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Party of 5.

Some necklaces are so great, they get the job done.

What I mean is, they do their job so well that the bodice area feels complete. No frills, no prints, no fancy collars, no belts needed.

You just have to fill in the edges and leave the trunk area alone, so the necklace can have it’s full time in the play yard. I speak of what is commonly known as Statement Necklaces.

Family: Necklace

Genus: Statementus

Species: Statementus Anthropologie

The long, quintuple-layered strands  of the La Jolla Statement Necklace are adorned with mint, purple, lime green, raspberry, yellow and ochre beads, respectively.

It’s a complete party of 5…

And what a party it is.


Wearing: Pants-AG Ankle Stevies, Top-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthropologie La Jolla Necklace, Shoes-Crown Vintage Sinful, Fedora Hat-Anthropologie

Word of advice to you all….

RUN! Right this second…get up and RUN to your nearest Anthro to snatch this baby up.

Your neck will never forgive you if you miss out on this one.

I felt a fedora finisher was the perfect edge-filler for up top.¬† Can’t remember the name of this funky little fedora. I purchased it probably 3 summers ago on 2nd markdown. Any name ninjas care to take a stab?

And down below…my luscious loafers that seriously haven’t left my feet since I acquired them. Metallic glory, ladies. (Though, I best get me some foot powder y’all, or it may be stinky metallic glory!)

I will stop with the Statement Necklace peer pressure now, I promise.

xoxo Molly

P.S. Scrolled through new arrivals again this morning and fell head-over for this one. Gorge!

P.P.S. I have purchased nothing…NOTHING…from this current sale with the extra 25% off! Can’t believe it. Hey, the heart wants what it wants…and mine belongs to La Jolla apparently.


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