Last Friday Night….My Ear Drums Danced.

MacGyver did a good thing, Ladies.

He wooed me with music.

The music of Iron and Wine, to be exact.

This past Friday night, my ear drums danced with delight. Sam Beam is a singing genius. The really cool part is that it was a benefit concert for the Midwives Alliance of North America, and Mercy in Action. Mr. Beam has done this concert every year for the past 4 years.  Cool as all get-out, right?! Midwives are near and dear to my heart, as all of my children have been born with their assistance and love, so it was doubly cool to be able to attend.  Check out the Mercy in Action peeps and the amazing things they’re doing in the Phillipines.

Thank you much, Mr. Beam, for being so darn awesome.

Sorry for the blurry photo. This pic was taken outside the Paramount Theatre after the show.  MacGyver did his best.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Verdant Slip Dress, Shirt-J.Crew Buffalo Check, Slip-Vintage Hem, Shoes-Sam Edelman Yelena, Earrings-Anthropologie

As far as what I wore….I wanted a little elegant, a little funky, and a bit laid back all at the same time.  Gotta say, I absolutely love how this outfit turned out. And I’m fully 100%, crazy addicted to my latest purchase:

Sam Edelman Yelena – regular price: $134.95. These were on sale at Endless for $99, plus an additional 20% off promotion. S-e-x-y!!

It was such a great night, I’ve decided we need to take advantage of our proximity to Austin for the next 2 years and devour it’s music scene.  MacGyver needs no encouragement.  He’s an avid concert-goer. Ever since high school, in fact. (He once got kicked out of a Cranberries concert for jumping on stage, the rebel). He makes the jaunt up to Austin quite frequently for his own ear drum enjoyment, and will be one of the masses at Austin City Limits this year (he’s so stoked).

I should specify that Mr. Beam’s concert style was right up my alley; I’m not much for mosh-pitting, having my Anthro dresses reek of second-hand pot, and getting all my toes stepped on, thank you very much. Smaller venues, air conditioning, and getting frocked up for the night….now we’re talkin’!

Any ear drum dancing parties in your life lately? Or a fun event to break out an Anthro piece? Lay it on me.

xoxo Molly


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10 Responses to Last Friday Night….My Ear Drums Danced.

  1. Molly, I just LOVE how you added the hem to the dress. I know you've talked about adding hems to your shorter dresses before. The extra length is awesome. I need to try this for all my shorter dresses. Any tips for those of us who can't sew?

  2. chasingsimple

    Molly, I've been a reader since the beginning, but have never commented before. I just moved to Austin last month and my husband and I went to the concert as well – and I was wearing an old Anthro silk bed jacket that I had just unpacked and was so happy to see again! How fun to see you were also there. We had a great time at the show, too – those shoes are fantastic!

  3. Fun! I love the recent revival of button-ups tied at the waist- it makes shirts so versatile for layering with dresses…I get a little tired of cardigans! I love the dress up/dress down with the silk print dress too!

  4. Caroline

    I have the shoes – should've waited for the sale bc I haven't worn them yet!

  5. Your outfits never cease to amaze or inspire…I NEED to get on making that slip extender. I seriously think I have told like 40 people about it…brilliant my girl…brilliant!!!

  6. kristine

    I am a big fan of Sam Edelman! The brand is worth every extra penny because they make the comfiest shoes ever. Congrats on your score– the sandals are beautiful!

  7. Wendy

    Ohh I love a good summer concert! Looks like you had a blast Molly! My husband and I are all about the rock reggae…we went and saw The Wailers a few weeks ago and I wore a great Anthro maxi dress, fedora, Boutique Nine flats (anthro!) and a great Elliott Lucca mini cross body bag ;) This weekend, it’s a double date with another couple for some 311/Slightly Stoopid..which makes us feel kinda old when we go…realizing we in fact, could be parents to the kids going to the shows…haha while we have a babysitter at home ;) In fact, my fellow anthro loving friend called already and asked what we should wear! Hmm…still pondering that one! Here’s to many more concerts for us old folk :)

  8. Mar

    Uplifted is the way I feel, when I see you in those gorg shoes! Your foot looks so feminine. it's my opinion that that is exactly what a shoe is suppose to do. You helped me purchase the verdant slip dress for my daughter and I am so pleasantly reminded of that fun time and the beautiful dress. I have a new vocab word….Verdant! Thank-you for the joy of seeing green today!

  9. Maggie

    You know how I feel about you coming up to Austin more frequently! :D

    Maybe we need to have an ACL Anthro meet up for local addicts.


  10. Elizabeth Anne

    LOVE Iron and Wine and the way you styled the Verdant Slip Dress! All good stuff :-)

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