Colorphile Series: Another Submission Challenge and Stripedy Stripes.

I for one think it’s high time for another Colorphile Challenge around here, don’t you?! It’s been a while, my fellow color crooners! If you need a refresher on how it all works, you might want to pop by here.

I’ll go first.

The inspiration, (taken by moi when I was experimenting with my 50 mm lens. Not too shabby, eh)?

Inspiration: Green, pool, coral

The Execution:

Wearing: Top-J.Crew Silk Bow Cami in Stripe, Cardi-ATL, Skirt-purchased on vacay in Seattle, Shoes-Madewell Striped Treeline Heel, Earrings-Anthropologie

Aside from the color challenge going on here, I also really wanted to take my new J.Crew bow cami out for a date with my new striped shoes.  Stripedy top with stripedy toes? You betcha.

Madewell Treeline Striped Heels

I still can’t believe they had my size in this top. In store price was $39.99 with the extra off =$27 and change). Maybe fist-bumping every S.A. in the store and kissing that one random dude on the cheek was a bit much….but I couldn’t hide my excitement. ;)

By the way, I am no longer a Madewell virgin. I took the plunge when I noticed these stripedy sirens were on sale with an additional 30% off! I also ordered a cardigan that never arrived, though I was still charged for it. WHAT THE?! I promptly called them to inquire and they apologized for the “inconvenience”, but they must have sold out of the item and overlooked the fact that I was still charged for it, even though I was never notified of the cardi being sold out. BOO! Two big fat thumbs down for customer service, but the heels I received are stripedy nirvana. I ordered a size up as indicated, and they fit wonderfully. I can’t wait to wear them with socks in the fall too!

Now to be nit-picky…please have your submissions in to me by midnight (central time) Sunday, July 22. That means you have one week, my little color charismas.  Be brave! Be inspired! Be a submitter!

xoxo Molly

P.S. You can send your submissions to me at




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14 Responses to Colorphile Series: Another Submission Challenge and Stripedy Stripes.

  1. Another beautiful outfit put together!! I love the colors and pop of stripes. This outfit is so you Molly!! I love it…I wish I could pull off something so awesome!!

    • Thank you so kindly, Sayaka! You could pull off ANYTHING! If you wore a paperbag I'd for sure think it was the cutest thing in the world.

  2. I love this combination and the things that inspire you to mix colors! I'm off to see what I can pull out of my closet for this challenge;)

    • Right on, woman! So glad you're in for the challenge! You always come up with awesome, creative combinations. Can't wait to see your muse and execution.

  3. YOU are my inspiration, Molly! Every time I visit your blog, I am inspired to try a new color combo, wear one of pieces in a new way, or try something new all together.

    • Kristin, you are the nicest! Thank you so much for your uplifting compliment, and I am so happy to know you find my blog an inspiration. I LOVE having you as a follower. And I LOVE your blog, your travel stories, your fashion finds, your outfits, awesome photos, and covetous Oregon surroundings!

  4. creamyclothes

    Oh my goodness I just LOVE this outfit. That top is beyond gorgeous and those shoes are to die for!!

    • Thanks Emily! J. Crew has some pretty crazy deals if you luck out, and usually that's not my camp. This is the first time I've pounced on something I REALLY wanted for a super great deal. Yay!

  5. Jenn

    Bought those shoes too, love them. Love this look so much. Really like the colors together.

    • Jen, I'm so glad you snagged them too! You really just can't go wrong with green, stripes, and a super 70's heel, right? Was it your first order from Madewell? Get anything else?

  6. Question — is it cheating if I use an item that has a couple of these colors in it? I have a dress that has the pool and green but I don't want to be skirting the rules!! ;)

  7. I love how you captured not only the color combo, but the MOOD of the inspiration in your outfit! I'm feeling very European and summery all of a sudden.

    Looking forward to trying this again! I'll see if I can really come up with something new this time.

  8. Wow, another pair of awesome shoes! Love the combo of all the elements in this look! So fun & playful!

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