on obscene. Thought it'd be perfect for church. Um, not so much.

  11. Melody

    Hey Molly – the skirt is actually by "LEIFNOTES" – we have it my local store and I checked it out (it looked WAY short so I didn't even think about trying it on). Definitely pondering the seared chevrons cardi. :)

  12. Wendy

    Ahhaha love the whole “put a bird on it” Portlandia reference! I cringe when I see that because birds are everywhere in my decor and on my clothes…and that’s been for as long as I can remember! Shame it’s so um hip now! I totally want the textural t-strap flats in the brown animal print too! As much as I looove antho’s heels, All of mine are getting dusty on the shelf as I run after my tot in flats all day…speakin of, what’s your secret?! I always see you in your pics with adorable heels!

    • Hi Wendy! Yes, I wear heels and wedges, but when I'm home doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc., I'm not wearing them, and especially not while chasing the babes. If we hit the park and errands, I take a pair of flip flops with me in the car, change into them for the park, and put my heels/wedges back on once sand is out of the picture. Many outfit photos are of what I wear to church as well, so you see heels in those for sure. Blow the dust off your heels, girlfriend! So what if you have to be in flippy-flops all day with your little ones. At night, when you've got a movie or dinner with your man, lunch with girlfriends, appointments…..your heels can elevate you, literally and figuratively. Plus, flip flops just make my butt look terrible! :)

  13. bri

    Ok, update. I purchased our fortressy friend today. The seam is quite thick and there is a pretty liberal amount of fabric under there that can be taken out. I will be having my tailor let it out as much as it allows. It still may not be enough for you tall/willowy/leggy chix, but I'm happy that it gets to live with me!

    • Yay for you! So glad she worked out for you. Do you think the thick material will iron out smoothly once it's let out? Please send in a pic of the seam let out when you get it back. Would love to see it on you and get a real measurement of the new length.

  14. Jenn

    It is too short even with a slip poking out? I bought the new chair skirt and I would love for you to style it, as I am not totally sold on it? Thoughts……

    • Hi Jenn! Yes, this skirt is a 17" inseam, and the fabric mixed with chiffon ruffles would look…strange, in my opinion. That chair skirt is fun! You're talking about the Chairs Canvas Wrap Skirt, right? Be happy to style it, though there are several requests in front of you that I need to get to first. I think if you're not completely sold on it, you could wait for it to hit sale. So many other lovelies to be had at full price that are in that "can't live without category". At least, that is, for me!

  15. Too short of a skirt is Anthro's middle name this year so far…bring back the long hems! Love that cute Chevron cardi as well…too fun! Great finds!

  16. Cait

    Any idea where we can find the aque Seychelles T-strap? I've been looking everywhere! Apparently they will reintroduce the style in January 2013 though.

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