Colorphile Series: Reader Submissions!

Needing a color pick-me-up today? Feast your eyes on the following phenomenal readers’ outfits! Thank you, my fellow color crooners, for joining in and submitting. I hope more of you will get the inspiration bug next time and join in too!

To start us off, the lovely Maigen from La Conception des Femmes submitted the following color party:

The “if…then..” Anthropologie pillow, Maigen’s Inspiration

Execution: Maigen’s Wearing-Charming Charlie scarf
Anthro turquoise drop earrings {old}
Target bracelet {old}
American Eagle straight jeans
Anthro beaded wallet {old}
Michael Kors platforms {old}

P.S. TOTALLY want that pillow now. Nicely done, Maigen! How can you not be inspired by such a color feast?!? Thank you buckets.

Next, the ever talented Rachel from Shoes and Sewing. An older favorite pair of patterned shoes….

Rachel’s Inspiration: Steve Madden “Magnolia” shoes

Execution: Rachel’s Wearing- Blouse-Handmade, Skirt- F21, Belt- Walmart, Shoes- Steve Madden “Magnolia”.

Such bright, fun color! Did you do a double-take on that blouse? She HANDMADE it, ladies. For the love… I need your genius sewing fingers, for a week or so. Please send, ASAP. Thanks so much!

Next, reader Lauren sent in her inspiration….a bottle of perfume.

Lauren’s Inspiration: Benefit Perfume “So Hooked on Carmella”

Execution: Laura’s Wearing- All Anthropologie: Little Hills Tank
Pilcro Straight Ankle Chinos in gold
Wrinkled Grandpa Cardigan in purple
Silken Petals Necklace
Belle Star Boots

Lauren, those colors are to die for. I think I was grown inside a womb swathed in those colors because they speak sweet color-love to me. Thanks so much for sharing and being inspired yourself!

Next up, the woman who burns the midnight oil every Monday night so that us Anthro-druggies get our sale fix come Tuesday morn….the fearless and fabulous Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie. Turns out I wasn’t the only one inspired by the colors green, coral and pool. So glad I’ve a color comrade!

Inspiration: Green, pool, coral, from my post here

Execution: Roxy’s Wearing: Dress: Kate Spade Solar Miriam Dress (also available here)
Belt: Anthropologie Transmissions Belt
Shoes: J.Crew Valentina Pumps
Bag: Madewell the contrast mini mailbag
Earrings: Anthropologie Imperial Posts
Sunnies: Ray-Ban New Wayfarers. Follow her super-rockin’ outfits here

This outfit just oozes summer spirit, doesn’t it? That tiny pop of color on her lobes and the piping on the bag…sweet icing on a summer cake. Thanks so much for your submission, Roxy!

Another Color Comrade finding inspiration from my green, pool, and coral pic is the ever witty and well-dressed Sara, from That Damn Green Dress.

Inspiration: Green, pool, coral

Execution: Sara’s Wearing- Top: Anthropologie Scalloped Strings tank
Skirt: Anthropologie Broken Pleats skirt
Belt: Forever 21
Clarks sandals
thrifted cardigan

Sara and I could well-have been born from the same egg when it comes to color. I always love seeing what fabulousness her eyes have put together and this outfit was no exception. Luvit. (love it).

Color Comrade Courtnee from the fashionable blog Moments of Whimsy also was stirred by the green-coral-pool trifecta. See?

Execution: Courtnee’s Wearing – Blouse- Beaming Flora blouse- Anthropologie
Jeans-Mossimo Skinny-Target
Shoes-Franco Sarto-Macy’s

Courtnee, your shoes are giving me straight-up hot flashes! This outfit is gorgemous. Thanks for joining in!

Color lover Tamara got bit by the Pinterest bug (who hasn’t, right?!) and was inspired by the following photo:

Tamara’s Inspiration: source

Execution: Tamara’s Wearing – Top- Anthropologie Bit of Pearl Blouse, Shirt- Downeast Basics, Jeans -JC Penney, Shoes-Target, Necklace and Earrings-Burlington Coat Factory (refashioned by me), Sunnies- Delia’s, and Hairclip- Whippy Cake.

I love the floral find on her feet, paying homage to the inspiration subject and the pop of fun in her hair. Well done, Tamara! Thank you ever so much for participating!

And one from yours truly. My stomach had full control of this one.

Inspiration: Roasted tomatoes and peppers

Execution. I’m Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Top-J.Crew, Cardi-BR Factory, Necklace-Anthropologie Rotary Dial, Shoes-Anthropologie

Hope you have all been carried away in color and felt inspired to go and put together some new combinations ASAP! Inspiration waits for no one.

Do me a fave, pop on the comments and show the ladies some love? Next time, I hope to see the rest of you on here too. Thanks again to all my submitters. You. Rock.

xoxo Molly


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17 Responses to Colorphile Series: Reader Submissions!

  1. Jenn

    I think a good idea would be to give the colors to use and see what outfits everyone came up with using their own interpretation of the same color inspiration…..that could be neat, just since a few ladies did use your green coral and pool….which I used for an outfit last week as well :)

    • I agree, however I didn't want people to feel locked into "rules". I thought more people might participate if they had full creative control over the inspiration. Next time we'll do it with one set of colors. I want to see your execution outfit of the green, coral, and pool!! Glad you liked it!

  2. Jenn, that is a fabulous idea.

  3. Yay! I love seeing all the different points of inspiration and resulting outfits. This was so much fun Molly, thanks for including my look!

  4. What a great feature Molly – I really like how everyone has interpreted colours in such lovely ways! I will be sure to submit an outfit next time..

  5. Tamara

    Love Rachel's blog- just spent too much time looking at the fun sewing projects! Makes me want to dust off the sewing machine and get busy!
    Love everyone's outfits and inspiration! Thanks!

  6. gosh I love these challenges…you girls are killing it with the bright denim too. Molly, you are a tasty dish and almost making me revise the lack of red in my wardrobe (oh so good with spicy ochre!) I'm in love with the bright aqua prints, but now Lauren has me thinking of soft ochres and lavenders for fall- squee!

  7. optogirl

    These are such great outfits! I love them all. Is it just me, or do colors get more and more fun?!

  8. Ekta

    all the outfits are fabulous and you Molly are the most fun of all!

  9. Lauren

    Thanks again for doing this challenge Molly – it was so much fun and everyone looks great! I’m really loving all the bright greens and oranges, they may just have to be my next outfit inspiration.

  10. Molly

    Hi Molly, love this series it inspires me to be more creative.

  11. kara

    Hi Molly,

    This was a fun set of pictures! A little off topic, but can i ask what size J Crew Anchors Aweigh blouse you have on? It is very cute and i love the alteration.

    • Hi Kara! I bought a size 8 (normally I wear a 4 – 6, depending on the shoulder seams…) this top fits small, and the length on the arms made it so uncomfortably tight when bending the elbows, but didn't want to go up to a 10 because it was HUGE everywhere else except the arms. Plus, a half sleeve is SO much better than a bracelet sleeve, in my opinion. Hope this helps!

  12. Such a fun challenge, Molly! Everyone looks lovely in all of those gorgeous colors!

  13. Taylor

    All the outfits are great! I love Lauren's interpretation. That's a fall color combo this FL girl looks forward to wearing!

  14. Thanks for putting this together, Molly!

    I love everyone's looks so much! They make me want to put some colorful jeans on RIGHT NOW! Great job, ladies!


  15. Fabulous! Everyone looks great!

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