Copper Cats and Other New Anthro Arrivals

Hold the phone, Operator. Lookie what we have here.

Hello, Copper Cats.

Copper Dusted-Heeled Oxfords, by Chie Mihara, of course.

(passes out.)

Okay, I’m back.

Now, if my eyes aren’t deceiving me, I do believe Anthro has heard my endless biatching and finally started carrying Chies up to size 41!!!!!!  Yee-ha! Somebody pinch me!

Another newbie I noticed, but appears to not be loaded yet to new arrival accessories….

This necklace. Hey baby, what’s your name?

I also noticed the Sea Splinters in a new colorway.

Sea Splinters Necklace -green colorway…gorge.

And then, lucky me….in store last week, I discovered the following foot jewels that I have yet to see online. Can I get a ‘Hallelujah’ that my store now carries shoes?!?!

These corally-orange crumpets.

By Miss Albright. Cora Bow Pump. $168, Item #24690786

Post Edit** Thanks to the lovely Melissa, we now know these are called the Joppa Heels.** Wow, did I freaking love these! They were so comfortable, and the platform underneath is padded and delightful. Corange (coral and orange together as a couple) color was perfect!! These are definitely coming home to mama’s closet soon.

And then there were these:

By Miss Albright. Ruffle Oxfords $168, Item #24692527

Awesome details. Padded footbed as well. Purple and brown loveliness. I really, really liked these, though they ran a bit more narrow than the others and started pinching my feet in the toe box area after 5 minutes. Seriously cool shoes, and worth stretching. I’ll reconsider these when on sale.

Then I tried on my most favorite top of the whole year. I kid you not. It is FAB-U-LOUS! Print-perfect. Shape-perfect. Sleeve-perfect. Material-perfect. I would by 20 more of these shirts if you made them, Anthro.

Banded Brushstrokes Blouse

If you have the luxury of sifting through all of the ones in your size, do it.  Print placement is varied, though all of them are very cool…I prefer more color, less “white space”…literally. 2 of the tops in my size had an almost plain cream band, which I didn’t choose. One top had a big empty cream space to the left of my abdomen. Didn’t prefer that either. Don’t make yourself insane about it, but not all of them will look exactly like the product shot. I am so in love with this top that I want to marry it, skip off with it, and have banded brushstroked babies! Thank you to the ever-helpful, lovely personal shopper Michelle, who assisted in the round-up of many size smalls for me to choose from. It was like my own personal Bachelorette finale!

This lovely floral number below has shot to the top of my Freak-I-Want-That list. So darn beautiful.

Thora Sweater

Another belt arrival that has me in fits is this golden looper.

Panning Gold Belt

And I still have yet to set eyes upon this blood pressure raiser. It’s killing me.

Nanette Asymmetric Dress

Any of you tried her on yet? Please, weigh in on sizing. I’m usually between a 4-6, and most reviews have said you can size down cause of blousiness up top. What say you? With this free shipping business, I may just have to cave.

xoxo Molly







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17 Responses to Copper Cats and Other New Anthro Arrivals

  1. the copper shoes are totally swoon worthy and literally when I saw the Banded Brushstrokes top at Anthro I thought.."That screams Anthromollogie!!!" Love it! I cannot wait to see what outfits you create with these beauties…keep it coming…you have a captive audience in me!

  2. Jen

    I was in store yesterday and saw a new Tabitha cardi that was black and white stripes adorned with green flowers along the neckline. Too cute!!!

    • OOH! Sounds so pretty! I saw one by Tabitha too, but it was $118 and multicolored vertical patterened, like art-deco looking sort-of. Should have snapped a photo. I'll keep my eyes peeled for yours.

  3. Adeline

    I loooove the copper shoes, but sadly they don't come in size 35 :( soooo sad! I think you totally need to take advantage of the free shipping to try the Nanette dress, it's even more beautiful in person! I think you could safely size down since the top is blouse-y and the waist is elastic. I ordered a 00P (I'm still amazed that Anthro is now offering this size!), and it fit me perfectly (5'0, 100 lbs). I was never a fan of the "mullet" style dresses, and when I first got the Nanette dress, I couldn't convince myself that my petite stature could pull off the asymmetrical hemline. So I actually returned the dress, but regretted it almost immediately, and ended up going back the next day to re-purchase it, lol. And since then, I've worn it several times and, let me tell you, this dress is a compliment magnet!

    • KL_Eyes

      I was JUST about to say the same thing… I adore Chie Mihara, but I don't think she even makes size 35 shoes. Sob.

      • All you have to do is Biatch about it, especially on Chie Mihara's site! She'll listen and do something about it eventually. But that does totally stink for now. Boo!

        • KL_Eyes

          Oh. My. God.

          Your comment inspired me to go to Chie Mihara's site, and I ended up browsing her online store, which I didn't know about. Apparently she DOES make size 35 and 35.5 shoes! *faints* Now I'm off to see if there are any US distributors…

      • Adeline

        On Chie Mihara's site, there are some styles available in size 35, but I would've loved to see these copper shoes in smaller sizes, siiiiigh. They're outside of my price range, though, so maybe it's for the best that they don't come in size 35.

    • BOOO! So sad they dissed the size 35ers. Thank you so much for weighing in on the Nanette dress. I didn't want to wait until august 9 for a restock, so I called around and ordered one. Praying to the Floreat Gods that they've designed a winner for this football-shouldered Miss. Glad you snagged one yourself. It is too gorgeous to pass up for sure.

  4. museempress

    OMG! I love the Nanette dress and have been searching to wear to an event on Saturday. Online is back ordered in my size and most stores have not received the dress as of yet…ugh! I may still end up purchasing after the event has passed because it is such a beautiful piece!

  5. Melissa

    I looked on line for the Cora bow pump and they are called "Joppa" online in case you all want to drool over them like me!!!!! Nice finds, Molly.

  6. omigoshomigoshomigosh! those chies are so pretty! I haven't been lusting after any new designs lately so it's nice to see there is hope/despair at not being to buy them all!!

    If I could find a brushstrokes blouse with no white on it I would TOTALLY buy it instantly!!

  7. Bronzi

    I'm in lust wanting the Thora sweater as well, considering too hot to wear :)

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