Sister Fabulous

Everybody has ‘em. You know, those certain pieces that just make you feel beautiful, capable, confident, and unique…all at once. In short, you feel like Sister Fabulous.

If you don’t feel that way about pieces in your wardrobe, then I’d take a cold, hard look into your closet if I were you…because you’re doing yourself a disservice, straight up.

I happen to be a huge fan of “Sister Fabulous” pieces, which is one of the main reason why Anthropologie will always get my money.

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Million Pleats Midi, Top-J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Chambray Polka Dot, Neckace-Anthropologie Kuychi Necklace , Shoes-J.Crew Factory CeCe

I know I can always find those certain pieces there. Even throughout their “missing the mark” period over the last 2 years, I still have found those great pieces no one else can offer but Anthropologie.

This skirt, for instance….oh how I love it’s vibe.  Sure, there are so many other retailers who’ve offered pleated skirts as of late, but none done so well, in my opinion. The color, the fabric, the paperbag waist…It’s a Sister Fabulous piece to me for sure.

How’s your closet lookin’? Any Sister Fabulii in there?

xoxo Molly


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  1. It really is a great skirt. I have a black version and it is one of the favorites in my closet. I'm even wearing it in my very first blog post that you can see here

  2. Ooh, what a lovely skirt you have on, and I'm not just saying that because I'm wearing it in my latest post ;) Honestly, you look lovely as usual and so right on. While Anthro hasn't quite been consistent with their offerings for the last couple of years, they still have the knack of creating pieces that are one-of-a-kind-straight-to-your-soul.

    Have a great weekend friend!

    • Ha! we should just try to be twinsies one of these weeks and pull a piece we both have every day. I wore this outfit on Tuesday and it's been so crazy-town around here that blogging had to be put on the back burner. You look STUNNING in yours. No matter how "off-course" Anthro's design team got, they still had way more style and allure than the average mall haunts. Always have, always will. I don't have to even like 50% of what they put out. Thank goodness I don't, right?! I know falling in love with 5 or more pieces is my average, and I've kept up with that through their identity crisis, so I see hard decisions in my future, as the design team gets back on course…how do I choose which items to take home when I can't afford the mounting wishlist?!? Those kind of decisions. I can't wait.

  3. I have this skirt in black but have frequently longed for its pink sibling. You're right – the color is great! I love it with chambray.

    • I kinda wish I had it in black too. however, to be honest, I haven't worn a black skirt in about 2 years. If it's color or black…. I choose color every time. Such a color whore am I.

  4. Maggie May

    I am doing a closet review right now, pretty much for that reason: when there are pieces that SING to me, that I have NO questions about, then I really have to look at their sad siblings and ask myself if there is some really good reason for them to take up space! Sure I need some practical work outfits and easy to grab dresses which need no intense planning to wear….but even if they don't SING to me, they should flatter! Sometimes I have pieces that have one element which attracted me (say, color) but the shape really isn't right or I have always hated the collar or whatever…. life is too short and closets are too small for all that!
    I love this skirt on you, I had it but returned it as it was one of those pieces where I liked certain elements SO much (color, pleats) but the shape (paperbag waist I am pointing at you) did not suit me! Looks fab on you!

    • SING they must, indeed. Beautiful sweet arias, funky beats, and dance tunes that make you want to shake what your mama gave you. My clothes for sure have to sing. Thank you for your awesome comment!

  5. creamyclothes

    I am in love with both of these pieces. You look amazing.

  6. Tamara

    Love the skirt on you! Thanks to you, I searched out this skirt to try it last year and it was all sorts of wrong on my post-baby body then. Now I'm wondering if I should have reconsidered it, but paperbag waists still scare me a little.

    This is why I shop at Anthro, too- the fabulous clothing and jewelry, gasp when you see it, the feeling that you don't want to take it off in the dressing room, you're giddy to take it home and wear it everyday. Thanks for such a great post!

    • I think you have a fresh hunt on your hands….off to ebay you go. yes! give this skirt another chance. Are you wearing it really high-waisted? That's were it belongs. When I put this baby on my true waist it's all kinds of wrong on me. Your top choices also have to tailored/fitted without being skin-tight to make the paperbag waist work. I tuck the excess of my shirts inside my unders when I where this skirt so there's no awkward pooching. just FYI.

  7. what article of clothing does NOT make you a sister fabulous…I mean it…every single time you post a picture I think-amazing!!! As for my wardrobe, I have a nice little tank dress with a black top and huge floral gauzy skirt….easy slip on cool piece! Love it!

    • Abby, You're so sweet. When can I fly you here to live in my house and say nice things to me all day?!? ;) that floral gauzy skirt sounds like just what the doctor ordered for this time of year. Hope you're playing in it quite frequently.

  8. Lauren

    Love this post! That skirt is just divine – my Sister Fabulous is definitely the Field of Vision skirt. It makes me feel special every time I put it on. I also just scored a Sapporo Satin skirt on popback so I’m hoping it might be a new favourite too!

    • Definitely, that Field of Vision is a Sister Fabulous for sure, no doubt. I love the way it swishes and the pleats roll in waves every time I move. So feminine. So fabulous.

  9. peghinds

    Dude- I just bought a shirt that looks like a dead ringer for this one at Old Navy! I didn't know JCrew had one – now I like it even more!

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