Freezer Baby

Oi. This week has been RUFF, y’all.

My little Banks dude came down with Croup on Friday night and I spent 6 quality hours in the ER with him on Sunday, followed by 3 days of sleepless, scary, sickness.

I’m done in.

I’ve learned a ton about Croup in the last 5 days though, way more than I’d like to. One of the best things for Croup is to breathe in cold air. Helps to reduce/shrink the swollen airway that’s causing raspiness. But here in Texas, it NEVER gets cold enough….especially in July. So, here in Texas, we stick our babies in the freezer. Dead serious.

ER Doctor: “Stick your baby in the freezer with the door open and let him breathe in that cold air.”

Me: “Excuse Me? Come again?!?!”

It’s weird, I know. But Banks kinda liked it. I absconded the chicken nuggets, peas, and ice cream from my freezer shelves, removed one bracket, and had myself a Freezer Baby!

What are you lookin’ at?

Man, I love that kid.

All the stress of the week was greatly lessened by the acquisition of my favorite top of the year.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Banded Brushstrokes Blouse, Pants-Anthropologie AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevies, Necklace-J.Crew, Shoes- BC Footwear

Thank goodness for Anthro, the final say in feel-good therapy.

Now all I need is some awesome cover-up for those bags under my eyes!

xoxo Molly


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17 Responses to Freezer Baby

  1. Aww! So sad for little Banks! He looks so cute in the freezer, though. Hope he is on the mend!

    I love that top. The jeans too! You look great as usual. Hope you are feeling better after all the stress.

  2. Tamara

    Croup is the worst! There's just not much you can do for it. I can just hear the barking cough through the screen when you're talking about it. That's crazy to get it in July, too! Poor thing! An Anthro pick-me-up is definitely warranted! Great outfit!

  3. creamyclothes

    So sad! I hope he is feeling better. I have been coveting those jeans forever. YOu look great!

  4. Jessica

    Aww Molly Banks looks adorable in the freezer and i'm glad he's feeling better! We all know Anthro is always a great pick me up! See you soon!

  5. He looks like a little boxer in the fridge with the towel over him-cuite pie. I am sorry you had to go through all of that…scary things coupled with lack of sleep is hard. On a lighter note-you might have just pushed me over the edge to get those pants…..they are light sherbet for the eyes! Lovely!

  6. Poor(incredibly adorable!) baby:( glad he's feeling better.

    Love those jeans!

  7. Banks is so adorable!! He looks to be enjoying himself. I love your outift. Those polka dotted jeans are to die for.

  8. bri

    I love the expression on his little face. Not a trace of annoyance or unhappiness or anything- just the most neutral "it is perfectly normal for me to be sitting in the freezer, what of it?" look.

  9. Andrea

    Look at that sweet baby! One of the oddest baby photos I've seen! This made me laugh -the baby in the freezer, not the croup – that is not funny. Glad the freezer was able to make the poor guy feel better. Molly, I think you are just great. I love the little stories you tell, the way you tell them, and of course your style. You seem like a down to earth, funny, awesome gal.

  10. margie

    Oh, he is SO CUTE! I am glad he is on the mend and everyone is OK. He will love the freezer story when he is a little older!!

  11. peghinds

    Poor Banks and poor you – hilarious pic of baby in the freezer. LOVE your outfit as usual my friend!

  12. aw…poor banksy (who really looks adorable sitting there in the fridge!) I hope he's feeling better now (my only other knowledge of croup is that Anne of green gables saved Diana Barry's baby sister with tons of ipecac…which curously enough misspells easily as ICEPAC!)

    Love your coral dotty goodness and boy do I ever like this top. Deletta rocks.

  13. Haha, I was wondering where you were going with the title of this post…I didn't realize you meant "Freezer Baby" literally!

  14. Oh how scary – glad the little one is OK and hope Momma gets some time to rest up this weekend!

  15. Croup is evil! It comes on so fast and is so so scary. My kids have spent time in the freeze too. One of my girls only improves during a croup flare up when I alternate between freeze and hot shower…interesting wardrobe issues :) love your outfit! I was so excited to score a pair of the green polka dot pants like yours this week at Anthro…style advice for Kelly green polka dots? Ha!

    • Thanks for weighing in on evil Croup, Mary! interesting wardrobe issues for sure. I got into my bathing suit for the hot steam phase.
      Which green polka dot pants are you talking about? Can't think of any at the moment. But your options are endless with green polkadots, if they're not humongous dots that is.

  16. Debra

    Genius about the freezer. Wish I would have known that 15 years ago. Hope your little one is better now. Love the color series!!!

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