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Eight More Inches (Venting and Wanting)

Ms. Calter. Seriously. What is up with your latest arrival?

Flora Fortress Skirt

Where’s the rest of it?

Like the other eight inches?

A 17″ skirt with a high waist could maybe cover half my butt cheeks. Just maybe. C’mon, seriously? I’m jonesin’ for a fabulously printed, knee-length, new arrival Anthro skirt. Anyone else? It’s like they’re extinct or something. It coulda been a contendah, Ms. Calter. Coulda been.

Aside from that skirt gone wrong, I am quite pleased to see thing 1, thing 2, and thing 3 in the new arrivals.

I am also chevron grinning at this cardi that finally has a name.

Seared Chevrons Cardigan

I tried this Tabitha piece on last week and thought the quality was excellent. Runs true to size to a little big. I would normally be a size Medium in Tabitha, and the size Medium was comfortable, fully buttoned, and I never wear my cardis fully buttoned. So I’m going to try a size small in it next time I pop by the store just for size comparison. Such a fun piece! Would consider at sale price.

Peeped at this one yet?

Kittiwake Jumpsuit

Another jumpsuit I’ve fallen horribly in love with. Did you catch the true, bonafide half sleeves?! What a breath of fresh air. Plus….It-has-birds-on-it. I know, I know…”put a bird on it. ” Whatevs…I likey. Let’s hope camel toes are no where to be found in this beauty. If so, I will call it Gorgeous and it will be my Gorgeous.

I wouldn’t mind owning those shoes either, though I’d prefer the brown motif.


Textural T-Straps

Non-Anthro salivatory inducers on my radar:

Fossil Harper Silk Top

J.Crew Short Sleeve Crepe Top in Cabernet (also wouldn’t mind Burnished Rose)

J.Crew TALL (yay! they have them in tall?!?!) Double-serge Wool Pencil Skirt in Festival Blue

Ooh, and I’ll take the bow belt to go too.

J.Crew Leather Bow Skinny Belt


And these…in this ever elusive color.

Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic in aqua

The end.

What have your peepers noticed lately?

xoxo Molly


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